I’m sorry, what was the question?   

TV broke me last night. Looking back I think there was at least one time (but more often more than one) that I cried during each of the finales I was watched. Hmm, well probably not The Office but the number of times there were tears in my eyes during Supernatural made up for that.

Anyway, here are my thoughts… in the order in which I watched the shows.

The Office
Truth be told, I thought the beginning was a little slow. And, given how much happened in the last two minutes of the episode, I stand by that. Of course the second half was so jam packed full of greatness that I don’t care.

I don’t even know what to talk about. The ending? Pam’s smile was so wonderful. In a way, much more emotionally satisfying than seeing them kiss or even the date that comes after. Then Ryan getting Jan’s job and the face he makes at the camera after he tells Kelly it’s over was perfect.

I didn’t really love what they did to Jan here. Even though we know she’s gone through a divorce and admitted that she was engaging in self-destructive behavior, I can’t believe how far they had her fall in such a short time. I think it bothers me so much because it doesn’t feel organic. It feels like she was sacrificed to give Michael a story this and next season not because it was actually how she would have reacted to the things happening in her life. Poor Jan.

Speaking of Michael, I was mostly ok with him in this episode though it was a little touch and go there during the interview. I like it when we get glimpses of why Michael has the position that he has and I felt like this was a time when we should have seen that. It would have mixed nicely with all the other stuff we were seeing. Plus, it’d have been nice to see that he was perhaps the best qualified candidate for the job… until he couldn’t keep himself from telling Jan the truth. That would have been a better Michael story in my eyes. I need Michael to have some redeeming qualities. Knowing that is what gets me through how he is the rest of the time.

But back to everything else because I loved it all. Dwight even amused me. I think he moved a little fast in the repainting of the office and I have no idea how they managed to get that much done in that one day, but I loved his take on what being a good manager meant. And Pam playing along with him was perfect. Aww, the little salute between them at the end was actually sweet.

As for Jim and Pam and Karen, I think it was mostly perfect. Jim was never going to dislike Karen. He just needed to realize she wasn’t the best fit for him and I think that’s what happened here. I don’t really get the same feeling that others do about the writers painting Karen as the villian in this episode. From her perspective, I can see how she did think Pam was a bitch and she’d be desperate to get away from that situation. Rather, what stood out to me was that Karen and Jim do have a fun time together and Jim wouldn’t be miserable if he had chosen her. However, deep down, it’s not really what he wants. I like Karen so I think is actually the best outcome for her because she’s the one who would have ended up miserable in the future.

Then there’s Jim and Pam. I loved that she was encouraging him to go after the job and thought her note was sweet. Plus, y’all know how I like callbacks to past episodes. I also liked that Pam was proud of herself for finally speaking up and not embarassed by it. And that she was OK with how she and Jim had left things and ready to move on. That that’s when Jim finally made his move is perfect in my eyes. Now I just hope we actually get to see them together for a while before the writers feel the need to rock the boat.

This, in my eyes, was perfect. They did a wonderful job in bringing everything full circle. I know people are disappointed with the ending but, honestly, if we hadn’t gotten another season a cliffhanger ending would have sucked. (Plus, I’d prefer they not try to outdo themselves every year.) Instead, they gave us a satisfying conclusion to the intial premise that was set up in the pilot. And, of course, again I love when we get callbacks to where a story started… like the “we’ve got work to do” and the trunk closing as the fade to black. Plus, kinda perfect since the first arc was about Sam and the next one is going to be about Dean (so instead of it being Sam who says the words, it’s Dean).

I can not describe to you how much I love the way they set up the story for next season. Like I said to [info]cadhla, I don’t know if it’s because it will be about Dean or that I am actually apart of it unfolding but I already feel much more invested in it than I ever did in the YED stoyline. Plus, it definitely has a more urgent feel to it. I can’t wait for next season!

But more on the actual episode. Jensen was amazing here. That scene, where he’s talking to Sam’s corpse is the scene he talked to us about while we were visiting the set. He had filmed it the night before we were there and it was a rough day for him. I was paying attention to the closeups and knowing that he didn’t get too many takes to get it right (he’d told Kim Manners that they were going to have to get it right because he wasn’t going to have more than a few takes in him because it was such an emotional scene to film). It’s so presumptious of me to feel this way but the only way to describe what I felt was to say I was proud of Jensen. Well, that and balling my eyes out.

