A little help from SPN fans   

SPN fans,

Do any of you know the writer and director of this season’s finale episode(s)? I did a little digging of my own but I wasn’t able to find the information without risking getting hugely spoiled for what happens. If anyone knows the info or where I can get it, I’d be ever so grateful!


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    zimshan says:

    Sera Gamble (and I think John Shiban) have both said for sure that Kripke is writing the second part. Gamble is writing the first part.

    Director still hasn’t been announced as far as I know but I’d bet my dollar on Manners. I don’t see them giving the finale to anyone else. Especially now that we know 17 is his next episode. That sounds just about right spacing they’ve been giving him all season.

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    raelee says:

    LOVELY. Thanks, m’dear!

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    roniabirk says:

    Sera Gamble said she is writing the penultimate episode and Kripke is writing the finale in an interview.

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    raelee says:

    Thanks for confirming, that’s what I wanted to hear!