Operation Stupid is officially over!   

I hope those in the US are enjoying their Memorial Day weekend. I certainly am… by doing absolutely nothing at all.

Mo and I saw Pirates of the Caribbean on Friday and Disturbia yesterday with the latter surprisingly being the better of the two. I don’t know if I had too high expectations for POTC or what but it wasn’t the fun time I was hoping for. It was way too long especially since there were plenty of scenes I felt could have been cut. Oh well. Meanwhile, I’m a little disturbed at how attractive I suddenly find Shia LeBeouf. I’m not generally a younger guy type of girl (SHUT UP, peanut gallery) so I have no idea where that came from.

After the movie, I came home and watched the season finale of Robin Hood. Hot damn, Jonas Armstrong is fine. (Yeah, yeah, I just looked it up and he’s also a younger guy. WHATEVER.) It probably helps that it’s this particular story and I have a fondness for “Robin Hood” in general. I actually had one issue with the episode but, overall, am happy with how it ended. I wonder how long they can keep it going. I don’t think I’v ever said this about one of my shows but I’m kind of hoping the second season is the last season.

Oh, yeah, I watched On the Lot on Thursday and it has potential. I’m officially sick of all reality shows that feel the need to include their auditions. Seriously, if I wanted to watch the auditions I’d be watching “Getting on the Show.” So stop already, reality show producers. I also watched Studio 60 and slightly amused to find that I didn’t really care for this episode (although there were some really funny parts) but elsewhere online people keep saying how the show might have made it longer if it had stuck with these type of episodes. I am destined to always be on the opposite side of the fence.

Continuing the saga of my attack bird, I met my mailman yesterday. He shared that the bird actually chases him all the way down the street and suddenly I understood why he hadn’t picked up my outgoing mail for three days. He had also heard (as I did from you guys) to try an umbrella. Umm, yeah, that doesn’t work so great. He walked me out to my car and the bird was not at all deterred by the umbrella. He came right up underneath it to get at us. Lovely! Although, it was funny because my mailman’s reaction was, “DAMN BIRD!!!” Haha. Then, today my neighbor moved out and he dive-bombed them throughout the entire process. To think, the guys helping her hadn’t believed her stories about the attack bird living by her front door. I think the babies are old enough to make noise now because he’s gotten more and more aggressive over the past few days. Even followed me right up to my front door yesterday. Here’s hoping those kids are old enough to move out of the nest soon!

So, tonight NBC starts repeating Friday Night Lights. They aren’t, contrary to reports I saw elsewhere, starting at the beginning but, if for some reason you don’t want to catch up for free online, it’s the perfect reason to tune in. Hey, nothing else is on… why not give FNL a shot, right?

And, on that note, I think I shall go sneak out my back door to the Target. S4 of The OC came out this week and they have it on sale along with S6 of Gilmore Girls.

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    keyser7soze says:

    S4 of The OC came out this week and they have it on sale along with S6 of Gilmore Girls.

    Are you sure? Up by me they have S3 on sale along with S6 of GG for $22.99. S4 is $37.49. I actually thought about picking up S4 to watch over the summer but I want to find it for a little less than that, especially since it wasn’t a full season.

  2. 2
    keyser7soze says:

    …unless, $37.49 is actually a good deal for a dvd set for that show? I’m looking around and that actually seems like the lowest price. *meep*

  3. 3
    afrocurl says:

    What episode of FNL are they starting out with? I’m tempted to watch from the start again, but everything except that the last two on my computer.

    I still have to watch S60. Maybe that’s on my agenda for the afternoon.

    I’ve heard that the special feature in the Target DVD is available on iTunes for $1.99 if you’re not interested in the ugly cover art.

  4. 4
    raelee says:

    They are starting with episode 7, “Homecoming”. I’m going to tape it so I can watch 1-6 during the week and then just follow along from that point. I don’t know, though, if they are airing them all from that point or not. I’m sure it has to do with how many they actually have the timeslot open for before the Fall season starts.

    Ahh, thanks for the heads up about the Target DVD. I don’t actually think the cover art is too ugly but, due to some unfortunate circumstances, didn’t end up making it to Target today and don’t know that I will before the sale goes away.

  5. 5
    raelee says:

    Oh, yes, I didn’t mean to imply that it was the same price as the GG set. Sadly $37.49 is a good price for The OC. Despite it being a shortened season, it’ll be up to the regular $52.99 for those sets in no time. Since it just came out, it probably won’t be featured in any of the 50% sales like that until Christmas time.

  6. 6
    raelee says:

    Ohhh… I didn’t realize they had S3 on sale. Something came up and I decided I didn’t need to be spending money on TV DVDs just yet but I may have to go get that. I’ve been wanting S3 for a long time but the prices on The OC sets are too ridiculous unless they are on sale.

  7. 7
    catatonia00 says:

    I briefly tuned into On the Lot just to be bored out of my mind by the guy who talked about Ratman/Rat King. Audition rounds are really quite mortifying. There’s really no way to go but up, so does it actually get better? I’m on the fence about this show, but I actually want to check it for its focus on filmmaking.

  8. 8
    harper47 says:

    Happy Memorial Day! I’ve been cleaning like crazy (everything was so dirty with all the shows) and watching tv in between. Did you see my VM Final 5 review? I actually ended up liking it alot.

    I got Shall we Dance at Target on sale the other day and I was so happy. I love that movie.

  9. 9
    klia says:

    I’m sorry the bird is bothering you so much. I know this doesn’t help you, but it’s probably terrified of you. And, honestly, very few species (mainly crows, ravens, jays, others with pointy beaks) can actually cause harm if they do manage to hit you. Birds aren’t really like the Hitchcock movie, they’re all about flapping and diving and putting on a good show to scare away potential predators. I’ve watched tiny birds chase huge red-tailed hawks away from their nests just by being persistently annoying.

    On the bright side, at least it’s temporary.

  10. 10
    duckyxdale says:

    Wait, I need to go back because somehow I missed the whole bird incident. WTF? I’m back reading…

  11. 11
    raelee says:

    Hmmm, I’ll have to think about that Eagle head thing. I don’t think it’d work, though. The damn little bird isn’t afraid of bigger birds. He’s an equal opportunity chaser.