Then there was the later scene where they are eating the pizza… this was the scene I got to see filmed. We watched them film it for over an hour. So, as you can imagine, I knew it by heart. Of course things made a lot of sense to see it in the proper context. Suddenly the reason Dean quickly turns from Sam to the camera made much more sense. Plus, now I understand why Kim didn’t like the take that I loved. In one of the takes, Jensen was basically yelling at Sam to take it easy. I can see why… he’s just given up his soul to bring Sam back and here Sam is not taking care of himself. Let’s just put it this way, I actually got chills during that take. I literally said, “Wow!” when I took the headphones off. However, if Dean had actually been that angry there, it would have been obvious that something more had happened than he was letting on. Having him go with more muted anger/frustration worked much better. Just enough to make Sam wonder what was going on but not enough to give it away yet.

Now, obviously I knew Sam was going to be brought back to life and, based on the previews last week, I had already figured out that Dean was going to use his soul as a bargaining chip. That’s why I didn’t want to talk about last week’s episode too much. Still, it was awesome to see it happening. I actually yelled at Dean. Hmmm, I guess that makes me much more like Bobby than I would have thought! I love that they did it. It’s so perfect. It’s exactly what Dean would do. It fits with his earlier condemnation of people would make such deals. I think it’s much like how the things that drive us crazy about other people are the faults that we actually hate about ourselves. Plus, this time he had nothing to lose. In a way, he felt like he’d already lost his soul with the death of Sam so offering it to the demon to get Sam back was just trading something he couldn’t live with for something he could. And, of course, he didn’t argue with Sam when Sam assured him that they’d figure out a way out but you know he’s not going to risk the demon taking Sammy back. Yes, I suspect Dean’s going to be more than a little resistant when it comes to finding a way to get out of his part of the bargain.

How awesome was that trap that Colt set up?! FREAKING AWESOME! I love the idea that he took such care to set it all up and that we finally got a hellmouth! It makes sense that it was out in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming but it’d have been funny if it had been in Cleveland. Heh.

Sam worried me when he shot Jake so matter-of-factly. I do think it had to be Jake in that moment because I don’t know if he could have been so cold-blooded if it had been anyone else from last week. The wiping of the blood off his face actually had me wondering if the YED was telling the truth later… that Sam didn’t come back quite as pure as he left. I suspect that’ll come up again next season as well.

I gotta say, I wasn’t paying close attention during a lot of the graveyard stuff because I just kept thinking about how hard it must have been to film in there given that it SMELLED HORRIBLE. ACK! And when he’s knocked down on and on the ground? Seriously, I’d give Jensen and Jared Emmys for putting up with that shit (yeah, yeah, pun DEFINITELY intended) for the long hours it took to film those scenes. Plus, I was also distracted by seeing how the graveyard I saw turned out onscreen. And, since I have mad crushes on the FX guys, I also think they did a great job.I know how much they hate doing smoke stuff so I felt for them that they had to do so much of it with the gate to hell. I think they managed to still make it look cool, especially with the demons flashing in and out of human form there.

Which brings us to Papa W!! I can’t remember if I talked about this before or not but JDM couldn’t make it to Vancouver to film this scene so they shot all of his stuff on a green screen and added everything else into the shot later. Gotta say, they did a damn fine job. I’m guessing he was never meant to speak but I can see why that might have been another reason he didn’t actually exchange words with the boys. I personally think it wasn’t necessary but I can understand why people would want it in this one last father/son moment. I love that he ended up being there to help them out in the end. That’s what the YED gets for being cocky and thinking he’d defeated John Winchester!

Hmmm… ok, what else? How awesome was Bobby angrily taking Dean to task for what he did? So perfect that he said all things several of us have been saying all season about Dean’s lack of self-worth. You can just see that Bobby aches for Dean at that moment. It was beautifully done. Then to be interrupted by Ellen and the way Dean hugged her. AWWW. Everything about this episode made me teary. I love that they made her prove that she wasn’t a demon. I would like to have seen or heard about Jo but I know why they didn’t bring her into it. I know it was unintentional but the scene between Ellen and Jake in the graveyard reminded me of the Audrey/Sylar scene in Heroes. Freaking people with the power to make you turn a gun on yourself! But what I loved there? That Ellen didn’t hesitate to tell them to shoot Jake anyway. Aww, Ellen.

