Did Heroes get Lost?   

Oh boy, is that subject line lame or what?! I’m sorry but I’m all TV-ed out and can’t remember any of the quotes I could use. Who knew I’d ever say that?! I’m not really, of course. Tonight I’ll be checking out On the Lot and starting on the last episodes of Studio 60 starting. Still last night, as I watched the finale of Lost, I realized that it was really good (err, the episode that is) and I wasn’t appreciating it as much as I should. It’s all because we go from hiatus to intense May sweeps so quickly (not to mention Upfronts being mixed in there) that you get whiplash and burnt out quickly. Or maybe I just need to cut back on my TV watching a bit so I don’t have this problem every year… Nah!

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I have a personal post upcoming but I really need to get commentary for the Heroes and Lost finales done before I start forgetting my talking points.

I liked it and, that night, I loved it. Since then everyone else’s comments about it have brought me down a little but I can’t deny that night I really liked what I got. I will say that I had absolutely no expectations. I hadn’t seen any of the promos and I’ve been busy with so many other things that it wasn’t consuming me in the same way it had earlier in the season.

I did expect more action than we got but I realized pretty quickly that the episode was going to be mostly spent building up to the last few minutes. I understand complaints that the fights we got to see in the “future” were cooler than the actual confrontation here but I maintain that those fights were allowed to be a little cooler because these people had five years to learn how to control their powers. In the here and now, we have seen Peter having to struggle to control his powers (even in the first part of this episode he has difficulty) so I knew it wasn’t going to be as cool as it could be.

I do get what everyone is saying about Sylar and how they spent so much time building Sylar up and then failed to deliver. I don’t disagree. What I do think is that what happened with Sylar felt almost deliberate. I do think he goaded Peter into losing control of Ted’s powers. What I saw people complaining about that I didn’t quite understand was Sylar letting Hiro run him through. I really couldn’t tell if Sylar actually saw him and knew what he was going to do or if it was just a trick of the way it was filmed. I think, perhaps, they just need to get less showy because I got the impression that the only reason there was a pause at that moment was for the audience to adjust to Hiro appearing and not to indicate that Sylar had time to react to Hiro being behind him.

Anyway, on to other stuff… like Peter not flying himself away. Ok, admission time. I didn’t think of it. Everyone keeps wondering why Peter wasn’t smart enough to think of it himself but I guess I don’t fault him for that because I didn’t catch it. For one, I’ve been asking all along if Peter can use more than one power at a time. From the very beginning of the show, as soon as I knew what Peter’s power was, I wondered if he can use them simultaneously. Not only because it matters in a case like this but also because there has to be an equalizer. If he can absorb everyone’s powers then he truly is the most powerful. On the other hand, if he can access any power but is limited to only using one at a time then there is a way to defeat him. So, anyway, I just assumed that he was so overwhelmed by Ted’s power (a power, by the way, we saw Ted struggle to understand and control for several episodes… and I think we even saw that when Ted got angry he seemed to lose control of it) and Sylar’s goading that he couldn’t get it under control to think of flying away much less trying to use to powers at a time. I know there’s a lot of assumptions there and I do think it was something that should have been spelled out for us but because it happened to go along with what I’d been wondering all along, it didn’t bother me.

And, if someone wonders one more time why Claire didn’t just shoot him, I may scream. It wasn’t as easy as thinking he’d survive. I’m not convinced removing the bullet from his brain would bring him back to life. But, regardless, can we try to remember we’re talking about a teenage girl here? Having to shoot her “hero” and her newfound uncle while standing face to face with him. Is it so hard to believe that maybe that wasn’t an easy thing for her to do? I understand being frustrated because it seemed like the easy solution but I don’t get not admitting that it’s an easy concept on paper but not so easy in execution (me and my puns).

Ok, whew. Sorry. That wasn’t aimed at any one person. It’s just something I’ve seen brought up in every single discussion of the episode and it’s driving me a little nuts. Claire’s the one character who has consistently had a hard time doing what she has to do so I completely bought that she couldn’t just walk up to Peter and shoot him point blank even though everyone was depending on her.

