BuddyTV Interviews Lost’s Michael Emerson   

Man! I don’t post about anything substantive in DAYS and all the sudden I’ve got three posts in a row. Figures. Sorry for hitting you with all three at once but it’s the first moment I’ve had away from work all day and I wanted to get them all out before tonight’s TV. And, I had to post this one because it’s an interview with one of my favorite characters on Lost… Ben!

BuddyTV got the chance to talk to Michael Emerson and it’s a pretty neat interview. There’s one part that is a little spoilery. Actually, I can’t confirm that but they seem to be talking about something that we’ll see on tonight’s episode so, if you’re a hardcore spoierphobe, you may want to wait to read it until tomorrow. Otherwise, you should be fine! Michael even admits to not really knowing very far in advance so he really can’t spoil you on much and, if he’s got thoughts on things, they are mostly speculation.

I found this part interesting due to a brief discussion [info]ww1614 and I had about it, long ago, in regards to some of the characters on VM:

To a lot of fans it seems like the Others are doing what they are doing as an act of self preservation, not that they want to be kidnappers but that they have another force working against them.

I agree.  I’ve always felt that.  You know when you play a villain, you kind of have to make a positive back-story for yourself.  It helps you live with the character you’re playing and justify things.  So that was sort of where my head was at from the get go…

Note: I snipped his answer somewhat to avoid his speculation about the Others but still including the part I found interesting.

Check out the rest of the interview at BuddyTV.

2 Responses to “BuddyTV Interviews Lost’s Michael Emerson”

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    eolivet says:

    Thank you so much for posting that link — Ben is one of my two favorite characters on “Lost” (Locke is the other :) so this was a really cool thing to read. :D The actor seems really intelligent. Although, to me, he’ll always be the serial killer with the little dogs on “The Practice.” :p

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    raelee says:

    You’re quite welcome! They’ve had some really good interviews lately but this one was my favorite.