You’re never alone on my balcony.   

Umm, hi. I kind of disappeared for two days which means I never got the contest winners posted, though I did notify them, nor did I get the contest for this week posted. Ahh, the power of mysterious stomach bugs to bring us to a standstill! But I’m back! Not really better than ever but I’m just happy to be back.

Contest Updates
For those of you playing along at home, I’ve decided not to post a contest this week. We’ll be back to our weekly contests as of next Monday. I had one entry that came in late for last week’s contest that I’m going to roll over into the new one. In the meantime, congratulate [info]whatistheword and [info]tibicina for being the lucky winners this week!

On My TV This Week
Here’s the one plus of being stuck at home for days… you get all caught up on your TV! Slowly but surely all of my favorites are making their way back onto the air and I’m getting better at keeping up with them. Happily, I have an appointment scheduled to have the cable turned on at the new place next Wednesday… which is perfect since it means I’ll have a few days overlap to make sure I don’t miss anything during the move! (What? Priorities, people!) I’m double excited because I’ll finally have two DVRs. No more missing shows that overlap!

The one thing I’m sad about is departing with my current TiVo. Well, with TiVo in general since I’m going back to the cable company’s DVR box… it’s cheaper and easier to have set up. I’m ok with losing this season’s VM episodes but I’m sad to be saying goodbye to the finales of Everwood and The OC. I think losing Everwood hurts the most because there’s no guarantee we’ll ever get it on DVD.

But, enough of my tragic TiVo tales… let’s get to the commentary!

Desperate Housewives
I started watching this episode, turned it off, and started watching something else instead. Never a good sign. Still, I did eventually make my way back to it. There’s nothing wrong with the show, per se. I’m just not invested anymore. For some reason, I don’t care about Susan and Ian. I know that we keep getting hints that she’s eventually going to end up back with Mike but this season has drained all of my interest in these characters.

Ultimately, I’m sick of how the same plots are recycled over and over again on this show. I know I shouldn’t get bothered by it, that it’s true of so many shows and, yet, it bugs me. I think perhaps because it feels like no one ever grows. There is literally never any character development. Just when you think they’ve made progress, Lynette and Tom are once again fighting about who is in charage and having the same stupid argument that escalates for no reason. And that’s just one example. I pretty much feel like we see each of these characters repeating the same pattern every few weeks. It’s made it hard for me to get drawn into the show these days.

Wow. I didn’t mean for this to be so negative! When I finally sat down to watch this episode, it wasn’t all that bad. I could have done without Carlos and E hooking up but I have been enjoying the two of them together and it does give Carlos an actual purpose for sticking around. I still don’t get how Mike is not home enough that Carlos never has to think about his roommate when entertaining his neighbor’s kid or his neighbor but whatever. And, umm, I think that’s about it.

Brothers & Sisters
Then there’s this show that I do like consistently but was slightly bored by this week. I’m amazed at how much I’m liking the Senator after being skeptical of him at first. Of course, I suspect something is going to knock him out of the race for Presidency eventually. Well, either that or he and Kitty will have to break up. I guess they’ve got time, though, since we’re more than a year from the actual election year. Overall, I wasn’t too engaged in any of the stories this week. I didn’t really buy the drunkeness of the two girls… except that Calista sure can make herself ugly at times. I also wasn’t too into the mom/teacher thing either. I wish she’d find a good guy to like. I’m not sure she had a right to judge the teacher for being involved with another student since that’s what she wanted from him but they also made it seem like he’s a little on the shady side.

There were a few moments that I really enjoyed in the episode but, overall, it was kind of slow. It feels like there have consistently been new episodes of this show lately… does that mean that the finale is fast approaching? I can’t remember if we got previews for next week or not.

The Tudors
I don’t think I’ve really talked about this show yet. I like it. I was expecting to LOVE it and, sadly, I don’t. I’ve always been strangely fascinated with British history. Back when I was in school, I did numerous reports about the historical events during this timeframe. Before you wonder whether I’m bothered by the stuff they’ve changed, no… that’s not it. I don’t quite get why they’ve changed some things, things that feel like they happened because the people of the time knew their lives would make for wonderful TV. Still, I’m cool with the changes. I wasn’t looking for a history lesson. I just wanted to watch a show once a week that would take me back to a time in history that I love. And it does do that for the most part… there’s just something missing. I’m not even sure what it is since I do like the show and I tune in to watch it live each week. I’m just not running around singing its praises like I was expecting. Maybe I saw one too many promos for it?

I’ve only seen a few people talking about it… are any of you watching? If so, what do you think? Where you expecting something more or are you quite happy with it as is?

I will say this… the few things I have read have talked about how people felt the sex was a little too gratitious. Either I am sex starved (not entirely impossible) or I’ve gotten used to the use of skin on SHO because I didn’t feel like they went overboard with the sex scenes. If anything, I felt like the sex scenes were actual plot points as opposed to say the sex that we often see in The L Word. Is that just me?

