On the set of SPN: Take 1, Walls full of Fans   

I’m back! Actually, I literally just got home. Dan would so make fun of me for jumping right online to post but I was dead on my feet twenty minutes ago and now I’m wide awake. Anyway, this isn’t going to be much of a post about my day on the SPN set. It’s just a quick wave to say I’m back and that I hope to have stuff written up soon. I’m going to link to some pictures below but I’ll get the rest up as soon as I can go through and weed out any that pertain to the finale or episodes that haven’t aired yet.

Don’t get too excited, though, I don’t have great pictures of J2 (this one is my favorite). The set they were filming on while we were there had smoke machines going full blast (apparently they use them a lot on the show) so it was impossible to get a clear shot. Plus, we only got to talk to the boys for about fifteen minutes. No time for pictures, etc. Just warning ya!

I will say that everyone on the set was sweet and patient and so willing to take a few minutes out of their busy day to talk to us about the show. It’s clear that they really love it. And no joke? They are crazy busy ALL THE TIME. Anyway. More on that later.

For now, I wanted to post pictures of the postcard wall. I remember seeing the posts about the campaign and, you guys, the wall of the postcards is CRAZY AWESOME. I took lots of pictures but they don’t do it justice. I don’t know if anyone will be able to find their postcards but I made sure to get a close up of [info]lostt1‘s card since it was the one I recognized. I also got a few shots of the one they had framed… Follow the link below to view a few of the pictures and follow the link below those to view the rest of that series (or to get the higher res versions of any of them).

The rest!

So, umm, I’ll be back when I’m not ready to eat a horse or pass out.

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    cara_leigh9 says:

    Yay, I’m so glad you had a good time and that you’re back safe and sound. I don’t watch Supernatural, but I’m looking forward to your report.

    *hugs Rae*

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    chaotic4life says:

    Glad you made it home safe! Looking forward to read all about it. :)

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    abgrubb says:

    Hi, you don’t know me, but you took a picture of one of my Plastic!Winchester cards! Close up! On purpose! *dances* (sorry, I’m very easily excited – feel free to go about your business :) )

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    anonymous says:

    Cool. I look forward to what you have to say about your visit. I’ve been keeping an eye on the tv addict and duckyxdale’s sites as well as yours just waiting for the scoop.

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    roniabirk says:

    The wall looks awesome! I’m glad you had a safe (and good) trip! I think the picture you posted is twice as good because it’s not just a random online photo. You took it. How cool is that?

    Can’t wait to hear the report. I was pretty sure from the Paley videos that they truly love this show, but it’s nice to hear it confirmed again and again. I hope they got the same vibe from the set visit about the fans’ love of the show, too.

  6. 6
    zimshan says:

    Running out the door but I had to comment real quick because YOU TOOK A PICTURE OF THE BOYS GHETTO MAILBINS. I LOVE YOUR EYE FOR DETAIL!

    Anyway, thanks for stopping in so quickly with some tidbits despite your inevitably exhausted state. :)

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    tinkabell007 says:

    Thank you so much for posting these! Can’t wait for the whole report! :)

    One quick question – would it be okay to post a link to this entry in [info]dean_sam – a huge Supernatural community! I know a lot of fans would really appreciate it and are dying to know more facts about the set and J2! :)

  8. 8
    raelee says:

    Oh, yes, feel free to post wherever. I meant to make an entry over at last night too but forgot before turning off the computer.

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    benitle says:

    Here via .

    This is very exciting. The pictures are great and I cannot wait for the rest of your report. You sure are lucky.

  10. 10
    dullemarulle says:

    I was lucky enough to recognize 2 of my cards in another photo of the wall and seeing them here too makes me even more happy. Sounds like you had a good time, can’t wait for more updates :)

  11. 11
    adaisical says:

    AHH! SO awesome! Thank you for taking more pictures of that wall. (I see mine yay!) I think that is one of the best things the fandom has done, I’m so glad we did it!

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    rawkin_ur_sox says:

    These pictures are great! (Here via a spn comm) Glad you had a great time there. That J2 pic is awesome; they look so in their own element, which makes for a real and honest shot of them. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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    maka2000 says:

    How exciting! The pictures so far have been great, I can’t wait to read your full report.

    The set they were filming on while we were there had smoke machines going full blast (apparently they use them a lot on the show) so it was impossible to get a clear shot.

    That was interesting to read actually. I bet it does help add to the moodiness of the show. Nifty!

    I hope you got to eat something and that you didn’t pass out. Or at least, we near a comfy bed when the passing out occurred. Heh.

  14. 14
    lostt1 says:

    You know, as jealous as I am (which of course, I really am), I love that you took those pics. Especially the close up of mine. Thanks for that. I still have a hard time grasping the concept that they actually did get it. :)

    Can’t wait to hear more about your time on the set.

