I like to eat.   

First up, y’all I can’t get over how much I’m loving Age of Love. Maybe I spoke too soon about that guilty pleasure thing because this is a show where I feel like I should feel guilty for getting such a kick out of it. NBC offered to send out the second episode for screening and I was ALL OVER IT. Not to worry, I’m not spoiling you but it’s just as amusing as the first episode. It’s possible that I should be offended at the editing but I just can’t find it in me. I find it all way too hilarious.

There is one thing that confuses me about the show. What is up with the small group dating before elimination? In a way, it really does suck that there’s an elimination after only meeting the guy for a short amount of time and no date. I didn’t care so much this week but I felt bad for the women last week. Anyway, if you liked the episode last week but were afraid you wouldn’t enjoy this week’s episode, you should definitely watch. Tonight, Age of Love, NBC, 9/8c.

Plus, they’re rerunning last week’s episode at 8 for those who missed it and are following it with a special, Science of Love, in which one guy dates two sets of women – one chosen by experts based on his biological/psychological makeup and one chosen by him based on raw attraction. I’d actually be kind of interested in a study about that type of thing but a TV special is no study so I dunno that I’ll be watching… ok, maybe for a few minutes.

I also watched The Next Food Network Star last night and I have to admit I’m a little confused. I think I need a little more about the show. I was thinking that it’d have a wider variety of talents. Errr, meaning that not every show on the FOOD network features a cook who can do a wide variety of things. Often, you have shows that are specialized to a ceratin arena. So, how does this show work if you have, let’s say, a baker vs a cook? Anyway, clearly they’re looking for someone who has a less focused talent than that so I suppose my question is pointless. I did like the show and I really liked that the judges were looking at the things that do matter for a star of a television show, presentation ability. There was really only one part where I found myself rolling my eyes, definitely a good thing!

And, then I got sucked into the black hole that is the FOOD network. What is it about these specialized networks?! I swear I start watching one show and then I can’t change the channel or turn off the TV for hours. Challenge: Cartoon Cakes was on and I had to watch. I still hate cakes made with fondant. Funny because one of the bakers talked about how frosting is so ordinary. I wish I could point out how it takes a lot more talent to be able to work with frosting than fondant and you end up with a cake that looks AND tastes good. The cakes were pretty fucking amazing, though. The only one I didn’t like was the Betty Boop cake and it was only because Betty Boop wasn’t really the focus of the cake. Compared to the other three, her design really didn’t pop. The other thing that was cool for me, was that they were doing this at Universal Orlando so the heat and humidity was a major factor in how their designs came out. Since I deal with the same issue for my cakes, it was neat to see how they dealt with it and readjusted their plans when things weren’t working.

On my schedule for tonight: Age of Love and The Closer

Ok, that’s it from me. I haven’t watched any of my other Sunday shows yet so expect commentary on those tomorrow.

3 Responses to “I like to eat.”

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    showmewrtr says:

    I was confused by the Next Food Network star too. I guess, I wasn’t quite sure what they wanted… eventually I turned it off. But I hadn’t been watching the show, so maybe that’s the problem. And yeah, the FOOD network is such a guilty pleasure. I love Emeril even if I’m mentally making all his dishes much much healthier.

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    raelee says:

    I think they want someone who is generic enough that they can mold them into whatever show they are most lacking at the moment. I was only disappointed because I was hoping for a mix of different talents. I can see how that’d be hard to judge, though.

    I actually don’t watch much of the FOOD network, except for the times when I turn it on for something specific and get sucked in before I can change the channel. I think that’s partly because I don’t cook, though. I mean… I cook but I’m single and I am a picky eater so I tend to cook the same things 99.9% of the time. (I just had a good idea for a cooking show, though! Of course they probably already have something for recipes for the single person.) Anyway, the shows I do watch on that network are the ones that involve cakes and baking… because that’s what I do. ;)

  3. 3
    showmewrtr says:

    I usually watch it on Sun nights since that’s when my muse tends to go to sleep. And I love their baking shows. So much temptation. :)