Oh, God, why is this part of the story?!   

Yay! Tuesday! I love Tuesdays. Of course I have to go home and clean my house because my parents are making a brief appearance tonight so I can drive them to the airport in the morning. Fun. Monday night TV was great last night. I liked everything I watched. I completely forgot to tape Rules of Engagement but I’m not too upset about that. A sure sign that I’ve already got way more shows than I can handle.

Prison Break
Thank GOD that horrible T-Bag storyline is over. I’d be happier if it had ended with him dead but at least the police will finally be on his trail. (Oh, like what’s her face is NOT going to tell them exactly who was keeping her family hostage. Please.) I was almost hoping he’d feaking kill himself if he’s so eager not to continue his bloodline. I laughed at the writers, though, because if they thought the sad sob story of T-Bag’s crappy childhood was going to make me feel for him, they better think again. I can’t wait for them to off the man because it freaks me out that he’s still out there. I like Michael but I can’t really forgive him for releasing a man like T-Bag back out into the world. If I were a writer on this show, I’d want it to be Michael who eventually takes him out or gets him caught again so that it’d help him make some amends for that part of their escape. That won’t happen but it’s the way I’d go.

Henry! Awww, you were always one of my favorites Henry and I miss you but it’s for the best. If you were still around, you’d just end up doing something that completely disillusions me like the rest of the characters. I’m glad you let Michael go, though. I’m afraid you aren’t going to be safe now that you’ve heard what’s on that flash drive but maybe they’ll decide it’s better to leave you alone. (Shut up! I don’t want Henry to die!)

I feel for C-Note. I’ve always kind of liked him because you can tell he’s a good guy who got involved in a bad situation. However, there was never any other way his story could end after his wife ended up in police custody. I don’t trust Mahone one bit but I hope his empathy for C-Note’s daughter will keep him true to his word in this situation. And, you know, I think Michael will be able to respect why C-Note’s helping the FBI track him down. He certainly knows how desperation leads you to make partnerhips you’d never make otherwise.

I don’t really get what is up with Sucre. Or, rather, where they are going with that storyline. I keep waiting for more to be revealed to us but it seems to take him days longer to get anywhere than it does anyone else. It’d be almost funny if I were actively taking note of how far he travels in an episode compared to everyone else in the show.

But my favorite part of the episode? Sara locking Kellerman out of the car. HAHAHA. I love that the others didn’t even hestiate to just pull away and leave him there. He’s gonna be pissed but he’s not in the best position himself so I don’t think they care. It’d be kind of funny if he tracks them down and just joins them again like nothing happened. I know that won’t happen but it would be funny.

How I Met Your Mother
Oh, show, you so funny! I love it when the show is about the entire group. I loved the callback to Marshall and Barney’s slap bet. Also loved that not only was Lily’s play OMGSOHORRIBLE but that she couldn’t even remember her lines. Barney’s purposely horrible play was great. I loved that he rented out the same place. It was great that there were actually other people there in the beginning. How like Barney to really give out flyers even though he knows it’s going to be bad. It doesn’t hurt that NPH looks awesome in all black.

As for Ted and Robin and their exes stuff argument… well, I thought it was a little crazy that she made him get rid of everything he’s ever kept from an ex. I’ve always considered myself to be a rather jealous person but I’d never make someone do that. I was a little surprised that she actually got rid of her dogs. WTF? Wait, first, let’s address the fact that every single guy she has ever dated has given her a dog. Is that weird or what? I guess I just can’t imagine someone else making the decision to add a pet to my household. Of course, I take the responsibility of having pets seriously and I’d never have gotten rid of them for Ted because that’s not exactly fair to them.

I knew that Ted was going to get his stuff back but I can’t believe they decided to move in together! It’s exactly what those two would do. I can definitely see how living together is going to lead to their break-up which makes sense since we already know she isn’t the one he ends up with in the future. It was going to have to be something big like this that would cause them to break up. Plus, clearly Robin has some significance to how Ted meets the woman he’s meant to marry and I think this is just one more dominoe that has to fall to get us there.