Oh, I need to clear something up. In my previous post about this episode, I talked about Sylar and wondering whether he had gotten to Claude. It doesn’t really make sense because I am pretty sure we would have heard about it but I was referring to the moment before the battle. Peter made a comment about Sylar hiding in plain sight and I didn’t really understand how Sylar could pull that off. Of course, part of the problem could be that there were NO PEOPLE in that little plaza at the time. That was a serious issue I had with the episode. They’re in NYC and it was night time but there are always some people around. I found it a little unbelievable that they just happened to be all by themselves there. Back to my point which was that I couldn’t see how Sylar could be hiding and then all of the sudden he was behind HRG. I know that he probably just used his telekinesis to move himself there but I had a brief moment, hence my mention of it in the last post, of wondering whether he had some kind of actually hiding himself out there in the open. It would explain how he’s always sliding in and out of places like a chameleon. I was NOT referring to the final shot of his blood trail. Umm, obviously he’s not invisible there so much as down the sewer drain. I do realize that my thoughts on the cockroach were probably off. It’s not so much that he got his powers from a cockroach as the show trying to visually compare him to a cockroach… that he seems able to survive pretty much everything.

I’m cool with Sylar still being alive. I like him and I like the actor who plays him. I don’t think he’ll be the big bad next season but it’s always good to have a few different big bads around for later on. However, I did wonder why no one was concerned that he was gone. I’ve accepted that the show just likes to go for that memorable shot rather than reality. I’m sure we’ll find out that they immediately noticed that he was gone but they were so busy paying attention to Peter that he was gone before they realized it. It’s a cop out but it’s consistent with how they’ve handled similar things all season long. I will say, though, that I was annoyed by that last shot this time because I couldn’t understand how the hell they were going to explain what had happened to all those cops and ambulances that showed up. Since there were NO PEOPLE AROUND, I couldn’t even understand why anyone was showing up to the scene. It happens in comics all the time but in the land of comics everyone else usually knows about people with super powers. It really just bugged me that we got to see people limping away from the scene and it didn’t seem like the police were at all suspicious of what went down.

And, see, you thought I had nothing bad to say!

I haven’t talked about any of the other stuff. Like finding out that HRG’s name is Noah!! It’s not quite what I was expecting and I’m actually not all that impressed with the name they chose. I was just excited that they finally revealed it. I did like Hiro taking Ando back to Japan. I don’t want to lose that friendship but they were going to have to seperate at one point. Plus, I’d rather Ando be away from the scene where he could die easily.

Nathan’s speech, when he showed up at the scene, was a little much. This show is better when they don’t try to go there. It’s in scenes like those that I agree with the people who rag on the writing in this show. I don’t actually think the writing itself is bad so much as I think the emotional dialog is sucky. It works when you have the better actors delivering it but not so much when it’s the actors who have other strengths.

Hmmm, what else? Oh I did love Claire telling Mama Petrelli she already has a family. Damn straight she does! Plus, I don’t like Mama Petrelli. When’d that happen? I used to love her! I guess it’s ok, though, because it’s obvious she’s a bit of a villainess so I’m supposed to dislike her. Right?

Oh! I was so happy to see that I was right about Simone’s father. I knew he had powers. I still don’t know if Peter got his dream power from him or his mother. Could be either one really. I think [info]cdn_tvaddict (I think it was her who said this) is right that Simone’s father may be the one Molly was talking about… who can see her when she tries to locate him. I didn’t quite get how he would freak her out so much, though. I’d expect it to be someone a little more badass or creepy don’t ya think? Anyway, the reason I thought that was because we learned about that power in this episode and then Peter has that dream and can actually be seen in it. It fits with Molly’s description. If Peter was having one of his visionary dreams (how would that work, though, since it was in the past??) and was seen by someone in it, it seems to fit with how the power would work in relation to Molly as well. Although, what does that mean the person’s power actually is? It doesn’t seem particularly useful even though it does come across as very creepy.

Uhh… I don’t know what else. There was a lot going on and it’s been a few days filled with other finales with a lot going on. As I said, my mind is overflowing from all these shows. HIRO! How could I forget that ending?! I think my friend, G, hit that on the head. Hiro is going to turn out to be the samurai he keeps hearing about. I didn’t quite understand why he wouldn’t immediately zap himself back out of that time instead of turning to run away but I’ll handwave it because I’m pretty sure I’m going to love whatever he’s going to be learning in feudal Japan!

