Like black holes in the sky.   


I suck. I fell in the Internet Black Hole today. I got to reading one thing and then followed one link after another until I had completely exhausted the trail. You know what I’m talking about? Yeah.

Plus, I spent the morning at the dentist having my gums burned off (FUN!!) and my crown recemented. So now? I’m broke. Also FUN! I’m not in pain pain but the dull ache made it hard to focus on things.

Anyway, it’s too late for most of the folks on the East Coast but, what the hey, maybe there’s some of you on the West who are happy to be reminded. Hidden Palms starts tonight on the CW. I’m rather “eh” about it but I’m gonna give it a chance. Also, tonight’s the true premiere of Traveler on ABC and then you get the second episode right after. I CAN’T WAIT!! Let’s hope the second episode lives up to my hype for the first one.

Uhhh… what else? I think that’s it. I obviously have not watched either. Instead I spent the night catching kittens and de-fleaing them. Poor babies. Florida in May is NOT a good time to be an outside cat. Mo’s already threatened to make me come back over on Saturday so that we can repeat the process since it didn’t seem like we ended up killing hardly any of the fleas. Point being, I was too busy crooning to the wee ones to watch anything. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on everything tomorrow.

I did watch the finale of Boston Legal last night. I was not impressed. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t great. A rather mediocre episode at best. Such a shame because I do love a good episode of BL.

I also watched On the Lot and, holy cow, could the results show being more annoying (or boring)? Here’s the thing, I like this show but I do not have the patience for these shows that insist on having results episode and yet can’t come up with some actual content for those episodes. I sat through two hours of the fucking show the night before, I don’t need to sit through another hour of the same shit just to find out who was kicked off. For one thing, I find drawing out the eliminations to be unnecessarily cruel and I’m not even a contestant. For another, no one cares about these people yet. Give us a reason to tune in other than finding out who’s been kicked off until we actually care about that part.

Hmmm, one might think I’m changing my opinion of this show, eh? Really I’m just annoyed that I endorsed the show in a post the other day and then found myself wanting to throw my remote at my TV during it last night.

PS: There’s a freaking tropical disturbance out there! WTF, Atlantic? I know this Friday is officially the start of Hurricane Season but that doesn’t mean you have to have something for us that very day! (Oh, did you forget my obsession with the weather? Well, you’re about to remember it.)

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