Classic Appa!   

Things that are awesome today: My friend’s son hurt his foot (not the awesome part) so he’s here at the office and watching Avatar on his little DVD player. Needless to say, it’s been a morning of Avatar “breaks” for me!

Age of Love
I talked about this episode yesterday but I didn’t really get to talk about what happened. I laughed out loud at the first date with the younger women. The editing during that whole thing was priceless. Mark went from excitement at meeting these younger women (who really aren’t all that much better looking than the older women, looks-wise) to bored with ‘em in no time at all. It seems a little weird that they wouldn’t be talking AT ALL in the pool and, again, I feel like they’re not there for the guy so much as the exposure.

THEN, when Mark was asking them questions and the one girl was all, “I like to eat.” I might have clapped my hands over my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t truly believe the younger women are quite as vapid as the editors want us to believe but they sure didn’t do much to show us any different. And, I have to admit, I can’t stand their cattiness. I haven’t had a chance to see if the older women will be the same way. After all, the younger ones have known about the older women all along so they’ve had plenty of opportunity to get nasty about them. I’ve liked how the older women have handled the competition so far so I hope they don’t fall to the “kitten’s” level next week.

How fun was that roller skating date?! I loved it. Does that date me? It was even better because the women were all having a great time with it. I guess what I like about them so far is that they seem to be able to have fun even if they’re not getting Mark’s attention and I find that kind of refreshing.

The DDR date should have been just as much fun. I got more excited about what they’d be doing than the girls did! What’s that about?! I mean, I get it, it’s not what they were expecting but it was still a fun way to get to know him. The only thing that annoyed me was that the first “date” the older women had was presented as a way to test their ability to keep up with a younger man. Why wouldn’t they make the first “date” the younger women have something that tests to see if they’ll be able to cope with being with an older guy? Of course, that seems silly to say because, as I bitched about before, there’s not really that much of an age difference between Mark and the younger women.

So, the show continues to amuse me. I don’t really care about the contestants, though, as I can’t seem to remember any of their names. (Lie: I do remember the annoying, whiney Mary but that’s mostly because I wanted to shove a pillow over her face. Wow. That’s violent of me.) The group dating on the show really does bug me because, again, it all seems like a ridiculous way to get to know people. Two episodes in and I still don’t have a feel for who Mark is because all we get to see of him is his reaction to this whole situation. I think he’s been a good sport but I also get the feeling that Mark is enjoying having all these women fawning over him. I’ll be interested to see how things go next week now that the whole thing is out in the open.

Uh, remember how I said I might watch some of that Science of Love show? Yeah, I didn’t. I went to bed early instead. Oh well. If you watched, let me know if I missed anything exciting.

The Closer
It feels weird to talk about a show that you haven’t been watching since the beginning. I’ve watched episodes here and there but I really have no firm foundation for my opinions. I do like the show. I find Brenda a little hard to take at times but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. I mean, I like Kyra but sometimes her mouth and lips cause me to wig out for no logical reason whatsoever. But Brenda herself is sometimes annoying to me… like the shoes and purse thing out at the crime scene. I get that she’s a tough woman who is still a woman but there’s a difference between having a fashion sense and having common sense. (For the record, this annoyed me about Buffy at times as well.)

But enough of the superficial. The episode itself was pretty gripping. I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing Father Jack again. I couldn’t quite tell what Brenda’s opinion of him was. I wondered if Fritz’ take on him swayed her at all? Then the scene between her and David was intense. I didn’t think he was going to move out of her way for a minute there. I got what he was saying but I also think she’s ultimately the one who had it right. It doesn’t matter what your personal feelings are, especially when you’re hired to be a cop, you don’t get to choose how to dole out the law.

Ok, see, that’s about all I’ve got. I thought the stuff wtih Fritz was funny but I need to watch a bit more before I can really comment on it. That’s the one disadvantage to not really watching all the time, you aren’t sure how to take the relationships that span episodes.

I wasn’t going to watch Heartland again but I found myself drawn in when I didn’t immediately change the channel after The Closer. This week seemed a little better than last, as far as the character interactions. There’s still nothing about the show that really stands out to me so I don’t know that I’ll make it a regular thing. Plus, the promos were annoying me. To be fair to the promos, I turned the show off early and taped the last half so maybe I really will be blown away by what the kidney transplant guy does. (I doubt it, though.)

On my schedule for tonight: On the Lot (and everything I taped on Sunday but haven’t watched)

2 Responses to “Classic Appa!”

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    miniglik says:

    Oh, my parents adore the Closer, and they’ve put me through marathons of it. I’m not sure if it’s that she’s still feminine while being tough, but that she’s just kind of an odd duck, with lot’s of little idiosyncracies. Of course, I didn’t watch this week (or, indeed in almost a year), so I’m just talking out of my ass.

  2. 2
    raelee says:

    Haha, well I will say that I think my mother also watches. It’s like everyone I know watches the show and yet I’ve just never given in to their demands that I watch it.

    I’m sure you’re right about the odd duck thing. I didn’t really think she’s necessarily feminine but that is how that scene came off to me. I was just annoyed that anyone who does the work she does would go to a crime scene dressed in less than sensible shoes and a huge bag. (Of course, I wouldn’t have cared about the shoes but she actually makes little “oh, no, my shoes” noises that made it even more obvious that she wasn’t dressed appropriate.)