I talk about a little personal growth, you spoil it.   

TV talk… FINALLY. You know what? I have no idea what I’ve talked about and what I haven’t. I can’t imagine it but, if there was a show from the past week or so that you’ve been waiting to read my thoughts on, feel free to nudge me in the comments. Otherwise, here are the shows I actually remember something about…

Boston Legal
You know what? I wish Alan Shore were real and I were the type of woman he’d date because I kind of love that man. We see Alan take on a lot of people who don’t deserve to go free but this was the first time, in recent memory at least, that Alan has actively screwed his client over. She still got a shortened sentence but he didn’t let her get away completely free. I liked it. I have to admit that I did not notice whether she had looked at the door or not but, then, I was looking at the door so I guess I wouldn’t have noticed it.

Then there was Denny and the BL writers who crack me the hell up. Love that this is an ABC show with writers who have broken the fourth wall enough that make it possible for them to take a direct dig at Isaiah Washington. Denny going to rehab for his comments about Jews in the previous episode was too fucking funny, as were the faces of everyone in the office when he told them. I applaud the writers for not being afraid to go there. The way they handled what Denny said and why people get offended by such things was also good. I like that both Bethany and Alan told Denny that you can’t understand and criticize unless you’ve lived it. Especially when Denny responded with, “People are complex.”

And, as usual, I loved the rooftop exchange between Denny and Alan. Alan wasn’t the one talking about personal growth but we already knew that he was the one who truly experienced that in this episode and you could tell from the way he wasn’t as engaged in the banter with Denny. Sadly, the show is off again until next week.

Mostly commenting because this week’s episode just cemented the fact that this my least favorite Survivor season ever. I was hoping the mixing up of the tribes would finally give it some legs and, yet, it’s just as bad as ever. Rocky is a bully and it was not entertaining to watch him continuously pick on Anthony because Anthony wasn’t masculine enough for him. It’s one thing to say someone’s not strong enough but it’s quite another to endlessly harp on a someone who is actively helping around camp and doing things. I don’t necessarily like Anthony but I was rooting for him to stay because I wanted the others to get rid of the bully in their midst. Instead, not only did Anthony go but Jeff actually encouraged Rocky and his bullying ways at the tribal council. It’s too much, ya know?

The one redeeming thing about all of this? Rocky and the “boys” tribe is now stuck with Lisi and I couldn’t wish for a better way to torture Rocky. Of course, if they lose again next week, Lisi will be the one who is booted. In a heartbeat. After basically acting like a huge crybaby and hoping she’d be eliminated just because things suddenly weren’t going her way, there’s no way they won’t grant her that wish. Especially since she’s not the nicest person in the Universe. She and Rocky deserve each other.

Man, I haven’t actually hated reality contestants in a long time. I just don’t like how this season has gone at all. In some ways, it’d be a shame for this to be how the show goes out… Of course, it’s Survivor and CBS is going to milk this one until it’s pumping dust.

Top Design
THANK goodness Matthew is gone. If we can get rid of Clarisa next, I’ll be SO HAPPY. I still don’t think any of these designers stand out but Matthew’s inability to listen to criticism was getting to me. I was also quite happy that it was Matthew and Clarisa who were the worst two of the week. FINALLY, the judges called Clarisa on the fact that everything is always someone else’s fault. It doesn’t matter what is going on, someone else is to blame. Plus, it was pretty funny that the reason she chose the carpenter she chose is the very reason she is bitching about him now. I’m sure the female carpenter was watching that play out and laughing her ass off remebering how difficult Clarisa was to deal with when she was working with her.

So, yeah, I hope Clarisa is gone soon. Clearly she’s not the top designer if the biggest tools she’s got on her belt are excuses. As for Matthew, well… I actually liked some of his ideas but then I also hated some of them. I suspect you he’ll get better as he gets older but he’ll always be one of those people who has a great design every once in a while but has a lot of horrible designs the rest of the time.

The Amazing Race
So, what do you suppose happened that caused the airline issues? I can’t imagine the producers actually thought everyone would get stuck on standby. In fact, just last leg they made sure to book people on the last available flight so everyone would definitely have some way to get to the next location. I’m guessing there were some kind of weather delays or something going on with the airlines that caused the problem.

