I obviously wasn’t drinking out of the same cup…   

I didn’t watch all of my shows last night but I did watch two I felt most likely to get spoiled on today, So You Think You Can Dance and Top Chef. As it turns out, these are the two that I didn’t discuss much last week so don’t be too surprised if a little bit of commentary on things I noticed last week gets mixed in.

[info]harper47 has been trying to get me to watch SYTYCD for what seems like forever. Well, she should be happy now… I’m hooked. Sigh. Just what I need! I wasn’t really going to talk about the show too much as I know my opinions are unneducated and based on emotions evocked while watching but, uh, then I wrote this post and ended up with a lot to say. What else is new, eh?

So You Think You Can Dance
So, one of the problems I have with this show is how long it is. By the second hour, I’ve completely forgotten the first few dances. I’m aware that that’s probably just a Rae thing. I need to start watching this show after the fact so I can fast forward through all of the stuff I hate (like the contestants talking about themselves and the judges commentary) and just skip to each of the dances. (Yes, I’m totally what’s wrong with America and why the viewing public, at large, tends to send home people that the judges actually like.)

Anyway, as I said last week, I know diddley squat about dancing and technique. All I know is what appeals to me and that usually means I want a more upbeat type of music and a dance with a lot energy. Well that and the partners have to be in sync and responding to each other. I’m not gonna go over each of the dances, mostly because I can’t really remember them all, but my two favorites (yeah, yeah, I’m supposed to pick three but I’m not the show so I can do it my way if I want) were Danny/Anya and Sara/Jesus.

I was a little surprised myself as I was expecting to love Lacey and Kameron based on my love for their dancing last week and, yet, it felt like something was off this week. The hard thing about this show is that I do think it’s the choreography some of the time and not the actual dancers that are the problem. Lacey/Kameron work as an example because I didn’t really love the dance itself and how little Lacey got to move but that wasn’t her fault and she and Kameron were working well together so I feel a little bad not liking them for the dance they had to perform.

The same could be said of Dominic and Sabra’s dance which I absolutely hated but the judges raved over and everyone else seems to have loved. I dunno what to say. I just felt it was an awkward dance and not something that made me want to jump up and dance. (Haha, the secret to how I judge dancing… does it make me want to rewind and watch over and over again under the pretense of being able to learn the dance myself.) It didn’t help that I really didn’t think the song fit the dance. I also thought Dominic’s throw of Sabra was weak. However, all the comments I’m reading about the show this morning are raving about this one so I’m sure I’m in the minority.

Going back to Danny and Anya for a minute, I have to say that I kind of love that they are so different from the other pairs. There seems to be a maturity to them that I haven’t seen in the others (oh, I just rewatched the video and that’s what Mia says too!). Or maybe it’s just that this was the first of the more traditional ballroom dances that I felt really captured the elegance, grace, and beauty of the dance.

As for Sara and Jesus, I know people hated the music but I kinda loved it. I love the song and I felt like it was an interesting mix of a very strong dance and a very strong song. And, ultimately, it made me want to dance.

Hmm, as for the worst. Well, I already told you I hated Domic and Sabra’s dance. Next to them I think Cedric and Faina were probably my least favorite. I love the fox trot so I was hoping they’d manage to hit it out of the park but Cedric just wasn’t there and it drained all of the energy out of their dance.

As for the others, well I actually really liked Shauna and Jimmy’s dance but felt like the stepping in the routine ended up detracting from the overall effect. They started out strong with it but the end fizzled. They just didn’t have the volume that’s required to make stepping impressive. I also thought Lauren and Neil did a fantastic job. Or, to be more accurate, Neil did. Which is why it wasn’t one of my favorites. I didn’t think Lauren was quite there with him. I’m eager to see what these two do next week.

Haha… ok, so much for not commenting on them all! Since I’ve pretty much done them all at this point, I’ll add in the last two. Jessi and Pasha’s dance was fun and funky but also a little too funky for me. They did a great job with it, though, so I don’t expect them to go anywhere this week. As for Jamie and Hok, well I actually liked it. I know nothing of technique so the complaints from the judges meant nothing to me. I think, at the end of the night, it just wasn’t as fun as my favorites. Well that and I found Jaimie to be extremely annoying in the interview part, another reason I could do without that part.

Oh and all of this reminds me of the other thing I find extremely freaking annoying… the audience. I know they are an important part of the energy in the studio for the dancers but I find them obnoxious, rude, and annoying most of the time. Yeah, I dunno either, apparently I morphed into a cranky grouch while I wasn’t paying attention.

Top Chef
I’m so happy to have this show back and I must admit, so far, the season three contestants are miles above the season two contestants. There will be drama because there always is, but it just feels like a nicer and more talented group of people. One of the things I hated about season two was the lack of creativity and originality and, in just two episodes alone, we’ve already seen a good deal of it this season. So, yay! I’m glad my show is back to form.

Howie is lucky he’s still on the show. I kind of liked seeing him not finish last week because I’ve always wondered if they truly make them stop when time is up. I know we all see them stop but sometimes it feels like they couldn’t possilby have ended up with their finished product based on what we saw. So when Howie didn’t get his food plated and that’s what he got stuck serving, it answered the mystery for me. I still think they probably do get some tweaking time but now I know they don’t get to fix major mistakes.

Anyway, like I said, he was lucky he got to stay but I did think it was fair to give the part of the dish that he got done enough weight to compensate for the missing protein. That’s why I didn’t quite think this week’s elimination matched in fairness. If one week you’re going to forgive someone for not meeting the requirements of the task, then you have to keep doing that. Which isn’t to say that Sandee might not have still gone but it felt like they didn’t judge the actual taste of her food at all. I’m sure y’all are just as shocked as I am to find out that the Top Chef judges are back to their contradictory selves!

