How can we possibly compete with the McCrazies?   

I’m so excited for the Heroes finale tonight that I can’t think about much else. I’ve been reading people’s goodbyes to VM and enjoying them but I can’t stop and think about it just yet. I need to get through tonight first and then I’ll be able to focus on it alone. In the meantime, finales continued last night. In about a week I won’t have hardly any new episodes left. What the hell am I going to do all summer? (Don’t answer that.)

Book Rec: I mentioned “Billion-Dollar Kiss: The Kiss That Saved Dawson’s Creek and Other Adventures in TV Writing by Jeffrey Stepakoff (of Dawson’s Creek, Hyperion Bay, The Wonder Years, and many more) briefly in passing last week. Now that I’ve gotten it and read it, it’s time for a real recommendation. It was truly a fascinating read. If you are in the television industry or interested in the television industry, you need to get this book. There was so much history there that I didn’t even realize. Jeffrey has lots to say about the trends and cyles in television and his book takes a look at how televisions and studios have changed between 1988 and now including the explosion of reality TV and why it was so lucrative for studios. I was particularly interested to hear what he had to say about his time working at Dawson’s and the success of that show. He didn’t disappoint. I think that he’s right and the reason DC did so well was because the WB made it a brand rather than a show. It’s fascinating to me because it actually illustrates why the WB wasn’t able to hold on to their success and why the CW hasn’t been able to capture it again. His book is new but too old to include anything about Heroes but I suspect Jeffrey would say that Heroes has become such a success for the same reason that DC did. And NBC has done it without doing what the WB did (carrying over one show’s brand to the network overall). I think they’ve managed to capture the essence of branding without limiting themselves to one kind of show. Anyway, I digress!

Point is, this book is well worth your time. If I had the money, I’d be offering a money-back guarantee to those who get it on my recommendation and don’t like it. So, if you’ve been looking for something different and are interested at an insider’s look at the industry, check it out.

Moving on to the finales I watched last night…

Desperate Housewives
Now why do you wait until the season finale to drop all of these storylines on us?! Grrr. It worked, though. Despite my rather lackluster interest in this show lately, I’ll be tuning in next season to see how everything gets resolved. Sigh.

Susan and Mike’s Wedding. I thought this was really nice. Good to have one good thing come of the episode and definitely about time the writers stopped playing games with these two. Anymore obstacles in their way and no one would care about them (though, technically, the whole Ian thing was already one obstacle too many). I liked Susan’s comment that she changes her mind about what she wants all the time… except for who she wants as the groom. It was unintentionally funny given that two episodes ago she also couldn’t make up her mind about the groom either! Still, the whole thing was sweet and I liked it.

The Return of Bree! About time! Man, I didn’t realize how much the show suffered without her and her crazy ass family. Heh. They definitely helped make the finale more interesting. I had forgotten about what’s her face being pregnant until the reveal of her being stuck with nuns. Haha. Ok, that storyline is going to be fun next season. Is it possible that it’s not Edie’s nephew who got her pregnant? How funny will it be if the baby turns out to be half-black? That’d throw a cog in Bree’s plan to pass the child off as her own. Of course, given Edie’s fate, it’d be nice if it does turn out to be her nephew’s.

Let’s Get Married Gabrielle. Eh. They may have gone a bit too far there. I could buy that he is thinking of becoming governor and won’t be swayed by Gabby’s dislike for the political schtick but believing that he’s only with her for the votes she can gain him feels rather farfetched. I guess it makes us feel better about her still loving Carlos but I still hate it when writers actually have characters get married if they know it’s all fake and will be broken up in ten episodes. It instantly takes away from the “real” weddings they are trying to sell us.

Lynette’s Cancer. I don’t really know what to say about this one. Meeting Lynette’s mother explained A LOT! It was kind of hard for me to watch, though, because it’s a story that hits close to home. I felt it was kind of shitty of her mother to throw younger Lynette’s words back in her face. I can see that I’m going to side with Lynette in the Fall.

Edie’s Suicide. Hmmm. Interesting. I can’t believe they killed Edie! And I do think she’s gone. It’d take away from that moment to have someone come in and save her at the last minute. I think her suicide will have more ramifications than an almost suicide. Plus, it’s an interesting callback to where the show began… with another suicide. Edie’s won’t be a mystery, of course, but it could still have a huge effect on the residents of Wisteria Lane. With Carlos still in love with Gabby and Mike finally married to Susan, they were running out of things to do with Edie. This way she still has an impact (and they can even switch to using her as the narrator… or having both women as narrators) and they don’t have to keep finding things for her to do.

All in all, it was a good finale. It suffered from the last few episodes not being great and me not being all that interested in how this season ended but they pulled some nice tricks out of the hat to draw me back in.

Brothers & Sisters
Now, this, was a great finale. Nothing huge happened, at least nothing we weren’t expecting (Justin heading off to Iraq), but so much happened during the season that they didn’t need anything big here. It was the perfect cap to the season. And, as you know (and are sick of hearing me say by now), I love when things come full circle. Having the pool be the center of attention at the very end of the episode only this time in a positive way was the perfect compliment to having the pool be the center of attention for the pilot. Knowing that they’ve all been able to move past their father’s death and seeing them play in the pool was pretty awesome.

I love that Justin wanted to do things everyone loved with them. I understood what he was trying to do and, while I understood why Nora didn’t want to say goodbye, it’d suck not to have said it if something does happen. So, I loved her and Kitty running to the airport to say goodbye (and, thank God, the security didn’t let them through!). I don’t know what their plans are with Justin next year but I loved the way they handled him leaving.

Back to the party… ok, I loved that McAllister’s family is crazy. Ha. The Walkers’ faces at meeting them all were great. Kevin’s reaction to finding out McAllister’s brother was a minister was priceless! (Probably because it was also my reaction!) His arm coming through the door and pulling Kitty out of the room had me laughing out loud. I do hope we get to see more of those two next season.

Hmmm, what else? Rebecca’s backstory was a bit much but I loved that Justin told her to tell Sarah the truth. I’m glad we didn’t have to see that happen in this episode because I didn’t want anything to bring us down but I’m happy that she has made steps to coming clean. And, most of all, I loved that both Rebecca and Holly were included in the family at the very end. All in all, this show has become one of my new favorites and I’m so glad that it’s returning next season. I can’t wait for more Walker family hijinx!

ETA: Oh! I forgot… SAL! OMG!!! First,it’s totally believable and it explains his failed attempts with Holly all season. I can’t wait to see how that plays out next season.

On my schedule for tonight: Heroes (season finale!!!) and The Riches

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  1. 1
    afrocurl says:

    If that is the book you read that gave you more insight into my weekend rant, then I might well pick it up.

    Enjoy the finales tonight.

  2. 2
    raelee says:

    It is! He doesn’t cover it extensively but he does go into it a little and his explanations of what it’s like to be a TV writer give insight into how people change once they’ve been in the business a little while. I’m not sure that’s making sense but it gave me another perspective to consider.