There ought to be a law.   

As I noted already, I watched no TV last night. The only opinion I’ve got about Hidden Palms so far is that I hate people using the HP abbreviation for it. Sorry, that’s taken by a huge fandom, deal with having to spell the whole thing out or find another way to shorten it. I also don’t have any comments on the second episode of Traveler but G warns that he was let down by it. So, either my expectations have now been lowered appropriately or I’ll also be disappointed.

Pirate Master starts tonight on CBS at 8/7c. I still maintain that G is the reason I’m watching. Although, I must admit that I’m not as excited about it as I once was… see what staying away from previews and promos will do to you? Of course, depending on how good or bad it turns out to be, I reserve the right to change my mind again tomorrow. The good thing is that I have to begin the process of baking two cakes for a first birthday party on Saturday so I’ll definitely be home to watch.

I know I’ve been all “I want to move to LA!” lately but this makes me want to stay in Orlando! (I know, I know, the news broke earlier but I just got an email from Universal so now it feels real.) Regardless of how it ends up looking (and I have every confidence Universal will make it the quintessential HP experience), I’ll bet the music on that webpage (from the movies) will end up being what’s piped throughout that section of IOA. Three years from now, college students will wake up in the middle of the night unable to get it out of their heads. Heh. (What? No, I don’t speak from experience, why do you ask?!)

Well, this was a rather boring post. This is what happens when I take a night off from TV! Lots of commentary to come tomorrow. Until then, have a wonderful rest of the day.

4 Responses to “There ought to be a law.”

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    harper47 says:

    I forgot all about the new ep of Traveler. I guess I’ll watch it online at ABC at some point.

    And I’m going to watch Pirate Master tonight. Well, late tonight because I’ll be at rehearsal most of the night.

    Hee – I’m excited to see the new Harry Potter themepark too.

  2. 2
    eolivet says:

    Hee…good point about HP. :p Not surprised it crashed and burned.

    What I found interesting was I swear ABC showed clips from “Traveler” during their Upfront “previous year” recap. I wonder if this means they’re watching to see how it does in the summer… :)

    (And I know O-Town means Orlando, but I can’t help but think of Making the Band when I see it! Did you ever watch that show…I can’t believe I’m admitting to it ;p )

    Sorry the BL finale wasn’t good…that’s too bad. The show has been a little uneven this year, but more good eps than bad ones. :/ It sucks it had to end on a down note, though.

  3. 3
    spadada says:

    Not boring at all! *waves*

  4. 4
    duckyxdale says:

    HP is the best, and I do mean HARRY FRAKKIN POTTER!