Ugh! I know there’s more but I’ve already talked about so much. Suffice to say that I loved it and I think it was a great end to this season. I’d have been happy if this is the way the series had to end but I’m so happy that it isn’t. I don’t know how I’m going to survive the summer because I’m ready for season three to start next Thursday!

WTF was that?! How can you take Ray’s legs away from him?! Ok, I do give them credit for following through with what happened because it would have been hard to believe he walked away from what happened. Still, I can’t believe they did that to Ray!!! Does this mean Shane West is gone? Or just gone for the summer so that when we get back he’ll be just coming back after having been in therapy? That’ll be a bit unbelievable. Of course, I’d buy it because I can’t handle not having Neela and Ray. And what was up with Gates knowing where Neela was and searching for her in the crowd? Be serious, writers, don’t undercut the scenes we got between Neela and Ray by having Gates chasing after her at the end. Ugh.

Yes, it totally bummed me out. I don’t mind Ray being flawed but it felt more like a way to write Ray out of the show and that pisses me off because he’s one of my favorites.

Also, what kind of ending was that? I really didn’t get what was going on nor is it much of a cliffhanger. You know the show isn’t going to come back on that moment so what’s that about? Are we going to return to find out that Neela has been crippled too? The crowd didn’t seem that bad.

Uh, the actual hospital stuff was a bit boring. I always find it tough to adjust to a new chief. I said before that I like Stanley Tucci but this show stopped being about the ER drama long ago. It works best when it’s about the characters, not about their job. It felt like they were trying to steer it back to that and it wasn’t working. Maybe I’m just as reluctant to accept the new Chief as the rest of the staff are? Either way, I felt for them after that staff meeting because I wasn’t liking him much myself.

And that’s all I’ve got to say. I did cry during this episode… I couldn’t remember why but I suspect it was that last scene between Neela and Ray. I just don’t know if I can recover from all these changes. Naturally I’ll tune in next season to see where they go (I’m a glutton for punishment) but, right now, I don’t feel too excited about it.

Grey’s Anatomy
GAH. This episode was so good. I had been spoiled that one of the interns wasn’t going to pass their test. Damn episode descriptions! Still, I didn’t expect it to be George! Oh no. I can’t lose George. I wonder if failing will put a kink in the plan to get pregnant with Callie? I don’t think he meant what he said to Izzie although I’m not sure. And, personally, I’d be happy if something happened to make them think twice about the pregnancy thing. I get why Callie wants to have kids but she just took a promotion. Surely now is not the best time to be thinking of that? (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say she couldn’t handle it. It’s just that having kids is such a huge decision and changes so much in your life that I can’t imagine doing it right in the middle of other huge changes. Not to mention they LIVE AT A HOTEL. You might want to think of buying a house before you think about having a kid.)

I got distracted.

Derek has horrible timing. I was glad that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be but he still has crappy timing. Who decides to talk about such serious things at a time like that? It felt like he was trying to rush her into the decision. Eh. I felt like he took Meredith’s words at the very end as directed at him (“It’s over.”) and I think Ellen P played it that way (plus we knew Meredith needed Cristina to get married to show her she could do it) but it felt like a jump in logic. At this point, I’m not so sure Derek should be with her. He’s known how she is all along and suddenly he can’t deal. Whatever.

I was so sad for Bailey. I figured she was going to be the one offered the Chief’s job even if I couldn’t figure out how that’d be possible. I always wondered why she wasn’t being considered for it in the first place. Then, when I realized Derek was offered the position but turned it down, I felt so bad for her. That scene between her and George just about broke my heart.

As for Derek telling the Chief he was the best man for the job, well I don’t disagree necessarily but it felt like a bit of a copout on the part of the writers. They wasted so many episodes on everyone jockeying for the position that I was a little disappointed that they decided to pull back from having to actually make one and change the way things are. Plus, can that really happen? The Chief wasted a lot of time and resources… I don’t think the hospital would look kindly on that.

But, back to the things I liked! Loved Cristina calling Meredith out on how her wedding suddenly became about Meredith. It was a nice touch given the things the two of them have gone through this season. Nice to see that they’ve gotten to the point where they can be honest with each other without it getting ugly. Plus, loved when Meredith became Cristina to snap her out of her freak out. It felt appropriate that the two of them would end up together at the end of the episode rather than with their respective partners.