Also, I know it’s cheesy but I loved the reconnection to the eclipse. I don’t know if they can convince me it’s actually significant given that we know people had powers and were using them long before the eclipse but I can probably buy into the idea that an event like that would cause dormant powers to awaken.

Bring on Volume 2!

An excellent season finale. I didn’t find it quite as mindblowing as everyone kept saying it would be but it was pretty damn cool nonetheless. So, at what point did you figure it out? For me, it was the car that almost hit Jack. I realize now that it should have been the cellphone we saw a second earlier but I didn’t even notice that. (Of course, the cell phone we saw Juliet use in her flashback was pretty recent too so it’s possible I was dismissing it as a continuity mistake I’ve seen before.) No, no, it was the brand freaking new white Saturn that tipped me off. At first, I was all, “WTF? Why wouldn’t they at least try to use a dirty car there so it wouldn’t be so obvious that it was a new model car that didn’t exist before Jack went to the island?” Then I remembered the very beginning and the plane and that there was no place that Jack’s current apperance made sense. That’s when it clicked in… the maps just confirmed it. I wasn’t absolutely certain until Kate got out of the car but then I was all happy that I had figured it out! (And happy that the car wasn’t a stupid continuity error.)

So, is that it? Are we going to be working off the island from now? It doesn’t seem likely that they’d just skip the entire rescue unless what they plan to do is go forward from that last scene and now their flashbacks will revolve around what happened after the phone call and why Jack wants to get back to the island. It would be a pretty genius way to reboot the show and turn our expectations upside down. We started the show thinking the endgame would be their rescue but, if the rescue was just the beginning of how the crash affected their lives, then should we be expecting? Hmmm? Like I said, if they can pull it off, it’s a great way to wipe the slate clean and draw people back into the show. I’ll be interested to see where they go from here.

But back to the episode! So, what was up with Jack talking like his father wasn’t dead? That’s the one thing that is really bugging me. Since his father died before he even got to the island, I couldn’t understand what was going on. Did Jack not tell anyone where he was going? Could it be possible that people still think Jack’s dad is gone on vacation? That really doesn’t seem likely. I mean, we’re led to believe some time has passed since they were rescued and enough time has passed since they were lost in the first place. You can’t tell me Jack’s dad’s disappearance wouldn’t be noted. It wouldn’t have bothered me so much had he just used his dad as an excuse for the pharmacy. I mean, she’d have no idea that his dad was really dead so I can see Jack trying to get drugs by claiming that his dad prescribed them. It was the comment to the new chief that bugged me. The chief didn’t respond to it, though, so maybe Jack’s just in the middle of a pyschotic break there and the Chief is trying not to provoke him? Haha. How is this my number one concern?!

Speaking of people who are dead, awww, I cried for Charlie. I’ll never stand all the hate for him and, quite frankly, I don’t know why everyone is so happy to see him dead when you know death means nothing on Lost. What the hell, Locke just came back to life himself. Don’t count on being free of Charlie forever just because he died. Ha. That said, that last scene still moved me. I didn’t quite get why he sacrificed himself once he knew that the boat didn’t belong to Penny. He passed on the message but why wouldn’t he immediately wonder if there’d be any rescue at all because of that? Oh well, too late now! I did like that he really was the one person who had to be there to stop the signal from being jammed.

Ben is just… man Emerson plays him well. I can’t ever tell what is going on with the guy. Does he ever tell the truth? Just when you think you know his con, you’re all wrong. And I can’t ever read how he’s reacting… which is key in not being able to figure out his cons. I had guessed that he didn’t really have the people on the beach killed but only because this is TV and we all know you have to see it for it to be real. And, really, if they were going to kill those three I think they would have wanted us to see because they were characters we knew well. (In some ways, I wanted to be wrong about this because that would have been a gutsy way to kill two main characters.) Still, the good thing is that these were not good reasons for JACK to doubt Ben in that moment. I love that he stuck to his guns as he’s always been the one to back down before. I think Jack had already changed before this moment but it was the first time we really got to see it. Really, I can see why getting off the island at this point is already too late for Jack.

