My father is Bob Barker.   

My local NBC affiliate is pissing me off. We have a tornado warning in the area and, yes, it is important that people pay attention but do we really need the weather guy to dissect it for 20 FUCKING minutes?! Seriously. He’s been talking so long that the storm has started to dissipate… GRRR. For the record, all of the other local stations? Have been able to break in occasionally and then go back to the regularly scheduled programming. (Update: The guy managed to stay on the air through the entire warning and they aren’t reissuing it because the storm is losing steam. I can’t believe it. What a waste of 30 minutes… and sadly just a preview of what’s to come now that we’ve entered hurricane season.)

Ok, taking a deep breath. I guess I’ll just have to force myself to rewatch the “Price is Right” episode of HIMYM. Life is rough.

The Closer season premiere is on right now and I should be watching as I swore to watch the show regularly this season so my friend has someone to talk to about it. However, she’s out of town so I decided to tape it instead. I actually want to see this episode since Kyle Gallner is in it.

I’m also going to give Heartland a try even though I’ve already judged it harshly based on nothing at all. (Well, I heard it was bad with a capital B.) The things I do for the actors I like. Of course, I don’t expect it to last long so it’s not so much of a sacrifice.

Speaking of sacrifices, I watched Hidden Palms again last week and I didn’t hate it like I did the week before. It’s still not good. It tries a bit too hard and I read a review of the show (sorry, I don’t remember where) that hit the nail right on the head. There’s no story. I mean, I know finding out what happened to Eddie is supposed to be the overall story but it’s taking forever to find out anything about that and, in the meantime, nothing else is happening. Since I don’t actually care about these characters, it’s kind of hard to be interested in the nothingness that’s going on. Anyway. I still think this past week was better and preview kind of made me a little interested in one of the characters. Probably not interested enough to sit through double-headers of the show each week.

Having seen the preview for next week’s Age of Love, I’ll definitely watch to see the 20 year olds make fools of themselves (I assume based on their behavior in the preview), but the whole “an experiment in love turns into much more than anyone expected” thing is exactly what I hate about dating shows and will turn me off pretty fast.

What else? I started watching So You Think You Can Dance and, I admit it, it’s addicting. I know nothing of technique or what the judges are looking for but I did pretty well at guessing the good and bad this week so, hey, go me! I’ll definitely keep watching even if I can see that there’ll be some scheduling conflicts once BB starts.

I also watched Traveler last week and I’m still loving it. I was amused by the mention of Jay and Tyler’s MySpace pages and the videos that Will had put up there. It really kicks the paranoia up, eh? I’m sure there are things I’ve said and written that could be twisted if people wanted to prove a case against me and that’s without having my very own Will Traveler to guide my words. Eep!

This post is all over the place so I should probably end it. Besides, I need to concentrate on Heartland now.

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    athenacqd says:
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    catatonia00 says:

    I’ve heard of another intriguing VM cast guest starring along with Kyle Gallner on The Closer.

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    raelee says:

    I think I’ve heard about that one too. I was just thinking maybe I’d watch it first thing in the morning so I could see them both.

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    catatonia00 says:

    I’ll check out your ep review once it comes out to see if I want to watch it as well.

    Can I steal your Barney icon btw? Such a cutie.