Burke’s vows were lovely. I’m glad we got to hear them and that definitely made the scene at the church all that more touching. I knew they weren’t going to get married and that all signs were pointing to Burke being the one to figure it out first. Loved that he seemed so sure but what he was sure about was that he was asking Cristina to do something she didn’t want to do. It was a nice flip because it seemed like it was going to be her who didn’t love him when really it was the other way around. And the scene with Cristina in the apartment all alone in her wedding dress? Beautiful. This show gets wonderful shots of women in beautiful dresses, eh? Her meltdown there broke my heart.

I know I’m not discussing everything here but I’ve already gone on way too long. Overall, I thought it was a fantastic finale. Where exactly do we go from here?

Ugly Betty
And, finally, Ugly Betty! I feel like a broken record but this finale was pretty outstanding as well. It wasn’t as great as some of the others for me but it was the perfect end to the season. They even managed to get me back on the Henry/Betty train. I don’t know how long I’ll stay there given that I hate “I’m pregnant!” storylines. If ever there was a plot that is overused, it’s that one. Plus, they went and took away from everything that I loved about Charlie and what made that triangle so wonderful. It means more when you want your couple to get together but also like the other person involved. Eh, whatever.

I loved Amanda and Marc frolicking in Fey Sommers’ private room. I love those two. The whipping and Amanda finally stopping because it was getting creepy “even for us [sic]” was awesome. Clearly the writers love Amanda too since they have decided to make her Fey Sommers daughter! Of course, I’m not sure where they’re going with that. Well, I guess she should be entitled to Fey’s money at least… wait, is she going to be a love child between Fey and Bradford?! Now that would be awesome and also icky. ACK.

Once again the writers have meandered with Daniel. They are so inconsistent in their writing of him that it drives me crazy. He needs to be more tightly involved in Betty storylines or he kinda sucks. And who is really worried that he or Alexis are truly hurt? Although, it was nice to see that Alexis was paying for arranging to kill her father.

Uh, the prison stuff was goofy but it did keep me laughing. Willie trading Marc for her wedding date was pretty funny. Also? Marc should always dress in all black. I did love the little hug he gave Willie at the end. Awww. I like their crazy relationship.

And then there was Santos. Awww… Hilda broke my heart, sobbing in Betty’s arms like that. Setting all of the various cliffhangers to Justin singing his West Side Story number was extremely well done. Especially cutting to him acting out getting shot just as Santos was actually shot. Nice work, editors! I know we didn’t actually see Santos dead but it’s hard to believe the police would have come to tell Hilda about it if he were still alive. In that case, they’d have just had the hopsital call… right? And only his being dead would have caused Hilda to break down like she did. Of course, that may have been the plan before Drive got canceled. I suppose they can fall back on the “we didn’t show you a dead body” defense if they decide they want to keep him on the show now that his show is dead in the water.

All in all, I liked it and I can’t wait for next season. Who knew I’d end up loving this show after not really caring for it in the beginning of the season?

On my schedule for the weekend: Robin Hood, Desperate Housewives (finale), Brothers & Sisters (finale), and The Tudors

16 Responses to “I’m sorry, what was the question?”

  1. 1
    harper47 says:

    I enjoyed reading your comments. I disagreed on many points (whew – no apoalypse on my show weekend) but overall, it was a pretty terrific night of television.

    Jensen Ackles deserves every award that could be thrown at him. Not that he’ll get it because of the nature of his show, but he sure deserves it.

  2. 2
    raelee says:

    Thanks. I already knew you disagreed but that’s what makes us us. ;)

    And, good luck on your show! I meant to say that in my comment to your post and totally forgot because I was caught up in trying to remember the end of GA.

  3. 3
    harper47 says:

    Thanks so much. I’m posting as I’m shutting everything down, so I’ll be back for more later.

  4. 4
    hanncoll says:

    Which brings us to Papa W!! I can’t remember if I talked about this before or not but JDM couldn’t make it to Vancouver to film this scene so they shot all of his stuff on a green screen and added everything else into the shot later. Gotta say, they did a damn fine job.

    Wow, I never would’ve guessed that.

  5. 5
    raelee says:

    I know, right? I was impressed when I saw how it came together.

  6. 6
    spectralbovine says:

    Yeah, seriously! I never would have guessed he wasn’t actually there. Didn’t he even hug Dean? Maybe they flew Jensen down.

  7. 7
    raelee says:

    He did not. If you watch again, you’ll notice that you only see a portion of the other person in the hug. It’s only when they pull back and do the hug from a distance that you see both of them in the hug and I’m not even sure you can see both of their faces during any of the scenes when they are hugging.