As for the stuff going on at the beach, I loved Hurley saving the day. I knew he was out there. He was nowhere in sight in the group up on the hill and you know he would have been piping up at the appearance of Ben. So, I figured he had continued to follow them… and really, since two characters have now tried to get him to stop following them by using his weight, I’m glad that he figured out that they didn’t really mean what they were saying. Plus, good way to make the discovery of the van important! I want to say I was surprised when Sawyer shot Tom so easily but I wasn’t. Maybe because they made a point of showing that it was Tom who wanted to kill the others despite Ben’s orders. It was a subtle way of making sure the audience wasn’t going to be too appalled by Sawyer’s actions. It was interesting that Juliet seemed so surprised by Sawyer in that moment. She’s done the same thing but we’ve seen that she has a reason to hate her fellow Others. I wonder what she was really thinking in that moment.

Uh… I don’t know what else to talk about. There’s still a lot but I’m starting to get lost (heh!) in my own thoughts. I don’t really care for Kate and Jack but I did like him telling her he loves her. I’m not sure I buy it but I liked it. I also liked Sawyer asking Juliet if she’s sleeping with Jack yet and her snarky comment back. Walt is HUGE now! I know how much kids change but I was kind of amazed by how much he has… guess it was a good thing they sent him off the island, eh? I gotta say, if it were me, I probably wouldn’t have brought him back. It took me out of the moment and I suspect it did for others as well. Uhhh… oh, Danielle and Alex! Finally, the mother and daugther reunion we’ve been waiting for! I thought it was kind of funny the way it happened. Look on Ben’s face for a split second there before he filled Alex in amused me greatly.

Ok, I think that’s it for me. Feel free to remind me of the other stuff. Except the funeral because I remember that one. I have no idea who it could be. I could make guesses but I’m betting it won’t be any of the obvious answers. Wonder how long we’ll have to wait to find out that answer?

Well, they went out strong and now we have to wait until February for more. I wonder if absence will make the hearts of America grow fonder or not?

On my schedule for tonight: On the Lot and Studio 60

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10 Responses to “Did Heroes get Lost?”

  1. 1
    eolivet says:

    I think perhaps the whole key to enjoying the “Lost” finale was not figuring out the twist until the end — and since you did, maybe that was the reason it came off as less satisfying?

    The thing that is bugging me about the funeral, at least from the things I’ve read online (not on LJ) is everyone is fixated on 1) nobody was there and 2) Kate wouldn’t go, while ignoring a very important 3): this person’s death made Jack so despondent, he almost jumped off a bridge! To me, that’s the sticking point in figuring out who it is.

    Also, the general consensus seems to be not so much that Jack was simply high and forgot his dad was dead, rather than an actual break from reality. It was the drugs, man! :p

    (As for “Heroes,” I totally never thought of Peter being able to fly away or why Claire didn’t shoot him. I’d assume, like you did, that it would’ve been extremely hard for her.)

    I still think “Heroes” would’ve done well to have a bit more “Lost” in its finale: some ambiguity, some mystery…something to get viewers buzzing all summer. But hey, at least it’ll be back in the fall, whereas “Lost”…February!!!

  2. 2
    makd says:

    I’ve missed most of Lost this year. They lost me at the season finale last year….

    Anyway, I re-joined Lost about three episodes ago at the urging of my daughter, who never left the series. I’m glad I listened to her because the last three episodes have been terrific.

    I knew that it was a fast forward from the cell phone, and because Jack’s previous flashbacks didn’t include a substance abuse problem for him – just his dad.

    During one of the commercials, I bet MOPS $1 that Jack’s flashbacks were flash forwards. He bet the opposite; I won. When Kate appeared, I jumped off the sofa and cried, “yessss!”, then grabbed the $1 bill that was resting on the floor. Go me!

    Yeah, I wonder whose funeral that was, too. At the time, I thought it was Sawyer’s – nobody was there, after all. Then, Jack said he wasn’t friend/family…. Then at the end, Kate said she had to go back to “him” – so I figured that was Sawyer — but where would those two get the money for a new car, and why wouldn’t she be in prison??? WTH?

    So, now I’m thinking it might’ve been Ben’s or Locke’s funeral. Except…wouldn’t they each have stayed on the island?

  3. 3
    spectralbovine says:

    Then I remembered the very beginning and the plane and that there was no place that Jack’s current apperance made sense.
    That confused me immediately, but I just never even considered the possibility that they would do a flash-forward.