So, do you think Ted’s going to move into her apartment? I can’t wait to see next week and find out.

ETA: I forgot… I was going to note that the only thing that would have made this episode better would have been to actually have some of the exes be people we’ve met already. Still, this show is pretty great on continuity so I guess I can’t ask for everything.

The Class
Well. I’ve watched this episode a total of three times now. It’s been pretty fascinating to watch the progression. The core of the episode remained the same but several jokes changed throughout the process. Some where dropped completely (woe!) and others were tweaked (mostly for the better). There was one particular part of a scene that I kept thinking would get better once they had props but, in the end, it was just as bad as it was during the table read (the end of the cupcake scene). I think because it came off like it was supposed to be a sight gag but it wasn’t played that way at all.

They cut Perry’s scene entirely which was probably just as well. He had some funny moments but they weren’t outstanding or anything. I wonder how often they do that. I don’t think he’s a regular so they must have had to pay to get him only to leave him sitting on the cutting room floor. I must admit I thought it was amusing if only because he was the one who actually “hosted” the run-thru online. I guess they got their money out of him after all, eh?

Ok, ok. On to the actual episode stuff… I was waiting for this episode because we FINALLY get some acknowledgment that Kat and Ethan belong together! Of course she still has Violin Boy but he’s now aware of the chemistry so it should be fun to watch their scenes now. I wonder if he’ll confide in Kyle or not. I can see why they chose to make Kyle a part of that friendship because they were going to need a buffy for a little while. Also, it’s about damn time that Nicole and Duncan admitted their feelings for each other. Theirs was the one part of the show that still made me uncomfortable. I’ve never felt for Nicole on the Yonk situation because of the fact that we know she’s cheated on him. It’s hard to feel like she has a right to get upset when he calls her Ilene. Wonder how Yonk will react to her wanting a divorce? Umm… ok, well that was all there was to this episode.

I think there are only two episodes left of the show this season. I can’t believe how attached I’ve become. I may cry if CBS doesn’t decide to pick it up for next year.

You know, I never really had a problem with Simone. I didn’t exactly feel it necessary to jump to her defense at the overwhelmingly negative response she got from everyone but I never thought she was as bad as everyone seemed to think she was. And, yet, I suppose it is telling that I was more upset about Hiro and Ando seperating than I was about her dying, eh? I was all, “NO! YOU CAN’T SPLIT UP HIRO AND ANDO!” Then she gets shot and I’m, “Oh, shit. Someone dies. Those two are totally going to blame each other for that.”

Poor Simone. She should be featured on a poster about being able to see (err, paint) the future is a bad thing. Personally I think both Issac and Peter are equally responsible for what happened. Both of them jumped to conclusions based on assumptions and that’s what led to that moment. If either had tried being rational and talking things out at any point along the way, it wouldn’t have come to this. Ah well, being rational doesn’t lead to very exciting TV so what can ya do?

How awesome was Peter in this episode?! Pretty damn, I’d say. He was rocking out all of the abilities he’s soaked up so far. I wish we knew more about how he accesses them and controls them because I suspect it’s all instinct right now. Instinct driven by anger. That’s never good. He’s a pretty powerful weapon right now. In fact, he’s so powerful that I have to wonder what they are going to come up with to counteract his abilities. The world tends to exist in balance. If there’s someone like Peter, there’s surely someone whose power is to nullify everyone else’s. Right?