I suppose I should give kudos to Charla and Mirna for their win here but I think it was just luck. If they can keep up the winning when it doesn’t depend on transportation being available, then I’ll be more impressed by them. As it was, they took a risk that could have backfired in a huge way. Example that they aren’t necessarily the best racers… once Danny and Oswald were put on an even playing field with them, it was their decision to stop and get fruit that put Charla and Mirna in first place. If Danny and Oswald hadn’t done that, they would have easily been the first team to arrive.

Danny and Oswald remain my favorite and you can tell this because I didn’t even care about the fruit thing. In fact, I love that they stopped. They are good racers and they are totally all about enjoying the race and I love that. I think my favorites have always been teams who treat each other nicely (getting frustrated every once in a while is understandable as long as it’s not how you constantly treat each other) and take the time to enjoy what they’re experiencing. So, I was totally cool with them taking the time out to get fruit, etc. And, quite frankly, they knew they weren’t in any danger of losing this leg and that there are many more legs on which they will need to be completely focused on getting from place to place. Taking time out right now to get fruit and hydrating themselves wasn’t game threatening and they knew it.

Ummm, what else? I’m amazed that Uchenna and Joyce managed to come in third place despite the penalty. I guess that’s another example of how the editors try to fool us into thinking the teams are close than they are. Either the physical task took Dustin/Kandice much longer than the editors made it seem or it took them forever to break that target. There’s no other explanation for how there was at least a 30 minute difference between the two teams. I’d like to say “good for” Uchenna and Joyce but, again, it was all luck. They never seemed overly concerned about things even knowing they had a 30 minute penalty. I guess it’s possibly because they knew there was a huge time gap between them and the last team but they never seemed that worried at the airport either. I dunno, I’m just not loving them this time around.

Then there’s Eric and Danielle who officially dropped in my esteem last week. They haven’t done anything to change that this week but I did think it was a bit unfair that they were the people pulled off the airplane. I could have sworn that they were first ones to talk to the guy in the upstairs office which should mean they were first on the standby priority list. How the heck they got yanked off the plane while Uchenna/Joyce and Dustin/Kandice got to stay on is beyond me. I can understand why they were so upset about it. I’m glad that they managed to get ahead of Joe/Bill and Teri/Ian in the end if only for that reason.

Joe/Bill. Eh. I would have been just as happy if they had gone instead of Teri/Ian. And I wasn’t all that sad about Teri/Ian either. At this point, I really only like Danny/Oswald and Dustin/Kandice. Of course, I’ve probably just cursed them… if they manage to be one of the last teams next week I’m never admitting to liking anyone again!

Don’t forget, special two-hour episode next week!

I have more but I spent so much time on TAR that I’ve run out of time. Luckily there are no new episodes on tonight so I won’t be further behind if I wait until tomorrow to cover the rest.

4 Responses to “I talk about a little personal growth, you spoil it.”

  1. 1
    eolivet says:

    Awwww, your BL review is making me excited to watch it. :) I love Alan Shore, too, as you know. :D He’s one of the most — if not the most — fascinating character on TV. There are so many attributes to him, he’s always great to watch. :)

    And while I agree about Rocky being obnoxious…I cannot say this is the worst season of “Survivor” ever. That will always be “Survivor: Thailand” and that icky, gross Brian what’s-his-face manipulating everyone into voting for him. UGH, he was so slimy — and he wasn’t even good TV!! I just rooted against him the entire season — this season, I’m at least rooting for Yau-Man, Michelle and Earl. :)

  2. 2
    breathinmethane says:

    aw what happened to the l word recap? I figured you would have loved that jenny finally got chewed out.

  3. 3
    cara_leigh9 says:

    How horrible of a person does it make that I laughed until tears came out when I saw the previews of Charla next week? I was laughing just as hard the next day. I’m gonna rack up some bad karma for that, I know.

    Oswald and Danny are my faves, too (Where’s Andre? love the Project Runway shoutout), they’re just so entertaining to watch. I remember being a bit annoyed with Dustin and Kandace last season, but they really bring the positive and I can’t help but cheer for them this season. Charla and Mirna…….grrrrrr GO AWAY!

  4. 4
    harper47 says:

    What I’ve read Rae is that there was some sort of religious holiday going at that time and that’s why it was so hard to get a flight. And this entire thing was all about luck. Everyone else tried to get on the flight Charla/Mirna made but because they were last in line at the first terminal, they ended up being first in line at this flight and then it was full.

    I don’t know about wishing it had been Terri and Ian – have you watched elimination stations? Ian was terrible, completely trashing Oswald’s character, though I understand he’s apologized since. He’s gone straight done in my estimation for that though.