I looked a lot better when the day started.   

Happy second day of summer! I’m t-t-tired but it’s Friday and this makes me h-h-happy. It’s possible that I feel this way because I started the day with hot Krispy Kreme donuts. YUM!

TV commentary for the shows I watched last night is up first:

I don’t really know why but I don’t have a lot to say about this episode. I’m still digging the show and am totally into trying to figure out what the heck is going on but I mostly just have more questions now than I started with.

Like is “Hometown” some kind of secretive branch of Homeland Security or is it some rogue agency? If the plan wasn’t for Will to steal the painting but just to frame Jay and Tyler… what was the frameup for? So far they are just being blamed for the Dexler and, in the original plan, they would have been dead at this point so it can’t be something that happens after the Dexler. Are they trying to frame them for something in the past? Hmmm? That whole thing was confusing to me because I couldn’t figure out something big enough that they’d need dead scapegoats that would actually be discovered after they were dead.

I do have one thing that consistently bugs me about the show. One is that I really don’t think most people would recognize Jay and Tyler. I guess I could take the fact that they do move around without getting constantly recognized as a sign that the writers also think that way. However, what really bugs me is that neither of the guys have done nothing to try and change their appearances enough to make it a little harder for people to recognize them (hair color would be valid but also haircuts and trying to look like young professionals rather than the college students people are seeing on their TVs). Not to mention they just make themselves look suspicious with their skulking and very obvious baseball caps pulled low, etc. I can actually suspend my disbelief on this issue a lot but, at some point, I’m going to wonder how many times they have to get almost recognized/caught because they refuse to be smart enough to do what they can to blend in more.

Hmmm, ok, so I don’t have much else. I still wonder about the other people chasing Will. I mean, it sure felt like Will was the person he was after… not Hometown. That seems a little odd to me since it’s not like Hometown seems too worried about what Will knows so much as retrieving the painting. Except why worry about the painting now that the guys are alive? I can see why having a painting stolen during a plot to blow up the Dexler would look suspicious if the people who blew up the place supposedly died in the explosion but, if they got out and are still framed for it, why would it matter if a painting had gone missing? Wouldn’t it just look like the two guys stole and fenced it?

See what I mean about the questions?! Not that I’m frustrated… at least, not yet. I just can’t wait to see how it all unfolds because it does feel like the writers know the answers to these questions and will reveal them eventually.

I know I had one more thing I was going to say about this episode but, sometime between starting this post and realizing just how many questions I have about the show at this point, I forgot it. Oh well. You know I’ll come back later if I remember.

ETA: I remembered! The bomb in the car at the airport. I knew it! I was like, “Dude, you do not want to open that trunk.” But he still did it. That was a little stupid of him. (Sidenote: I swear that looked like Ken Marino from the brief glimpse we got of him… can anyone confirm?)

So You Think You Can Dance (Results Show)
Oh, the waiting until the show was almost over and fast-forwarding through all of the annoying bits made the results show so much easier to watch! (What? I really really really hate wasting time on rehashing something we literally saw one night ago.) I must admit I’m little surprised by who went. I would never have thought, of pair, that Faina would go and Cedric would stay. I feel a little bad for her. Especially since I actually thought Jessi’s solo was really, really horrible. Like from the music to the dress to the complete lack of dancing she did. I mean, don’t get me wrong, most of the solos left me cold but, of the girls, hers was definitely the worst. I suspect that she hadn’t put much thought into what to do because she really didn’t think she and Pasha would be in the bottom three. But that’s not an excuse. Oh well, I don’t actually care so much as I thought it didn’t seem quite fair to Faina. Especially after last week’s result show where the judges were all “your solo saved you.”

Then there are the guys. I really wasn’t overly impressed with any of them although I was again reminded of just how hot Pasha is. I can’t tell if I liked his dance or the chance to look at him in that outfit. God, could that sound any worse? Either way, I thought he did a bit better than the judges did but I was glad he was safe. I’m a bit sad to see Jimmy go because I liked him and it felt a little wrong given how well he did with the hip hop number this week. His solo didn’t do much for me but I think he had the potential to improve that given how well he was performing in the dances. And, Cedric, how the hell did he manage to save himself? I guess this is an example of how not knowing anything about dancing confuses me because I thought his solo was boring and pointless and I wasn’t seeing the uniqueness factor that Nigel is harping on. But maybe a new partner will help.

