Big Brother is Back!   

I generally hate the term “guilty pleasure” because there are very few things I feel guilty about enjoying. I’ve never understood why, just because the majority have decided they don’t like something, it has to mean that I should feel guilty because I do like it. Different strokes, different folks.

Then there’s Big Brother. I don’t feel guilty for enjoying the show. Unlike others, I don’t think reality TV is ruining the television landscape and, in my opinion, as soon as the various Hollywood groups/unions/guilds figure out how to get it under their umbrella they won’t talk shit about it anymore either. Do I think reality TV should be the only thing available? Of course not. Nor do I think the viewing public wants it either. When it was new, we gobbled it up but we’re already starting to get tired of it. It may be cheap to make but, as soon as it’s a litlte more expensive to make and it doesn’t bring in the ratings, I think we’ll end up with a good mix of quality scripted and “reality” shows. But, enough of that, I don’t really want to get into my thoughts on my reality TV.

Back to Big Brother. My guilt comes from the absolute lack of shame I feel about my addiction to the live feeds. I should feel guilty about enjoying such voyeuristic tendancies, shouldn’t I? But I don’t. Come July 5th, I’ll be living and breathing the BB live feeds. (Join me, won’t you?) Not only that, I’ll be LOVING IT!

I’m sure some of it will overflow into this blog even though my BB (and reality) discussion site of choice is the TV Clubhouse. But the thing about BB is that the story the producers’ want you to believe is so very often spun so enthusiastically in one direction that I feel compelled to post the other side of the story. People HATED Janelle from the way she was portrayed on TV and I lost my mind! (Yeah, yeah, not like I had one to lose.) So, yeah, expect BB posts soon. I promise to try and keep my addiction in check but you can bet I’ll be posting when anything exciting happens on the feed.

And what got me all wound up? This email that I got from CBS last night:


BIG BROTHER 8 will premiere on the CBS Television Network on Thursday, July 5 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), kicking off a multi-platform summer that will include presentations of the series online, on the phone and, for the first time, on Showtime Networks. New and creative secret twists will play out during the summer broadcasts as BIG BROTHER 8 follows the relationships and conflicts of players who live together in a house outfitted with dozens of cameras and microphones recording their every move 24 hours a day. One by one, the houseguests will vote each other out of the house. At the end of three months, the last remaining houseguest will receive the grand prize.

Season 8 Promo:

It is kind of sad how excited that promo makes me. Of course, that’s partly because it features some of my favorite all stars but I still can’t wait to meet the new houseguests and figure out who is going to be my favorite this summer!

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