I’m gonna throw you in my DeLorean and gun it to 88.   

Movietime: Finally got to see Knocked Up yesterday and it’s just as hilarious as everyone says. The first real comedy I’ve seen in a long time. You know a movie is good when it’s been out for a few weeks and it’s still packed during a Saturday matinee. Even when it’s skin-meltingly hot here, like it is this weekend, it’s rare to see so many people at a 3 o’clock showing. There was a certain scene, though, where I felt like I was the only one laughing. Apparently I was the only geek (and person who has spent any amount of time listening to Howard Stern) in the theater.

After the movie, I came home and watched John Tucker Must Die while I worked around the house and finished the night with Flushed Away. The latter being much cuter and amusing than I had suspected. I was just watching it because I have had my current NetFlix discs for two weeks now and I want new ones but I really liked it. I guess there was a reason I put it in my queue.

Today I’m going to see Ocean’s Thirteen because apparently it’s a movie weekend for me.

Central Floridians: I don’t think there are any reading but I’ll share just in case. WFTV, our local ABC affiliate, will be holding one of ABC’s Red Carpet screenings on July 6th at the Lake Eola Park Amphitheater. They’ll be showing the pilot episodes of Pushing Daisies and Carpoolers. Here’s a link to more info but apparently there’ll be free food and even some special appearances by Dancing with the Stars folks (I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that it’ll be Joey). As I’m sure you can guess, I will be there. What kind of TV whore would I be if I missed it? (But, also, I can’t miss the chance to get a glimpse of Pushing Daisies!)

A Supernatural Question: Let’s say you were putting together a kind of Supernatural survival kit, what would you include? Like, if you could recreate what Dean and Sam carry around in their duffle bags. Rock salt, of course. Probably a lighter and/or matches. What else? Buffy would carry holy water and a cross but I’m not sure if these two do or not. I was also thinking some chalk for any impromptu pentagram drawings on floors and ceilings. Help! I know there are very obvious things that I’m missing.

New TV Tonight: The Loop3, Big Love, The 4400, Next Food Network Star, John From Cincinnati, Army Wives , Rescue Me, Entourage, Flight of the Conchords, and Meadowlands

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    dontyouwaitup says:

    Regarding SPN – maybe the Goofer dust they used to ward off the hellhounds in “Crossroad Blues”? I think they would carry holy water; Dean might have it in his flask. Um, the charms Bobby gave them to protect against possession… something made of iron… the journal…

  2. 2
    spectralbovine says:

    You know a movie is good when it’s been out for a few weeks and it’s still packed during a Saturday matinee.
    Yeah, we saw it Wednesday, which was 2-for-1 night at the Speakeasy, and it was sold out.

    Which scene were you the only one laughing at? (I, too, like I said, thought it was just as hilarious as people were saying. LOLs all over the place.)

  3. 3
    raelee says:

    When Pete says, “Like Mr. Skin.” Because that’s exactly what I said when we first saw them talking about the site and Ben was reading the “only site that…” info in the brochure.

  4. 4
    raelee says:

    Oooh, the goofer dust is good! Not sure where I’d get that but it’s good. I did think of the charms and maybe an amulet. Iron is good too. I should have listed the journal but that one kind of goes without saying. In case you can’t tell, I’m putting this together (it’s kind of a goof/gift bag type of thing) so I was thinking I’d get some small book about folklore to take the place of the journal.

    Thanks! I knew there was simple stuff I wasn’t thinking of.

  5. 5
    schnappycat says:

    I think there are 3 eps of The Loop on tonight. According to my DVR, anyhow. Just thought I’d give you a heads up. :)

  6. 6
    invadersteven says:

    So close, adn yet so far. I’m driving up to O-town on Sunday the 8th to see Erasure with a friend o’ mine, and I’ll be in the vicinity of the theme parks. But I can’t go up two days early. Curses!

  7. 7
    sometimescrazy says:

    That PD screening sounds awesome! I wish I lived in Florida. I know that’s going to be a new love of mine come this fall. :)

    Saw Next Food Network Star the other night by chance and am hooked. So, is tonight the new ep? :)

  8. 8
    raelee says:

    Ooh, you’re right. I forgot to check in the 7:00 hour. Thanks! :)

  9. 9
    raelee says:

    Oh, that sucks. If it makes you feel any better, with my luck, we’ll get rained out. 6PM is just the wrong time to be having outside activities.

  10. 10
    raelee says:

    It does, doesn’t it? My only hope is that we won’t get rained. That’s the one sucky thing about FL – outside activities in the late afternoon can be iffy.

    Yep, tonight’s is new. I think there are repeats on around it, though, so make sure you’re getting one you haven’t seen yet. :)

  11. 11
    sometimescrazy says:

    I think i’m all caught up. I’ll have to record it though since i’m working tonight. :)

    EEk for the rain. Hopefully it won’t. Oh and I can’t wait to hear your review on the pilot. :)

  12. 12
    tibicina says:

    Flashlights. They always have flashlights, even if they often go out. I seem to recall usually of the maglight ‘suitable as a flashlight or as a club-type melee weapon’ variety.

    I also recall them having hairspray, to be combined with the lighter for impromptu flame thrower action in at least one episode.

    And I think they do have holy water and crosses, the better to deal with demons.

  13. 13
    miniglik says:

    Buffy would carry holy water and a cross but I’m not sure if these two do or not.

    Hmm. Didn’t their dad bless water himself to make it holy? I can’t really remember. I’m thinking they’d need their dad’s book, at least.

    I wanna movie weekend! Sounds like fun.

  14. 14
    nikki_holly says:

    SPN kit: holy water, iron, salt (i read above that it’s kind of a goof gift thing. if you really wanna get into it, put salt into old film canisters and peel off the label. It’ll look similar to a rock salt bullet.), shotgun, knife, paperclip (for when you’re handcuffed to a table), flashlight, matches, emf meter, chalk (for drawing devil’s traps, pentagrams, and whatnot), newspaper (to look for the next hunt), and dad’s journal. That should do it. ;)