I was a little surprised to see Tre in the bottom four but I think Gail and Tom got it right. Tre felt like this was a challenge he could win in his sleep so he didn’t put the effort into it that he should have. I wasn’t worried about him, though, because I knew the judges would take into account what he’d done last week and his performance in the quickfire challenge. I just hope he learned his lesson because he’s my favorite so far.

Quite frankly, I’d have been happy to see both Joey and Howie gone. Maybe the drama from last year is still affecting me but the scene between those two was over the top. And Joey’s whining is getting old quick. Now, I happen to agree that Hung was stealing his idea of the watermelon chaser from the quickfire challenge but there’s no need to go off about it. Unless Joey actually shared exactly how he made the thing, he shouldn’t have had to worry. Norman and Padma aren’t stupid, I’m sure they knew exactly where Hung got his idea and, from the reactions we saw, it’s not like it was as good as Joey’s chaser anyway. My point? If Hung were getting praise for the chaser, the fact that he lifted the idea from Joey would have come out. Bringing it up before it mattered, is what made Joey look like an idiot. Focus on making your own dish perfect and stop worrying about everyone else’s. Maybe if he had done that and paid attention what the judges wanted, he wouldn’t have been in the bottom.

As for Howie… I gotta tell you, he’s grossing me out. If the man wipes the sweat off his face with his arm while he’s prepping food one more time, I’m going to lose it. Next week’s promo showed him working on something and sweat dropping off his face… oy. You have no idea how much even writing about this is making me want to gag. Howie’s had a lot to say about what he can bring to the table but we’ve yet to really see it so far. That combined with the sweat thing is making me wish he had been eliminated instead of Sandee.

We haven’t really seen enough of the rest of rme to have opinions about them. There are just too many contestants right now for me to keep track of them all. I was a little surprised by the top three which obviously means the editors are doing a good job of fooling me. I like Hung but we’re probably going to reach a point where his ego is going to take away from his likeability. Micah was on my last nerves but I’m the last person to bitch about putting on a happy face when you’re grumpy. I totally understand being in a funk and not being able to shake yourself out of it, especially if it started because of you were woken up. So, I’m giving Micah a pass on her drama queen behavior this time. I also have to give kudos to Sara. I don’t really like her that much but she didn’t get everything prepped the way she wanted and still pulled out one of the top dishes. Brian’s seafood sausage looked absolutely disgusting to me but only because of my aversion to seafood. I don’t have any real opinion of the guy (because they haven’t shown me much of him) but I was happy that his willingness to be creative paid off.

Next week… I don’t remember anything from the promo beyond the fact that Howie was leaning over a bowl of something and had sweat dripping off his face. So, yeah, I’m hoping it’s better than what I got from that!

On my schedule for tonight: Pirate Master, So You Think You Can Dance, and Studio 60

ETA: Sorry about those video links not working. Looks like YouTube and the SYTYCD folks are cracking down.

5 Responses to “I obviously wasn’t drinking out of the same cup…”

  1. 1
    eolivet says:

    What I think saved Howie is the fact that the judges seemed to agree that nobody made a “bad” dish. If Howie’s dish was as inedible as Clay’s last week, he totally would’ve gone home. But because nobody’s dish was bad, they had to go on the rules of the challenge. And Sandee was the only one whose main course didn’t touch the BBQ…

    (Also figured she might be in trouble, when the editors highlighted her for no reason at the beginning.)

    And the cynical reality TV viewer in me says they kept Joey and Howie around for the “drama” that will most likely ensue. :/ I think of that Bravo disclaimer every time there’s a slightly shady elimination: “Bravo consults with the producers before each elimination…” and all that. ;p

  2. 2
    raelee says:

    True, although I think it was Joey who should have gone but I guess if you’re looking at the rules and picking on it for not being “upscale” you also have to look at whether it’s really BBQ or not.

    And, yeah, it was obvious she was going to be in there somewhere since they were showing a lot of Sandee footage for no reason.

    Don’t worry, you aren’t the only cynical reality TV viewer who thought that. I was pretty sure they kept both of them for the drama as well. I’m resigned to thinking Joey will be around for a bit because of that very reason. And Howie has been a favorite for the drama right from the beginning.

  3. 3
    eolivet says:

    I think it was Joey who should have gone

    Oh, ITA with you — I was just glad Howie didn’t go, because I feel like he’s a good cook who keeps making bad mistakes. And I would’ve been annoyed if they’d kept Joey over Howie. So, I guess Sandee was sacrificed at the altar of Reality Drama.

    (But yes…nothing upscale about drumsticks — delicious though they may be ;)

    Someone else pointed out that Brian was randomly interviewed early on, as well (in addition to Sandee) — but at least he was in B3 last week, so that kind of made sense. In Sandee’s case, the editors were clearly like “Hi, remember me? I’m getting voted out soon, so in case you don’t know who I am…” ;p

  4. 4
    raelee says:

    Haha. Well, they did have a few people in there to kind of distract you from Sandee. It was the stuff on the balcony that really gave away that Sandee was going to play into the finals this week. Everyone else was talked to in or around the kitchen, not back at the apartment.

    I’m not sure yet on whether I think Howie is a good cook or not. I need to see more to be convinced but the sweat issue is going to be a problem for me.

  5. 5
    westcoastlovin says:

    Oh man, I so want to have babies with Pasha. He is just… so good.