    I’m pretty sure they didn’t fly Jensen down because I recall them talking about how he had done a great job with it given that he had no one there to interact with him. (Other than the standin that is.)

  8. 8
    raelee says:

    Both of their faces at the same time, that is.

  9. 9
    spectralbovine says:

    I’m a little disappointed with Jan’s downward spiral too. But, boobs!

    How awesome was that trap that Colt set up?! FREAKING AWESOME! I love the idea that he took such care to set it all up and that we finally got a hellmouth!
    Colt is such a badass. I want the Winchesters to go back in time and meet him.

  10. 10
    spectralbovine says:

    John had a run-in with Koh, you mean.

  11. 11
    raelee says:

    Heh. Maybe it’s because I’m a woman but boobs! don’t have that magical power of overlooking all else for me.

    I agree about Colt. If demons are possible, time travel must be. Right?

  12. 12
    breathinmethane says:

    Greys anatomy finales always break my heart. Always! Season one finale wasnt that bad because it felt kinda like an “oh crap” moment instead of a “im crying now” moment. I was completely broken with the season two i loved denny/izzie relationship but his death was so heartbreaking. She was so hopeful. This season’s finale was right on. I have never felt so emotionally connected with christina but last night was the night. When she broke down in her wedding dress i broke down. [although it reminded me of satc when carrie freaked out in a bridal shop and got a rash from the idea of marriage]

    I cheered on the Meredith/Derek ship for so long I always wanted them together even when theyre “affair” was discovered. I just don’t understand why now Derek wants Meredith to jump through so many hoops. He knows she’s neurotic he knows she’s not always emotionally stable he knows everything but now he cant handled it. I don’t know whether or not i want them to break up or stay together. In another weird relationship news, Gizzie? No. that needs to be snipped in the bud. George needs to confess to callie have it all out in the air break up or get stronger and he needs to stay on the show. Callie shouldnt be Chief Dr. Bailey should PERIOD

    Alex liking that weird-faced girl needs to stop. That ship is so annoying. She’s married with a baby! She needs to stick with the “good decent guy” instead of getting it on with an emotionally stunted manwhore. She might get syphilis ;)

    I wonder how the Addison spin off [private practice? lame name] will do. I liked it but i dont think it’s going to do well. Plus, i kinda wanted her to end up with Mark. It’s such a shame she can’t have children that was heartbreaking.

  13. 13
    gymble says:

    wait, is she going to be a love child between Fey and Bradford?! Now that would be awesome and also icky. ACK.
    That’s what I’m thinking if only the network permits it. I don’t know how they’ll feel about actual incest. If nothing else, I’m sure they’ll do the “what if” scenario and given Amanda and Daniel a good scare. Hee. I love this show.

  14. 14
    shaibitch says:

    So now that you’ve seen the ER finale can you tell what pissed me off?…lol Over the last few weeks I’ve been told several times that the actors on the show get to decide how they go out but for the life of me can’t see how Shane West opted to get cut off at the knees. The whole setup everything just pissed me off and then BAM there’s Gates AGAIN!

    Grey’s made my heart hurt. I’ve decided Derek just sucks at life, after all that bitching and moaning he did to the Chief only to turn it down? That on top of like you said having the worst timing ever. Hell I’m still annoyed with him over what he said to her a couple weeks ago about not being able to breathe for her anymore. Burk and Christina saddened me if only because though I don’t agree with Isaiah’s issues I didn’t want him to leave. I liked them but they weren’t ever going to be “happy.”

  15. 15
    cosmicviolet says:

    The finales of Ugly Betty and Supernatural were both very well done and made me cry. But here’s what I’m wondering: how much time passed between the Roadhouse burning down and Ellen arriving at Bobby’s? What was she doing during that time? Because she just shows up almost out of nowhere and, I don’t know, it was a little unusual.

  16. 16
    sinca says:

    Great post, Rae!

    I like it when we get glimpses of why Michael has the position that he has and I felt like this was a time when we should have seen that.

    I agree with you! In fact, before the episode aired I thought Michael would be the one to get The Job and he’d turn it down for another reason (I was unspoiled and now you can see I can’t spec at all!). Since it has been shown that he can be very good at his job, I was hoping for another glimpse of it. But once he admitted to the accountants that he had sold his house I knew there was no way he was getting that job.