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On the Lot
A decent episode but that’s probably because we’re back to the talented directors. However this has become watch-while-I’m-doing-other-things TV for me. That’s probably not what they were hoping for, eh? The guest judges continue to actually add to the show whereas Carrie and Garry can barely remember people’s names. Too bad this show didn’t air on BRAVO with permanent judges who weren’t just there as a favor to a friend and a host who doesn’t awkwardly push away popcorn like just looking at it will morph her into some fat slob.

Army Wives
Holy crap this episode was a little intense and, yes, I cried. I just realized I can’t really talk about this one in a non-spoilery way. It was a good episode and I am interested in the ramifications. The end did a great job at showing how all of their lives are intertwined and I’m guessing we’ll get to see how everything that happened continues to affect them all as the series progresses. They’ve really done a good job at making me care about these characters even though I don’t really feel like I know any of them very well at the moment.

On my schedule for tonight: So You Think You Can Dance, Traveler, and Top Chef

Pimpin’, podcast style:

Because they kept amused this morning, I have to pimp out Ducky and GMMR’s podcast today. In truth, they always amuse me. Maybe it’s because I’ve met and know them but I always feel like their podcasts are conversations we are just lucky enough to overhear and, since I feel like it’s a convo that could take place between any one of my friends and I, I love “eavesdropping” on them. And this week they reminded me that Big Brother starts next week! NEXT WEEK, PEOPLE! Ok, ok… before I get all googly-eyed about BB, let me give you the links. You can listen online or subscribe via iTunes. Go on, give it a try!

Countin’ Down, Big Brother style:

8 days, 2 hours, and 37 minutes*

* As of when the minute this was posted… Check out TV Clubhouse for the current hour, minute, second count.

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