12 of 12: May 07   

After seeing a few people do this last month and thus getting me addicted to Chad’s blog, I decided that I’d join in the fun and do 12 of 12 this month. I was supposed to be up north with friends which would have made for a more exciting day of pictures. Sadly, plans changed and instead you get a day of me shopping. Not to mention the best part of the day, an evening out with the ladies, isn’t represented because I forgot my camera. Oh well, there’s always next month!

Here we go…

11:07 – My Bathroom
I realize that I need to get in gear and get to Target. In the shower, I remember that today is the 12th and I’ve missed several hours of pictures for the 12 of 12.

12:11 – My Front Yard
Showered and ready to go, I head outside and get divebombed by this little guy for the third time this week. Damn bird.

12:21 – Downtown Orlando Target: Parking Lot
Target! Too many people here and the ones in the car behind me were a little annoyed that I randomly stopped my car in the middle of the lane to take a picture.

12:54 – Downtown Orlando Target: Breakfast Foods Aisle
Cereal is a good $2 cheaper at Target than at Publix so I stopped to nab a couple of boxes.

1:15 – Parking Lot Again
Finally done at Target. I spent $97… how come it doesn’t look like it? I feel like my trunk should be overflowing for that amount.

2:33 – Downtown Orlando Marshalls
Matching set of paintings that were pretty. I have no idea why this is the picture I took since I was there for towels.

3:14 – My Car
I realized I was starving and stopped at Subway on my way home. I wanted root beer but got stuck with coke.

3:43 – My Living Room
Thirty minutes later I finally get to sit down and eat.

4:25 – My Couch
I was tired so I vegged on the couch and watched the episodes of The Daily Show and Colbert Report I’d been recording all week.

5:06 – My Living Room Floor
Deciding to put together the stacking shelves I got for under the TV, a minute into the task I break a nail and, being the girly girl I’m known to be at times, I promptly cuss the shelves out for the next few minutes.

5:42 – My Living Room
Success! I’ve finally finished the shelves (see 4:25 picture above for how it looked before) and have my various pieces of equipment nicely arranged on them. Plus, now my TV shelf has a little extra support.

11:59 – My Bedroom
Have sent the girls home after driving back from Dexter’s and the cats are letting me know it’s way past my bedtime.


Inspirational Word: Dreamscapes
This wasn’t what I had intended but being forgetful means you gotta work with what you have. I love watching my cats sleep. Fred was all curled up in his favorite chair and making cute little “grrr” noises. I like to pretend he’s dreaming about chasing my divebombing mockingbird from above…

3 Responses to “12 of 12: May 07”

  1. 1
    sinca says:

    I love this. Man, your apartment is so beautiful. And that sandwich has made me so hungry for Subway.

  2. 2
    cdn_tvaddict says:

    I can’t wait to come and see your shiny new apartment in person! It looks so nice. (And those DVDs need to be examined from much closer.)

  3. 3
    eolivet says:

    I went back to look at this 12 for 12 after seeing your latest one — and that’s a really cool idea. :D I love how they both really tell a story…and I loved seeing your kitties — Fred is extremely photogenic (as brown tabbies often are! ;)

    Thanks so much for sharing!!! :D