  15. 15
    mre_quecky says:

    Here via a link from Lostt1
    Also looking in for your posts, can I friend you?
    It’s quite amazin what you’ve been up to, visiting the set – I’m sooooo jealous

  16. 16
    magdalena_01 says:

    The pics are awesome. And congrats on the set visit. You are a lucky lady – how did you manage to get an invite? Anywho, looking forward to your report, etc.

  17. 17
    wenchpixie says:

    I, ummm, actually have no clue how I got here, but I’m so glad I did! That’s my Scotland card on the filing cabinet – thank you so much for sharing your pictures.


  18. 18
    hanncoll says:

    *waves* I’m here via , and wanted to thank you for the awesome photos. I can see mine in the first picture (three cards straight down from the lower left corner of the poster), and I have to tell you, I became approximately 12 years old when I saw it. ;)

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about your visit!

  19. 19
    boheme06 says:

    That’s totally awesome! I love how much they adore us to post all thsoe all over the office.

  20. 20
    thirdsouthobbi says:

    So, I’m kinda one of the mods of , and… Squee!! Thank you for posting these! Is it okay if I link to them in the comm?

  21. 21
    raelee says:

    Oh, definitely! Feel free to nab them even if you want.

  22. 22
    thirdsouthobbi says:

    Awesome, thanks :) And out of curiosity, do you have any other hi-res other than this one? I finally was able to notice that one of the cards I sent is in that one (we were given a copy of a photo of that wall), and on the filing cabinet. Thanks again for posting these!

  23. 23
    o_nevermind says:

    hehe. the mail boxes. these postcards are nice.

  24. 24
    dude_isotopes says:

    I’m here via . I’m so glad you took pictures! I can see my postcard!

    The reason is probably right in front of my face, but how were you able to visit the set? Probably for work. Either way, I’m jealous and extremely excited for you!

  25. 25
    sunshine95 says:

    Here from . Thanks for sharing your pictures! :D

  26. 26
    jaredjensengirl says:

    OMG THANK YOU SOO MUCH for the pics of the postcard wall…. I found my card!!!!!!! It’s sooo good toknow it made it there and its on the wall. Yay THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!

  27. 27
    darkravenette says:

    Hi! I’m here via and I just wanted to say thank you for getting these wonderful shots.

  28. 28
    romanticsx says:

    Lucky you. I’d do almost anything to go to the Supernatural set and see the boys. =)

    I’m friending you because, since I am also a TV whore, we have so many TV shows in common. The Class, Boston Legal, Lost, and Supernatural, just to name a few. =]

  29. 29
    cloex_brosluvr says:

    Here via .

    Thank you so much for the pics of the postcards (YaY, I see mine!) & the one of JensenandJared!

  30. 30
    deathisyourart says:

    I’m another one of those pesky [info]spn_postcards people, and I just wanted to say thank you for taking and posting pictures of the wall. :)

    The one they have framed was made by [info]griseldajane and I’m sure that she will be thrilled to see the pictures of it.

  31. 31
    dahliablue says:

    I’m here via [info]spn_postcards and I wanted to give you a huge thank you for so many great photos of the postcards! I look forward to reading about your SPN experience. :)

  32. 32
    cunien says:

    Hey, here from the postcard comm, just want to say wow and thanks because you’ve got my two postcards in closeup in the last two pics: the penguin one and the grey one beside it. :D

  33. 33
    nyaubaby says:

    Seriously!!! I love you !!!
    I was so eager to know if they got my other postcard because I saw before one the pic they sent us, but now I can see, THE GOT IT, ITS ACTUALLY ON THE WALL!!

    Thank you very much for these pictures and not leaset for giving us in HIres.
    I wish I could hug you tight right now!!!

    Cant wait for the following posts to see what happened with you during tat day! (Little bit jelaous, but I live far away anyway ;) )
    Hugs you again!

  34. 34
    phantomas says:

    Thank you so much for posting the pics of the postcard wall :D

    Glad you have a good time visiting the set!

  35. 35
    ai_kizu says:

    Here from a community (cannot remember which). The photos are awesome, thank you for taking them =).

  36. 36
    calturner says:

    So glad you had a good time, Rae! Can’t wait to read the rest of your report. :)

    *big hugs*

  37. 37
    iconic813 says:

    OMG… again… I LOVE that!!! Thanks!!! ^-^

  38. 38
    tallisen says:

    You are so lucky! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with the rest of us, and the wonderful pictures that you took! Yaay I see The Plastic Winchester Theatre on their wall too! *dances*

  39. 39
    jenniferkaos says:

    great pics!…thanks so much for posting!

  40. 40
    sugareey says:

    Oh! Those pictures are great! And I’m glad that your trip went well! =) Thanks for sharing!

  41. 41
    missqteeone says:

    i love you. SO much.
    I love how the Jensen mail envelope is over-flowing and Jared’s looks empty! LOL. Poor Jared.

    You wouldn’t let me icon that would you?

  42. 42
    raelee says:

    Feel free!