While I’m talking about Peter, I’ve always thought the importance of Simone had to do with her father. Of course now I see that perhaps she existed because the show needed to put Issac and Peter on different paths but I still hope she had more significance than that. But what I really wanted to say was… Peter’s dreams have always bothered me. I kept trying to figure out who he was near when he was having them. Now we know that he just has to have been near that person at one time. Can he absorb their powers even if they aren’t using them or do they have to actively be using them? Does he have all of Sylar’s acquired abilities or only the ones Sylar used during their fight scene at the high school? I’m unclear on all of that but I do want to know who he got the dream thing from. I’m beginning to wonder if his mother or father had powers. It seems unlikely that both he and Nathan would have powers and their parents wouldn’t. Look at Claire and Micah, our examples of children of people with powers. I think there’s something to the various relationships we have set up so far. One child who happens to be born with powers? Maybe. Two children? I think there’s more to the Petrilli’s than we’ve seen so far which gels nicely with the idea that Linderman seems to have rather strong connections to them.

Ok, ok, sorry, got off on the speculation train. Back to the episode at hand. Man. There was SO MUCH going on! Loved the intro of Hana. She’s not quite like the picture I had in my head from the graphic novels but she’s pretty damn close. They used all the same ways to introduce that they used in the graphic novels but I was ok with that because they were specifically using the graphic novels to reveal her anyway. They never claimed otherwise so it was nice that the people who don’t read the graphic novels got to meet her the same way the rest of us did. And she brought with her the thought that someone is actually creating all of these “heroes”. I don’t really believe that. I can believe that someone discovered that people with abilities existed and has been doing tests and experiments to see if they can change existing DNA to create the same kind of effect. But how would that work? How does this all play into how Sylar steals people’s abilities? Sometiems I don’t realize how many questions I have until I really think about the implications of information revealed in these episodes.

So, Ted, Matt, and Hana working together is also pretty kick ass. Matt is always more interesting when he’s interacting with other people with abilities. I fear for him a bit but I can understand why they’ve gone after HRG. How crazy is it that HRG’s world is totally spinning out of control? He must HATE it. He’s always in control. He’s always ten steps ahead of everyone but not anymore. Guess it’s proof positive that he really does love his family and want to protect him because that’s what led him to this moment. I loved that he gave up on pursing Claude the minute he heard about Mrs. Bennet. Loved the confrontation between he and Claire at the hospital. You can see that he’s geuinely sorry but Claire’s right. You can’t just say sorry and make it all go away. Doesn’t work that way. And poor Mrs. Bennett. Her back and forth memory thing completely freaked me out. I understood exactly what Claire was going through. How many years do you think she aged when her mom didn’t recognize her at all? And now they’re all in a sticky situation. I don’t know how it’s all going to play out and I’m hoping it’s not going to lead to another death but I can’t imagine it’s going to end well. Also, where is the Haitian and why is he not there to help them?!

What have I missed? OH. Sylar and Mohinder and Dale. Man, poor Dale. Sylar is one CREEPY MOFO. I need to break out my Aaron Echolls “creeptastic” icon because Zachary Quinto has just outdone Harry Hamlin on the creepy mofo scale. “What is that?” “MURDER.” Man. And his whole conversation with Mohinder about his father’s murderer? That’s just wrong. How incredibly pissed is Mohinder going to be once he realizes who he has been confiding in? I think it’s going to be off the charts. Might be a good thing he doesn’t have any powers. I think people are probably picking on Mohinder for not realizing there’s something up with “Zane” but I don’t think that’s fair. Mohinder has proven that he’s slow to catch on but he has no way to know that Zane isn’t who he says he is. I mean, if anything, I think he’s stupid for trusting anyone and for not learning his lesson with Eden. Look these people up before you go meet with them. I’m sure there’s a picture of them all somewhere.

Still, he does believe it’s Zane who is with him so I get why he wasn’t immediately concluding that something isn’t right. Sylar pulls off pretending to care about what Mohinder is doing and that his father was murdered. Later, Mohinder is too freaked out by seeing Dale dead that I don’t think he is capable of putting the pieces together that quickly. I love that we finally get to see Sylar struggling to control a power he’s taken over. It makes him a little less almighty. However, since he’s having the headaches before they even get to Dale’s garage and find her, I can see Mohinder not even thinking about it. It’s true that Sylar can’t do this forever. As far as Mohinder knows, this is the first time that Sylar has happened to arrive at someone’s doorstep at the same time as him. He could think it’s a coincidence this time and, if it happens again, he could suspect that Sylar is following “them” but once he suspects that he’d stop seeking people out. So, at most, it can only happen one more time. Will they have Mohinder figure out before then or will they play it out? Of course, Sylar probably knows all of this and that surely means that Mohinder better watch his back after they find the next person.

