Just lay back and enjoy it.   

Well, if you gotta go down, fighting is the way to do it.

It’s a bittersweet night. I wanted these episodes to be great. I avoided all knowledge of what was going to happen (the most I knew was vague stuff about [info]filmtx‘s day on set and I got the impression Jason was there at one point) but I was really afraid that they would be your average VM fare. Granted, for me, that fare is better than most but I really wanted something great for the last new episodes I’d ever get.

And, halfway through the first episode when I was thinking about how much I loved it, I realized that maybe average fare would have hurt a little less. From that point on I kept thinking about how I was no longer going to have these kind of episodes to look forward to each week. Fuck.

Do I admit to crying? What the hell. Most of you know me by now and you know I cry at the drop of the remote control. So, yeah, crying pretty steadily right now.

In the world where your favorite show doesn’t know it’s going to end? (Ours.) That was a pretty damn great awesome episode to go out on. Was everything wrapped up in a nice little bow? Come on… this is Neptune we’re talking about!

Instead… we returned to where we began. There’s been a lot said about how Rob refused to write an ending (mostly anger at him for screwing the fans) and, yet, that felt like he knew the show wasn’t going to come back as it was… and, if it did, it’d be returning to where it began.

I loved the return of the Kane. CW always doing the dirty work for the Kane(s). Ha. Veronica back to high school slut status. Veronica not afraid to stand up to the powerful. Hidden cameras. Logan coming full circle to being the one to beat an “apology” out of the new suckier model OPJ. (“I’m not interested in his apology.”) And, since we’re on that circle, Logan actually apologizing and meaning it. God, I can’t put into words how satisfying it was to see Logan again. (It could be said that Logan is the only character who ever really “grew” on this show and, somehow, that feels right.)

Noir Neptune. The awesome shortened credits. Lilly and Duncan. Jake Kane being the downfall of Keith Mars… AGAIN. Keith doing what it takes to protect Veronica (much like Jake did for Duncan back in S1) and Veronica once again realizing the price for her vengeance. “You know I love you, right?” Did I mention Noir Neptune?

ETA: Ah ha, third viewing and I just realized that Keith and Veronica traded places here. Previously Veronica supported him no matter what and gave so much of her life, as she knew it, up for him. This time he did it for her and all with Jake Kane at the very center of it all again. So much love, people… SO MUCH.

And… one last great fade to black.

I know, I know. I didn’t touch on nearly everything…. and none of what happened in 2×19. Man. It’s been a long time since I’ve done an immediate reactionary post. Seeing as this is the last time I’ll ever get to do one, I figured it was a good time to return to previous VM Night form.

If you know me, you know I’m ok with endings that aren’t. As I told G today at lunch, I can’t imagine any perfect ending for Veronica Mars. Because that isn’t Veronica’s life… the happy ending. But this? Was the perfect ending for this show.

See ya, Veronica.

2 Responses to “Just lay back and enjoy it.”

  1. 1
    silentsiren47 says:

    I agree, totally.

  2. 2
    geekgoddess24 says:

    I’m still just angry that its over.