How I Met Your Mother
Aww, Barney! I think I may need to rewatch Lilly’s return from early in the season to make sure this episode actually makes sense. Still, I thought it was sweet that Barney actually flew out to San Francisco to bring her back. I think it perfectly fits his character. I saw someone, and I’m sorry for not remembering who – it’s been a long week, say that they don’t want Barney to develop depth… but, see, I think Barney has always had this depth. The great thing about Barney, for me, is that he knows the “right” things to do… he just has no interest in doing them. That was the whole point of showing us how Barney went from being this sensistive geek/nerd to the “Suit up!” womanizer that he is today. I love that occasionally he lets himself break away from the life he’s chosen for himself and that it’s always for his friends or family. It’s what makes Barney my favorite character.

As for the rest of this episode, well it was funny but it was nothing outstanding. I laughed more about what was happening to Robin than what was going on at Marshall’s bachelor party. I do think the show has pushed the limits on how much they can get out of the Lily/Marshall engagement. A bachelor party is the only thing we hadn’t had yet with those two. And, ya know, I’d be perfectly happy if these two get married during the summer break than us having to sit through anymore of their wedding planning or weddings.

Well. I have no idea where that came from! I don’t usually think that much about a sitcom… I just love these characters and I’m ready to move along to new events in their lives. Sadly, we have to wait two more weeks before we find out what happens next.

Thank God You’re Here
So, I watched and I have to say… I laughed. Not at every skit or even for the whole two hours but there were some that had me in tears. That’s kind of the beauty of improv. I will say that I don’t know if the show has to be an hour long but I guess with three guests and four different sets they do need a little more than thirty minutes. ANYWAY. My point was that I actually thought the show was pretty good. I wouldn’t be able to sit through two hours each week but, since that was just a special circumstance this week, I was never judging it based on that thought. The truth is that I love improv shows. They are not, in any way, the same as reality shows and they aren’t going to deliver the same laughs from week to week but they do have their place and I’ve missed not having one to watch. For that very reason, I’ll keep watching this show.

Ok, overall impressions aside, let’s talk about these first two shows… It’s probably bad that I can’t even remember who was in the first episode… crap. Oh, that lady with the big lips. Jennifer Coolidge. Eep. Train wreck right there. Of course, she had some damn funny answers to her beauty pagent questions. I thought it was pretty funny that she didn’t get that it was a Galaxy pagent so her answer about where she was from made absolutely no sense. That made it hilariouos but less in a “I mean to this to be funny” and more of “really? is she serious?” way. Oh, Newman… that’s who was on. I remember because I died during the final skit with all four of them. From their superhero outfits to their powers and names… I was crying. The guy (Bryan Cranston) who played the gay superhero was my favorite which is why I was glad he “won.”

Moving on to the second show and the horrible horrible acting of Mo’Nique. Oy vey. I like how Dave Foley had to watch how he responded to what she did. He didn’t say she sucked but he also didn’t say she did a great job. Ack. I started out like Kevin Nealon’s (who is a favorite of mine) scene but it went downhill pretty fast… pun intended. Then there was Richard Kind who cracked me up. I think his skit was my favorite. Well his and Edie’s. In fact, Edie was almost too good. The people in her scene with her almost couldn’t keep up which is why I think Richard’s was the best. The group “Knights of the Round Table” scene wasn’t all that great but it had some gems. I have to give Mo’Nique credit because it was something she did that made me laugh the most… her standing up when “Arthur” talked about the most beautiful woman was genius. Heh. I loved how the rest played off of it as well.

I think my favorite part is the final scene when all four actors are together in the scene but none of the skits were so horrendous that I didn’t find something funny in them. What did y’all think?

The Riches
Another show I don’t talk about much… I’m mostly including this here to say that I am still watching and enjoying it. I sometimes find it hard to watch Doug’s scenes… that over empathizing thing again. I get worried that he’s going to be found out so I’m constantly cringing when it’s obvious he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I felt so bad for the dentist… I loved that he saw right through Dahlia but he liked her so he was going to let her stay on. So, I was sad when I saw him on the floor.

Hmmm, ok, I don’t remember what else happened in this episode. Well, besides the fact that I laughed when I realized where Doug’s beer was disappearing to and couldn’t believe they actually agreed to take her brother in. Gah. See, here’s the problem, I can’t remember character names. Now you know why I don’t talk about certain shows! My secret shame… it takes me a little while to remember names of characters which means I end up having to research as I type. If I don’t have time to do that, I end up skipping commentary on that show and then I never get back to it. But see what happens when I try to do it without looking up the names? I just end up making up names for people.


Conclusion: I like the show but I suck at names.