Ok, this is way too long. I didn’t realize I had so much to say. I love this show and the way it makes me think. As usual, I can’t wait until next week!

Studio 60
I really liked this episode. I don’t know whether to be happy for that or sad. I don’t know how many more episodes have actually been filmed (one at least) but I suspect we’ve seen the last of the ones they intend to air. No one knows for sure, of course, but it seems to be a popular conclusion based on the decision to move up The Black Donnellys premiere and the lack of a return date for Studio 60. So, if this is the last episode I’ll ever see, I’m glad it went out on a high note for me.

I liked Danny and Jordan and her worry about what type of mother she’ll be and his absolute confidence that she’ll be a great one. I still think those two moved quickly but I buy them all the same. I liked that Matt was finally able to see why being involved with Harriet would/does affect his ability to run the show. And I liked how she stood up to Luke because of his comments about Matt. It was a nice parallel with how angry we saw Matt getting over what the previous writers had been saying about Harriet. The sexual harrassment part seemed a bit weak but realistic I suppose. Simon mistakenly thinking he slept with the girl was great. All in all, I liked this episode so much because it finally got back to what I loved about the show in the first place… what it takes to put together a show each week. Yes, it was still about personal stuff but it was about how that personal stuff was affecting the SHOW. And I liked how everyone was there late working even though nothing was getting done. Again, because it showed some aspect of how the show and cast function as a whole.

So, yes, if this is how it goes out… at least until I can get it on DVD… I think I’m ok with that.

As I already said, next week Studio 60 is being replaced with The Black Donnellys. I’ve seen the original pilot and I liked it a lot. I don’t have the same love for it that the rest of the Internet seems to but it looks promising. It definitely had a hook that left me (and my mom and a few friends) wanting to know what comes next. I plan to re-watch the new pilot next week as I prefer to know what I should consider canon and what I shouldn’t. I definitely recommend checking it out.

On my schedule for tonight: Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, and Boston Legal

PS: Super Secret Message to People Who Know Who They Are… HAVE FUN!

7 Responses to “Oh, God, why is this part of the story?!”

  1. 1
    ladydisdain225 says:

    Slap bet!

    I wasn’t overly enamoured with the episode, honestly. I enjoyed the painful play stuff, but it WAS still painful, even if intentionally so. And the Robin/Ted thing… I just… She got rid of her dogs? WHO gets rid of their dogs? If your guy can’t handle your pets you lose the guy.

    But then they called back the slap bet and I forgot everything, because that moment was so utterly perfect.

  2. 2
    afrocurl says:

    I liked the S60 episode, and I think they have a few more in the can if I remember from one of my friends (if not two.)

    I think that if the show had to end there, I won’t be sad, either, but I’d love to know what the design for the rest of the season is before I say that for sure.

  3. 3
    spectralbovine says:

    I feel for C-Note. I’ve always kind of liked him because you can tell he’s a good guy who got involved in a bad situation.
    You know, I sort of feel for him, but by this point, I was just like, “Dude, how did you EVER think this was going to work out?” Taking his little daughter on the run with him? There was never any chance.

    Sara locking Kellerman out of the car. HAHAHA. I love that the others didn’t even hestiate to just pull away and leave him there.
    That was so great! I mean, she did it, and I thought, ha, of course she would do that!

    It’d be kind of funny if he tracks them down and just joins them again like nothing happened. I know that won’t happen but it would be funny.
    That would be so funny. “Er, guys, I think you left me back there, I don’t know if you meant to, but I’m back now, so let’s take down the Company.” I wonder if he’s pissed. He seemed to know his own culpability, so I feel like he understands that his usefulness to them is over and won’t start some sort of vendetta hunt.

