Where the hell are we going to hide this time?   

Moving past the topic of upfronts for a few minutes.

First, LA folks can participate in the Annual LA Cancer Challenge this year on October 28, 2007. The challenge benefits the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research. This is their 10th Anniversary so it looks like it’ll be a fun time. Nothing better than having a good time for a good cause.

Second, I saw The TV Set last night and it was great. But that may just be the TV whore in me talking. It came out a little over a month ago but seeing it this week just felt right (the movie ends during Upfront Week). It is no doubt funnier if you’re someone who knows a little about and has an interest in the TV industry. The movie is the story of writer Mike Klein’s attempt to get his pilot on the air. In a funny coincidence, I am reading something in which Rob Thomas talked about how he used to wonder how horrible TV got on the air… and then he came to Hollywood and found out. That pretty much sums up this movie.

Third, I watched some TV last night and I mostly enjoyed all of it.

One Tree Hill
Peyton’s all, “This is the last time you’ll see me, Ian.” and I’m all, “Hell, no it isn’t because you’re totally gonna have to testify against him in court.” Still, it’s good that they gave her closure. I also see why she had to move in with Brooke because there was no way she wouldn’t go crazy in her house all alone. And I do kinda love that Brooke painted her room to look just like her other room! Awww. Plus, maybe now Peyton will stop with the Internet cam crap? Not only has it constantly gotten her in trouble with friends but it also attracts stalkers. NO MORE INTERNET CAM! Podcasting is cool… although maybe she should find something other than her life to talk about.

Uh, I’m glad that Nathan came forward but what does this mean for his future? I get the whole “being a moral person” thing but he’s also got a kid on the way. Of course, it’s not like I wanted Lucas to take the fall for him either. Mostly this whole storyline fell flat for me. I get that this episode was about wrapping up past storylines but I would have been happier to not have revisited the whole shaving points fiasco.

Meanwhile, Lucas was trying to get Abby to tell him what really happened. Ok… was I the only one who found the whole Abby thing extremely anticlimatic? After all that Keith!Ghost shit all season, I expected a much better end. I know, I know, it’s not over yet but Abby’s involvement is and there’s no way I believe Dan would let her just walk away. (You know he totally gave them money to leave.) Then Abby told Lucas but he’s got no way to prove it. GRRRR. Only made worse by the fact that Karern actually fell Dan’s crap and was kissing him!!! Really, what does Lucas do at that point? I can’t stand Dan. I hope future!OTH doesn’t involve a Dan/Karen relationship because I will not be able to handle it.

And, uh, that’s it. Did I forget something? It feels like I did but I don’t remember much else happening. Next week we’ve got repeats with a new episode the week after. I’m not sure if we get more episodes in between but I know the finale is set to air on June 13th. That seems like a long way away at the moment.

I really enjoyed this episode. I don’t hate Charlie like others do and I certainly don’t hate Jack the way others do. That could be why I liked it so much? I don’t think anything is a given on this show and I personally believe that anyone is in danger of dying at any moment. After all, just because someone is dead doesn’t mean they won’t have a part to play. In that way, I kind of enjoy that I can’t always predict how a story that seems to be headed for death will end.

First, let’s talk about the explosive thing. I love that Danielle was working with Jack the last time we saw her. Ha. I love intersecting stories. I’m a little confused by Jack’s, “I hadn’t decided what to do about it yet.” Why’d he have her getting explosives ready if that’s the case? What were the other options? I do like that he finally took charge and stepped into the role everyone insisted on casting him in. Finally people who bitch about him being self-righteous and smug about his decisions might actually make sense!

Here’s the thing, though… referring to the quote I used in my subject line, why the hell wouldn’t they go back to the Others’ village and “hide” there?! Seriously? Surely Juliette can show they how to change the code on the gate… there are houses there and a way to keep others (heh) out. Not to mention monitors! I mean, I’m all for trying to get rescued but it drives me crazy that the idea of going to the village doesn’t even occur to any of them.

Getting back to Charlie, I love that he is willing to sacrifice himself to save the others. Like I said, I don’t find Charlie nearly as annoying as everyone else does and I think he’s consistently been willing to risk his life for those around him. I knew he wasn’t going to let Desmond take the plunge for him but hitting him was a bit excessive. I mean, you don’t exactly want Desmond floating out to sea all because you were feeling noble.

And, I knew there were going to be people in that station! As if we can trust anything Ben says. Of course, maybe it’ll end up being people who aren’t aligned with Ben but I knew it wasn’t going to be that easy. I mean, we all did. They’ve got three more seasons before they can look forward to getting rescued!

Uh, there’s more but that’s pretty much wanted I wanted to talk about. I’m sure next week’s two-hour finale will be exciting. Lost has always been good at finales.

On my schedule for tonight: The Office (one hour finale!!), Ugly Betty (finale), Supernatural (finale), Grey’s Anatomy (extra long finale), and ER (finale)

Yeah… it’s definitely finale night. Please note that there’re more opportunities for missing the beginning and ends of episodes here so you should double check your recordings to make sure nothing is overlapping!

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