It’s not even grammatically correct, f-ing idiot.   

Um. Hi. I kind of took an unexpected break from blogging this week. I feel like death warmed over and work is insane. There are other things but most of you don’t care about those. Plus, I have no Internet at home which makes it kind of hard to post, eh? Or answer email or, really, even get email. I think I’m having the shakes.

Moving on to TV, something I definitely have at home. I don’t remember the last time I posted about shows… I think last Wednesday. So, I’ll start at Thursday and work my way forward.

I like Andy Barker, PI. I can’t actually watch it live but I have watched all six episodes online. I did not, however, like Raines. Err, well, I can’t really say that. I didn’t dislike it so much as my mind drifted so I’m passing on it. (And I didn’t watch October Road at all.) The Riches, however, is awesome and I’m loving it. Who knew? I looked forward to Dirt for so long and was so disappointed by it that I refused to give The Riches much thought but I watched because that’s what I do and now I’m hooked.

As for the others:

Ugly Betty
Man, I always forget how much fun I have watching this show! I don’t have any desire to analyze it, it’s just a good time. Marc remains my favorite. Well, Marc and Justin. I’m so glad they’ve already announced that it’s coming back next season. I never doubted it but you never can be sure. I do hope they finish up the illegal alien storyline soon because I’m kind of over it. Also, make Wilhelmina editor-in-chief already! There’s only so many times I can handle her stirring up trouble for the same reason and no one catching on. Those are pretty much my only complaints and truthfully I don’t even notice those two things until I’m thinking about the show for these posts.

Grey’s Anatomy
Eh. I liked Meredith agreeing to have dinner with her father. Unlike so many others, I actually like Meredith so I’m invested in what’s going on with her. I don’t know how I feel about the Izzy/George thing. Mostly because I didn’t actually think Callie was right. I’ve never felt that Izzy thinks about George in that way at all. If anything, she’s just lonely and angry at George for picking someone over her even though that’s completely unfair. Of course, making stupid mistakes when your drunk isn’t exactly unrealistic. It just feels like there’s already a bunch of stuff going on that I’m not looking forward to the extra drama. I’m sure there was more that happened in this episode but I’m forgetting it at the moment.

Ok, you’ll all laugh but I totally had to turn the lights on during that first scene last week and was glad I had them on later. I even knew what was coming but the anticipation was freaking me out. And, since that’s what I love about this show – the mini ghost stories we get each week, I really enjoyed this episode. I suspected she was a ghost early on but I wasn’t positive until her car had disappeared. Re-watching, I love all the clues that they gave us that I completely missed the first time around.

HEY! (Sorry, that’s because I’m watching this week’s episode as I type this and I just realized where they are this week. Awww. How appropriate that they should do a (were)wolf story when Dean and Sam are in San Fran.) Werewolf stories always make me think about Oz. I miss him. I hope he stays far, far away from our Winchesters.

Anyway, on to the actual show. I knew it was going to Mission Church boy. Then again, I also knew something was off given that they had killed him way too early. The, uh, sex… well, I’m sure all the Jared girls out there enjoyed it but it didn’t do much for me. I mean, he’s hot and his fucking arm is amazing. Otherwise, though, it kinda left me cold. Strange since it should have been hot…but maybe it wasn’t because, as I said, I pretty much knew she was still a werewolf.

So, Sam had to face the position both he and John have put Dean in… I love that Dean offered to do it for him and that tear? Man. That whole last scene killed me a bit. The music was a little distracting at first because of how “loud” it was but then I loved how the bullet cut it off.

As for the promo for the next episode (SO LONG AWAY!!)? AWESOME. I feel like I’m overusing that word but, really, it was! I can’t wait. I’m so predictable. I love the campy fun episodes the best.

The Amazing Race
I really miss Rob and Amber. I can’t believe Charla and Mirna came in first. I should give them props but they annoy me so much that I can’t. Instead I prefer to focus on the image of Danny and Oswald chasing Phil around the mat because that was awesome. I need an icon!! I love it when we get moments like that. Umm, what else? Ok, I was a little reassured to hear Dustin and Kandice admitting that they had purposely holding back a bit. Of course they followed up that confessional by walking right by the avalanche packs so who knows if they were just trying to excuse their performance so far. Umm, what else happened? I was so happy that Danny and Oswald came in fourth. I was worried about them for a few minutes there. It should be interesting to see what happens with Uchenna and Joyce next week. It seems like it’s anyone game right now but everyone’s been getting to the mat pretty close together so I think they pretty much HAVE to get there first.

