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Random pimping post…

If you saw my previous post before I edited it, you know that I’m broke at the moment so there’s no way I can attend what I’m about to pimp. However, I know there are some of you out there who are interested in writing for TV. If so, you may be interested in weekend workshop that Ken Levine is giving this summer.

Basically you get to spend two days working in a TV sitcom writer’s room environment. Plus, you’ll have Ken to give you tips… which you know is pretty damn cool given that he’s worked on some of the best sitcoms out there. And, as a bonus, you’ll even get to see your team’s script performed by actual Hollywood actors.

All in all, an awesome opportunity if you are seriously interested in working in TV or, hell, if you have the money and just want to find out if it’s something you’d enjoy.

Anyway. Check it out. The Sitcom Room. This summer, July 21-22. $995 per person. In LA.

Note: They’re only taking 15 people so, if you are interested, move quick.

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