Umm, what else? The group dance left me cold. I don’t know why. Maybe because it seemed like there was supposed to be some story being told there and yet the whole wind thing at the end didn’t go with the other stuff. I dunno, it was confusing and I know I should just enjoy the dancing but it wasn’t all that enjoyable. So, instead, I tried to at least appreciate what the choreographer was trying to do but couldn’t even figure that out. Moving on. I didn’t like Dominic and Sabra’s dance this week but their reaction to being safe was cute. The audience continues to annoy me all to hell. Mo would say it’s because it seems to mostly consist of “those people” and I wouldn’t disagree. Whatever it is, they drive me nuts with their screaming and not shutting up when people are talking. Luckily I get a week’s break from them so I’ll be over just in time to get annoyed anew during next week’s episodes.

Studio 60
I’m so all over the place with this show right now. I think it’s partly due to knowing it’s dead and being afraid to really invest myself in it week to week. I liked this episode but I didn’t love it. I wish they’d just tell us what happpened with Danny and Matt in the past and get it over with. How much longer can they draw out these flashbacks about one incident? And, you know, I think they probably should have had these episodes a little earlier in the season. It wouldn’t have satisified the people who were annoyed with the politics in the show but I think it’s interesting backstory that would have drawn more people into the characters on the show.

I think my favorite bits of the show were the scenes between Jack and Simon. I feel a little bad for Jack beacuse he’s stuck on this one. He can’t just let Simon get away with what he did, regardless of his own feelings on the matter. Even though, in this case, it’s about someone on a show expressing their views on world events, I feel like it’s kind of relevant to recent events in Hollywood and that kind of adds to the story. I wonder how they’ll manage to get both Jack and Simon out of this corner?

Hmm, what else? I have no sense for how much time is passing during each of these episodes but surely it can’t be good for Jordan? Of course, I can’t imagine they’ll actually kill her off but I’m not absolutely positive about that so I worry that Danny has been allowed to even see her yet. Plus, I kept thinking about how annoying it is that she’s going to come out of all of this and find out that things over at Studio 60 fell apart while she was almost dying. And by annoying I mean, annoying for Jordan. So much for just relaxing and trying to get better after her ordeal!

Oh. I did like the stuff with Danny and Harriet in the chapel. It also makes sense that it’s Danny who gets her to admit that he has valid points about her God. It’s not so much that I don’t think Harriet isn’t smarrt enough to also question some of what the Church preaches to her. It’s that I don’t think she’d ever admit it to Matt just like he’d never admit to understanding her faith at all. So, it was nice that we got that between Danny and Harriet instead because I felt like I needed proof that my thoughts about Matt and Harriet constant struggle with the religious thing was more about them than it was what they are actually fighting about. Plus, it was nicely followed up with Danny finally dropping to his knees in front of the baby instead of in the chapel. The chapel was the wrong place for him. A chapel or churches just don’t work the same for people who don’t have the same faith as more religious people. Yes, these are my own beliefs. For the record, there are times when being in Church is a very powerful thing for me… but I know it’s because of the meaning of the place for me personally. If you aren’t religious and you are not used to thinking or talking to God, a place where people gather to celebrate that is not going to do much for you. I completely buy that it was seeing the baby and thinking about what a miracle the baby is and the circumstances of fate that brought that little baby into his life and being willing to try anything to get another miracle… that’s where Danny would feel comfortable believing in a higher power enough to pray to it.

Hmmm, ok, sorry about that little tangent. I didn’t mean to get into all of the praying stuff but I wans’t sure how else to explain why that scene was powerful for me. I especially liked that Harriet wasn’t there to witness it (something I think other shows would have done). Because it stopped being about Harriet and her faith the minute Danny walked out of the chapel.

And, yeah, that’s it. I think I liked this episode more than I realized because I’m now eager to see next week’s episode.

As for what’s on my schedule for tonight, sadly no TV — not even the few shows I have saved up on the DVR. Instead I’m going to the movies. I have no idea what we’re seeing but my choice would be Knocked Up. We haven’t seen it yet because a friend requested to go with us and she hasn’t been available. I have a feeling if we wait for her, we’ll end up waiting for the DVD and that will greatly annoy me.

Speaking of movies, look at Indy! Man, there are no words for how excited I am to see that. I can NOT wait for this movie. I was thinking about this last night, how the Indiana Jones movies never show up on my list of top ten all time favorite movies. Yet, if I think about what movie scenes and/or quotes that come to mind most often during odd moments of the day, the majority of them come from the Indy movies. So I guess they really are some of my favorite movies. Of course, some of that is because I adore Harrison Ford. I think he was the first actor I ever had a crush on. Aren’t you glad I share these random bits of knowledge with you?