The L Word
Oh, where to start? Certainly not with the incredibly unsexy sex scene between Max and her girl. Gah. People, I’m *not* a prude but that scene was too much for me. I was glad I was a few minutes behind in my watching so that I was able to fast forward through that shit. I suppose I should applaud the writers for giving equal sex time to everyone but they could have just hinted that Max was finally getting some.

Moving on to much more pleasant images… like Bette and Tina actually being friends. The promos led me to think they were going somewhere else with that but I’m so glad they didn’t. Not that they couldn’t go there next week but I’d really rather Jodi come back because, as Tina said, Bette’s finally met her match there. Not that I blame Jodi for leaving. After the cold shoulder she was getting, I’d leave too.
I really hate that they have to sell Tina as a lesbian “again.” What’s up with that? Why can’t she just be bisexual? That’s why I’ve always hated Jenny’s attitude towards her and didn’t understand why Alice wasn’t supporting Tina more. I miss the Alice/Tina friendship. More importantly, I miss the time when Alice was proud that she was bi and would have jumped on anyone who dared to say that someone couldn’t like whoever they want. But I’m getting distracted because I actually like how they had Kit realizing that she’s not a lesbian as Tina is beginning to realize that she is one.

And now I can’t remember what else happened. Oh. Tasha getting called back to Iraq. I actually kind of liked that stuff. I could have done without the flashbacks and extra (forced) angst there but I liked the rest. I’m interested to see how Alice copes with this development. Oh, and I was going to say that I kind of over simplified the Alice/Tasha thing last week. I actually get why Tasha doesn’t want to be overtly obvious with their relationship given her profession. Still, I do think it’s something that attracts Alice to people. Probably because she’s so open with her sexuality that she needs someone to help balance that.
OH! I can’t forget my favorite part of the whole episode! Bette reading Jenny’s book. HAHAHA. I died. Her little rant about how ridiculous it was and that the sentence wasn’t even grammatically correct had me in tears. Hmm, it’s probably not at all healthy that I take such joy in the characters coming to hate Jenny as I hate her, eh? And, yet, I do. I just hope that I get to see the fallout with Jenny next week in the finale.

Well, this post is way too long so I’ll stop now and post the rest of this week’s shows in a followup. Links and other posts to come. Remember, I’ve got a contest going on right now! Check it out and enter!

12 Responses to “It’s not even grammatically correct, f-ing idiot.”

  1. 1
    harper47 says:

    Mark remains my favorite.

    I love Marc. He did such a great job last night with all the levels he portrayed.

    I knew it was going to Mission Church boy.

    Could that have been anymore telegraphed? That should have been written better but I guess they had to leave time in the episode for awkward flirting. Hee!

    I still liked the episode though I felt it kind of overdid the – hey look it’s a Sammy parellel story again”. But I loved Tricia Helfer’s episode. That one was terrific.

    And I agree with you, I think Oz has spoiled us for werewolf episodes. I posted something just like that in my lj. Hee!

    I was so happy that Danny and Oswald came in fourth. I was worried about them for a few minutes there.

    Oh me too. I kept grabbing Kiersten going on no, oh no. Take the Pamper detour. Take the pamper. But then we wouldn’t have get the amazing Philchase so it was worth it.

    I liked Meredith agreeing to have dinner with her father.

    I really liked that. I’m not the biggest Meredith fan but she has not bothered me the past two weeks. In fact, I’ve enjoyed her.

    But I am not a fan – at all – of this Izzie/George hookup. Gah.

  2. 2
    eolivet says:

    (Pretty icon! I feel like I should recognize it…)

    Unlike so many others, I actually like Meredith

    Me, too — me, too!!! :) I enjoyed her storyline with her family — I think her grieving and coping process has been very realistic. :)

    The one thing I didn’t like about this week’s (or actually, the week before’s) TAR was the fact that whatever Detour you chose indicated the position you ended up in. Like…everyone who chose the nail-painting Detour was done before everyone who chose the coal. I think it should allow for some skill over luck, y’know? But the sewing of the coal bags guaranteed that task would be harder. I just wonder why so many teams shied away from the nail-painting!! :/

  3. 3
    14icedbear says:

    i’m sorry about the feeling like death warmed over thing. i hope you feel better soon.

  4. 4
    upanashad says:

    I’m really loving The Riches also. I liked the first episode a tiny bit better than the second, but yeah, it’s cool. It feels like an HBO/Showtime show.

    Supernatural has the best promos.