    How awesome was Peter in this episode?! Pretty damn, I’d say.

    If there’s someone like Peter, there’s surely someone whose power is to nullify everyone else’s. Right?
    The Haitian can do that.

    “What is that?” “MURDER.”
    Made of awesome!

    I love that we finally get to see Sylar struggling to control a power he’s taken over. It makes him a little less almighty.
    Yeah, that’s pretty cool. He’s just a guy. A creepy guy, but a guy.

    I plan to re-watch the new pilot next week as I prefer to know what I should consider canon and what I shouldn’t.
    Yeah, me too. I wonder what scenes will be cut.

    (WE WILL!)

  4. 4
    harper47 says:

    It would seem like Ted would have to move into Robin’s apt. since Marshall shares his. But then will Lily move into Marshall’s place? Shades of Chandler and Monica moving in together as the gang gets shuffled about. Interesting.

    Needless to say I loved all the theatrical stuff. Hee, hee. And you just can’t top the Slap Bet. I wonder if they’ll finish the final three this year or let some slide over to next year.

    I love all your interesting comments about Heroes and now you’re making me wonder what’s up with the Petrelli family too. Hmmm- adopted kids? Affairs? Daddy was a hero too before he committed suicide? Mom Petrelli has a power she’s never shown? Interesting.

  5. 5
    cdn_tvaddict says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if his mother or father had powers. It seems unlikely that both he and Nathan would have powers and their parents wouldn’t.

    I’m positive that one or both of the Petrelli Parents had powers. I’m going with the mom for now… more on her in a minute.

    I’ve been pondering the whole genetics/DNA thing, and I think that we’re going to see a lot more of the family members with powers. Since we know that: Niki+DL = Micah & Meredith+Nathan = Claire, and that both Nathan & Peter, and Niki & Jessica had powers, it seems highly likely that the powers are going to be tied into genetics somewhat. I’m betting that Hiro’s sister is going to have powers, and potentially Nathan’s other two kids, and I’m sure Matt’s baby will have powers.

    Which makes me think that his wife could actually get an interesting story line! (Cuz right now I pretty much can’t stand her.) But, suppose that (like on many of these type of shows) the mom can use the baby’s powers while she’s pregnant, then knowing that Peter has figured out a way to use powers that you no longer have, and could possibly share this knowledge in the future… Matt’s wife could potentially have a power too.

    Now as for Mrs. Petrelli, I think she’s tied in with all this diamond/Linderman stuff. They made a big point of focusing on her diamond ring a few times in the episode that Matt went and took the diamonds from Linderman, Matt also landed on a Diamond sign when Jessica tossed him out the window.

    And I’m still with you on Peter’s dreams. I think they’re from Simone’s dad. And somebody online pointed out that technically, Peter could reverse time and save Simone, so she may not be really dead yet.

    I’m sure Ando will be back. I currently have two theories… Either he’ll just go ahead and show-up where ever Hiro is going, because he’s on the mission now too. OR, he’ll go home, meet up with Hiro’s sister and bring her back into the action when (if) he discovers she has a power too.

  6. 6
    cdn_tvaddict says:

    The Haitian can not nullify everyone else’s powers. We’ve seen both Nathan and Peter use their powers against him (or to get away from him), and Nathan was right in his face, so obviously he can’t stop the powers. I’m pretty sure he can only effect Matt’s power and that’s just because it uses the same part of the brain that his erasing thing does.

  7. 7
    cara_leigh9 says:

    I watched The Black Donnellys (i continue to forget how many n’s and l’s that name has) and I’m really excited about it. I hope, hope, hope the following episodes are just as good. I didn’t notice how long the internet ep was, but I hope they don’t have to cut out too much.

    I’m still so ridiculously in love with Heroes. Unfortunately, I’m not smart enough to offer any theories: I’m just along for the ride : )