Getting Listy on a Saturday   

Thank goodness for Panera. Not only do they have good food, they are nice enough to provide free WiFi. It’s coming in handy today as I need to look a bunch of stuff up and pay bills. Of course that means I’m short on time – I really need to get an extra laptop battery – so this post will be quick list.

  • New BuddyTV Interviews: I didn’t get to post these during the week but BuddyTV has bunch of new interviews up. Check them out when you get a chance: Ian Ziering of Dancing with the Stars, Muna Heaven formerly of The Apprentice, and Jamie formerly of Pussycat Dolls: SftND.

  • Looking for a new Heroes site? Check out Got Heroes? at They’ve got a nifty countdown to the next episode and an extensive Heroes disccusion forum. It’s pretty cool… trust me, I just wasted half of my battery exploring the site.
  • Tell me what to read: I should be taking a mini-trip next week (more on the trip itself when I get back). I’m going to spending way too many hours on planes and at airports. I’ve zoomed through all of the previous book recommendations I got so now I’m looking for more. I do prefer romance or fluffy reads for the airplane. That way I don’t get bothered by constant interruptions or have to worry about hiding emotional reactions from those around me. Have you read something recently that you loved? Let me know!
  • Robbing from the rich… I’ve been watching Robin Hood on BBC America and I kind of love it. I want to get the DVD because I want to see it in it’s full glory. I’ve only read one review about it and they weren’t impressed. So either I’m blinded by my enjoyment of Robin Hood stories or easy to please. Both are equally likely and, yet, I’m still recommending it. It’s nothing revolutionary but it’s good fluffy Robin Hood fun and I’m recommending it for anyone who likes that type of thing.
  • Don’t forget! I’ve got two contests going on right now. Join my Shatner Scavenger Hunt for the chance to win a copy of The Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner or the Mind of Mencia: Season 2 on dvd. Or, comment on this post for your chance to win one of two Instant Star prize packs.

And I’m off. My lunch is long gone and I’m feeling guilty for using the free WiFi with no Panera items in front of me. Plus, I gotta go do girly things at the mall.

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    tubetalkgirl says:

    I feel ya on Panera. I high-jacked their wi-fi last week, when my DSL went down. I love them. (And their cinammon crunch bagel with light hazelnut cream cheese.)