Boston Legal
Oh, crap. I don’t remember what happened in this episode!! Oh wait, Denise and Brad got engaged! Who knew?! I’m kind of glad that Brad didn’t back down and that, in the end, he got the girl. I do love that this show takes care to tie their various storylines together with a theme. This week it was all about loneliness and love and being yourself with and for the one you love. Plus, the scene on the balcony made me a little teary. Aww, those two. It is nice to have a friendship that does always remain true. Last week Denny was the one who needed to tell Alan the truth so it was nice to have Alan needing the same this week. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that he couldn’t name the last time he truly loved a woman and I call bullshit! Must I remind you of Tara, Alan?

Ok, this is way too long. I still have the Wednesday shows to cover but the day is over and I need to get going. The funny thing? I started this post because I was eager to talk about last night’s Lost. Oh well. More on that later. Plus I have some thoughts on the new trend of less repeats and longer short hiatuses and how I prefer the TV schedules of yesteryear.

On my schedule for tonight: The Office, Survivor, Ugly Betty, and ER

Scheduling Notes: Tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy is highlight show hosted by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I don’t plan to watch but may have to tune in for the few minutes because of my love for JDM. Also, Notes From the Underbelly premieres tonight on ABC at 10PM. I have no plans to watch. ER is new for the first time in FOREVER and I just don’t have space for a new show. Still, for those of you who are interested in watching it… you’ve been reminded!

7 Responses to “You’re never alone on my balcony.”

  1. 1
    ladydisdain225 says:

    Well, the “I can’t keep stealing girls from him forever” puts his behavior in ep 2×02 in a different light. He was ALTRUISTICALLY rackjacking Marshall. The sex was just a bonus.

  2. 2
    cdn_tvaddict says:

    You know, I happened to catch DH this week, and I actually enjoyed it. I did notice that it really only seems like I missed a couple of weeks rather than four or five months. Things don’t move to far on that show. I did think they did a pretty good job with Carlos and Edie too… I thought I’d hate it.

    And I wasn’t thrilled with this weeks B&S either. We watched last weeks and this weeks back to back and I found this week to be quite fluffy and silly. (I did really enjoy last week’s though.) And since I love the fact that B&S is NOT a fluffy and silly show, I think that’s why I was disappointed. Brad didn’t like it much at all.

    I was so-so on TGYH. Some of it was funny, but some of it was slow. Probably not one I’d watch faithfully, but I will likely watch again.

    No SN tonight?

  3. 3
    sometimescrazy says:

    I’m really liking Rob Lowe as the Senator also and that surprises me. :)

    Also, just letting you know I received the IS package. Thanks for the contest!! :)

  4. 4
    raelee says:

    Well, like I said, DH wasn’t bad… just repetitive. I feel like nothing has happened this season.

    I think you may be right about B&S and the fluffiness and silliness. I just wasn’t satisfied with it.

    I agree that some of TGYH was slow and, yeah, it won’t be something I always watch. More likely I’ll keep my ears open for guests I want to see and make sure I tape those episodes. Otherwise it’ll just be something I catch when other things are in repeats.

    Nope, no SN tonight. It returns next week… with a fun episode. :)

  5. 5
    keyser7soze says:

    I’ve only seen a few people talking about it… are any of you watching? If so, what do you think? Where you expecting something more or are you quite happy with it as is?

    I’m watching it and enjoying it as fluff but I didn’t go in with any expectations. The sex scenes were A-OK with me. :)

  6. 6
    harper47 says:

    I could not agree with you more about DH. I loathe Ian. Loathe him. And Gabriella’s new BF too. And Lynette and Tom’s stupid fight. So over all of this.

    The only things I liked about this week’s ep – shirtless Carlos (though hooking up with Edie? Really?)and Susan was actually kind of funny during her clumsy moments. They really haven’t done those for awhile so they had a freshness to them.

    but, see, I think Barney has always had this depth. The great thing about Barney, for me, is that he knows the “right” things to do… he just has no interest in doing them. That was the whole point of showing us how Barney went from being this sensistive geek/nerd to the “Suit up!” womanizer that he is today. I love that occasionally he lets himself break away from the life he’s chosen for himself and that it’s always for his friends or family. It’s what makes Barney my favorite character.

    I love this comment and I think you’re absolutely right. I really felt that Mother was kind of off this week. I mean usually they are refreshing in the way they approach the stereotypical plots and this time – all stereotype, all the way. In fact, without the Barney coda to the episode it would have been completely bland and predictable.

    Thank God you’re here – I only watched the first hour online and Brian Cranston was the clear winner to me. And I’ve seen more improvs than probably anyone else on the planet. Jennifer Coolidge was clearly out of her depth (shooting donuts out her rear? Seriously?) but Cranford was killing it. I also enjoyed Newman but he wasn’t as original or invested in his characterization as Cranston was.

  7. 7
    sinca says:

    I loved Robin’s predicament (and the resolution) on HIMYM. It was much funnier than the stripper thing (though that whole “types of guys at bachelor parties” thing was priceless) but like you, I like seeing more Barney. He’s the best.