    It would be a pretty genius way to reboot the show and turn our expectations upside down. We started the show thinking the endgame would be their rescue but, if the rescue was just the beginning of how the crash affected their lives, then should we be expecting?
    I don’t know! I hope they don’t do that because there’s so much crazy Island shit, and I like the crazy Island shit. But I’m definitely intrigued about how game-changing this really is.

    I didn’t quite get why he sacrificed himself once he knew that the boat didn’t belong to Penny. He passed on the message but why wouldn’t he immediately wonder if there’d be any rescue at all because of that?
    Uh oh. Oops!

    I did like that he really was the one person who had to be there to stop the signal from being jammed.
    That was pretty neat.

    Ben is just… man Emerson plays him well. I can’t ever tell what is going on with the guy.
    I know! I love Ben a lot, and Michael Emerson is amazing. I’m in love with his delivery. The way he talks. It’s so cool and creepy.

    Plus, good way to make the discovery of the van important!
    Yes! I hated that episode initially, but now it’s become retroactively NOT POINTLESS.

    Let me know if S60 has gotten any better. Maybe I’ll catch up later, just for closure. I stuck through longer than most, after all.

  4. 4
    cara_leigh9 says:

    Hm, after reading your #2 and #3 points about the funeral, I wonder if it was Juliet? Jack would be upset and Kate wouldn’t.

  5. 5
    smithereen says:

    Really good point about Peter possibly being able to only use his powers one at a time. I hadn’t thought of that, but it’d definitely help with the whole thing of him being too powerful for the show. I thought he was too overwhelmed with trying to control the radiation to use any of his other powers and fly away, and that still makes sense to me as an explanation. But if he’s limited to one power at a time that would be even better.

  6. 6
    eolivet says:

    I really like that idea, actually — except I could’ve sworn Kate said “Why would I go to his funeral?” :/

    But yeah…what guy would Jack jump off a bridge for? :x

  7. 7
    cara_leigh9 says:

    Oh darn, I didn’t remember how she phrased it. This is why I love this show so much, there are so many twists that I never get bored.

    7 months!?!

  8. 8
    athenacqd says:

    And, if someone wonders one more time why Claire didn’t just shoot him, I may scream.

    Ok. Why didn’t Nathan shoot him?

    Sorry! Sorry. Had to, though. Because “it was hard for her” isn’t an answer, really. It wasn’t like the idea came up out of nowhere. That was the plan all along. Why didn’t someone step in and say, “you know…” versus letting Nathan (Claire’s father die).

    Anyhow, on to Lost. My reaction was the total opposite! Whereas you didn’t think about flying Peter, I paid zero attention to the cars completely. I would never know that it was a new car in the scene if you hadn’t just mentioned it. I had NO idea it was a flash forward until Kate started talking. In fact, I rewound and thought maybe I missed some revelation where Kate and Jack discovered they met pre-island. Yes, I’m that slow. Although, it was also about 3am at this point.

    Charlie dying was so annoying to me, though. One, because I don’t know why everyone hates him either. I was so confused when I first went to TWoP when I caught up with the show. I love Charlie. And second, because it seemed odd to me that he was ok with “so much for fate” on his way out the door which seemed to suggest that he believed all that was required was flipping the switch, rather than some space-time continuum issue of his own survival. But then he just abandoned that and let himself die. Why not lock the door from the other side? He had time to exit? Was he just trying to save Desmond? That was silly, I’d much rather see Desmond go away.

  9. 9
    athenacqd says:

    Just to be clear, since I wasn’t, by “that was the plan all along” I mean, back when they first discussed it why didn’t someone, anyone point out that she wouldn’t have to kill Peter for good, they would bring him back. Then, even if she choked, someone else would be able to do it with less guilt.

  10. 10
    harper47 says:

    Lovely analysis Rae. I always enjoy reading “why” you felt something. I never noticed the cell phone or the car so I’m happy I got to be surprised by the Kate moment. I did have the nagging where in the hell does this fit in Jack’s timeline feeling going the entire episode so I did have a “this feels so off” moment going the entire time. Along with my emobeard loathing.

    Good point re them showing Sawyer shooting the man who really wanted to kill them. And the thing we lose sight of sometimes is that all the things that seem so far away to us (Walt’s kidnapping, the torture by the Others) is all recent and fresh in the Losties minds. Sawyer was still reeling from Walt’s kidnapping and the torture. I know I really appreciated the way he was able to make a decision and implement it. I like badass Sawyer.