Shatner & Instant Star Contest Winners   

As most of you know, I had two separate contests running last week and I want to thank everyone who participated. Congratulaions to all the winners! If your name isn’t below, look for a new weekly contest post later this morning for another chance to win.

I also have to thank Simone, one of my co-workers, who was kind enough to pull the winners names out of a box for me.

Shatner Scavenger Hunt Winners:

[info]azuremonkeyThe Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner
David NMind of Mencia: Season 2

For those following along at home, here are some of the funny video links I got in response to the hunt:

Shatner’s Hair

Instant Star Prize Pack Winners:


I’ll be contacting the contest winners through email or via your comment entry to arrange getting your prizes to you. Again, thanks to everyone who particpated!

4 Responses to “Shatner & Instant Star Contest Winners”

  1. 1
    sometimescrazy says:

    YAY!!!! That’s awesome!! :D

  2. 2
    beppergirl says:

    Oh yay, Maura won! She’s gonna be stoked! Hopefully she will get your comment (she’s not much in lj) and if not, hopefully I will see her on AIM so I can tell her :D

  3. 3
    harper47 says:

    Bwah!!!!! Thanks for posting the videos. Hee, hee, hee.

  4. 4
    azuremonkey says:

    Yay, I won! Aweome. Thank you!!!