  5. 5
    porpentine says:

    I’m with you on the Meredith/her dad front, if only because it feels like there’s actual progress happening in that storyline now. After it being all last season and this season “Meredith sees Dad, Meredith and Dad are both uncomfortable, Meredith ditches dad, repeatedly tells Stepmother that she’s not family”, I was happy for any change, and honestly? This was good change.

    As for Izzie/George…I agree that I don’t buy she really had a “thing”, but possessive? Possessive she has down. George is “hers”, and like you said, Callie’s taken him away. Mind you, a lot of the taking away is because a) Izzie went away herself over the whole Denny situation, and b) she’s been a psycho hosebeast about Callie since day one. So given “he’s mine” + “we’re both drunk out of our minds” + “I hate being this lonely”? It didn’t feel entirely contrived for them to end up sleeping together, in that situation. Just as long as George isn’t happy about it come morning, I may forgive them.

    Really, in the end, I think I’d be happiest if they kept bloody Marti Noxon out of the writing room over there. Next thing you know, Meredith’s gonna quit being a doctor and go work at Doublemeat Palace or something…

  6. 6
    raelee says:

    Thanks! I don’t know that you would. It’s from The L Word. If you watch that, it’s from a recent episode… you can’t quite tell but they’re actually sitting on the platform under a billboard.

    But the sewing of the coal bags guaranteed that task would be harder. I just wonder why so many teams shied away from the nail-painting!

    True, the coal task was clearly the harder task but I think this game is also about choice so that doesn’t really bother me. On paper, the coal task sounded harder so I think they kind of knew what they were getting into. On the other hand, I do kind of understand why people weren’t sure about the nail painting thing. It’s not always easy to sell things and they probably thought it’d be even harder to sell a service over a product, especially if you have to worry about language concerns. I think they were just concerned about the chance involved in that task as opposed to the straight forward idea of having to put goal into bags.

  7. 7
    raelee says:

    Thanks :) I’m pretty sure it’s allergies and I’ve felt much better as the day has progressed.

  8. 8
    raelee says:

    Yes, it definitely has an HBO/Showtime feel. In certain ways, it feels very similar to Weeds to me. I suppose that makes sense since they’re both commenting on suburbia and the American dream.

  9. 9
    raelee says:

    Hey, you!

    I agree completely about Meredith and good change.

    And, yes, Izzie is totally possessive and I can see the sleeping together happening. I guess I don’t feel so much that it’s unrealistic taken by itself as I feel like there’s already so much happening to all of them that it almost cheapens it in a sense. I probably would have felt the same about any big drama they could have thrown at them right now. I guess I need to wait and see how it all shakes down in the end.

    Awww, poor Marti gets a bad rap. I don’t know that I think she’s had a chance to really have an influence on the show yet. I know she’s been there with them since the three parter but I just don’t know how much of what we’re seeing right now is her influence. I do suspect Shondra brought her on because she’s got the spin-off in works and we’ll have to see where it all goes from here.

  10. 10
    raelee says:

    Haha, yeah, it was pretty obvious it was going to be him. I definitely didn’t think it was one of their stronger episodes and I’m not big on the Sammy angst storyline anyway so those pieces never really engage me… though I definitely felt for him in that last scene.

    Well, when they made the decision about the detour did we know yet that the pamper one was the easier one? See, I wasn’t sure myself at that point. It’s a hard call at times because it’s not always to sell things in a foreign country so I could see why they figured the more physical task would be the smarter choice. Then when it turned out that it wasn’t, I was freaking out!

    I’m not a fan of the Izzie/George hookup either. I can understand it but it felt like unnecessary drama.

  11. 11
    porpentine says:

    Hi you right back! :)

    (I realize: I need some Grey’s icons, clearly. I wanted to throw one on this post, so instead I default to…Thursday night shows? Whatever…)

    Marti…well, she does get a bad rap? But she’s also proven herself queen of angst for the sake of angst. Pain because it would be “dramatic”, not because it then shows you how characters get over the pain. At least, in my opinion she has. And that’s sort of the thing: I’d kinda be fine with this Izzie/George thing happening later, for all that I can justify it? But it happening right now just seems…there were enough George/Izzie issues without us having to add this bit of kick to the groin, I guess.

  12. 12
    catatonia00 says:

    That episode of UB was so much fun. Like you, Marc is my ultimate fave of the show. Just seeing him and Justin on screen get me all giddy and giggly. But that last drama bit, teared me up and it kicked in even more when they played “Orange Sky” at the end.