I’m pretty sure I had other things to say but I’ve forgotten them and I need to get back to a design I’m working on. I hope everyone is having and does have a wonderful Friday!

7 Responses to “I looked a lot better when the day started.”

  1. 1
    spectralbovine says:

    Knocked Up is great. You should go see it.

    As for Traveler, it certainly seems like the plan was for them to have dead scapegoats, who are not as dangerous as live scapegoats running around trying to clear themselves. Think about it, though: if the evidence were there, and the dead bodies were there, would the FBI even give it a second thought? No one would have come to them about Will Traveler, except maybe the girlfriend.

    I was sad that the hot redhead died.

  2. 2
    raelee says:

    I will!

    I, too, was sad to see Nina die. Sigh.

    Well, I get that they’re better as dead scapegoats for sure. However, I don’t get what they are scapegoats FOR. Like, was it just blowing up the Drexler? Did “Hometown” and the guy at Homeland Security want another big scare to create mass hysteria and nationwide paranoia? Or is there something else? That’s what I was trying to figure out. Does the missing painting thing make it look like more of a regular theft job and less like a terrorist act?

  3. 3
    spectralbovine says:

    Oh, yeah, I have no damn clue what the point of the Drexler bombing was, and it bugs me too.

  4. 4
    westcoastlovin says:

    I think I have the same problem with Traveler that you do. I just don’t get why the Drexler. I get that more people were to have died, but the fire alarm was pulled. So there is that. I also think that WAY fewer people would recognize Jay and Tyler. They are pretty indistinguishable. It would help if they’d just act normal, for fuck’s sake.

    I love SYTYCD, but if the judges don’t stop being so mentally deficient about who they kick off, I’ll scream. I really like Faina and I think she got royally screwed.

    I’m really mixed on Studio 60. They’ve pulled the flashback out so much that I don’t really care anymore. I did love Simon going off on the media though. I wanted to hug him.

  5. 5
    raelee says:

    Yes, exactly, why the Drexler. And I’d think it was as I was saying to P-C, that they wanted some kind of terrorist scare but they aren’t pissed about him pulling the fire alarm AND EVERYONE getting out. They’re pissed that Jay and Tyler got out. So, I was trying to figure out why their being dead would be so important beyond the convenience of not having to deal with them trying to prove their innocence. (I suppose you could say, for instance, that on PB the only reason there was a threat of the truth coming out was because Linc was still alive.)

    Then again, having them die in the bombing does more of a parallel to terrorist attacks elsewhere. Hard to claim a suicide bombing if the guys got themselves out of the building and others out by pulling the fire alarm. See, now I’m talking myself back into thinking that they really wanted it to come off as a terrorist attack.

    I really like Faina and I think she got royally screwed.

    I concur! I really can’t believe they kicked her off and kept Cedric. I feel like they were trying to make a point because they didn’t agree with Pasha and Jessi being in the bottom three but that kinda sucks. Once you have the bottom three, it should be who is the worst solo dancer of the three.

    They’ve pulled the flashback out so much that I don’t really care anymore.

    That’s exactly why I wish they’d just finish the story already and move on to a new one. I know that’s irrational of me and I have actually enjoyed this little arc overall but I also feel like it didn’t need to be this long and that’s part of where Sorkin went wrong with this show.

  6. 6
    westcoastlovin says:

    See, now I’m talking myself back into thinking that they really wanted it to come off as a terrorist attack.
    Yeah, I think I’m kind of going for that. I assume they’ll tell us, right?

    Once you have the bottom three, it should be who is the worst solo dancer of the three
    Yeah, but I get why they didn’t boot Pasha and Jessi. I mean, they were pretty awesome the night before. So I think they have to balance that, but the other two couples were equally “meh”

    that’s part of where Sorkin went wrong with this show.
    I think preachy worked on West Wing and was often very moving. I don’t think it works AT ALL in this setting. I think it’s the same reason I really disliked Sports Night. It just didn’t work for me.

  7. 7
    manticoran says:

    Once you have the bottom three, it should be who is the worst solo dancer of the three.

    Actually, this is not always the case. I’ve watched all seasons of SYTYCD, and sometimes, especially in the later rounds (since they’ll have seen plenty of good dancing from the person), they’ll keep someone whose performance has otherwise been excellent but just didn’t do so well in the solo.

    Not that I think that counts for those who were kept last night vs. those who were let go. I totally think Faina got shafted and Cedric should’ve been out on his rear. I do not get why they think his solo style is so fab.