What? You think I want your sloppy seconds?!   

So, I finally dropped Grease: The One That I Want and now I’ve replaced it with The Aamzing Race. So much for making my Sunday nights easier! Except I think I’m dropping another show (see below) and hopefully that’ll help get me back to having an easy Sunday night.

The Amazing Race: All Star Edition
Yay! My show is back! All other reality shows pale in comparison to this one. I wasn’t too sure about the All Stars edition and I do call bullshit on Phil for actually agreeing to call these guys the best of the best. I know the producers are limited to those who will agree to do the race but I wouldn’t exactly say they got the best racers from all the previous seasons. That said, I am amazed (heh) by how much I am liking having these guys back. For one thing, I know most of them right off the bat. There was none of the typical struggling to remember everyone’s names during this first leg. And I already had people I was rooting for, it’s usually three or four episodes before I have that.

Rob/Amber were, not surprisingly, rather cocky. I can see that I’ll be anxiously waiting for the others to knock them down a few pegs. Though they won’t fall far. They’ve always been able to maintain their ego in these shows. I think it’s part of the reason they always manage to pull off wins. People are intimidated by the ego thing alone. And they were the first team to arrive in this leg. I was going to say that it was a good thing their driver knew a shortcut but I think they probably would have come in first even without that because they all left the restuarant at the same time the next morning and they were still hours ahead of the others based on how long they spent looking in the field before switching to the horse wrangling task. It was amusing, though, when Phil told Rob he could smile because, really, I hate it when teams come in first and are still all pissy with themselves. Here’s the truth about this “race” – you are never truly going to have too much of a lead on the others. The producers will do something to even the playing field. They don’t want any one team to take the suspense out of the race.

I was completely surprised by John Vito/Jill’s loss. They were right there at the head of the pack! Getting lost can really screw up your entire game. Which gave me a little more patience when watching C/Mirna freaking out about being lost because it really could have spelled doom for them. I don’t have too many comments about the other teams just yet. I really like Eric but I’m not sure how much I’ll be rooting for them because, as much as I like him, I can not stand Danielle. I don’t remember disliking her this much during her race but I really didn’t like her last night.

I think this is the one show that will be new next week. Good thing since I don’t watch the Oscars. At least I’ll have one (well, two) of my regular shows to watch. I’ll be interested to see who manages to win next week but, based on on their racing ability alone, I suspect we’ll be seeing the last of either Kevin/Drew or David/Mary.

The Apprentice: LA
I actually don’t have much to say about this one. I’m on the East Coast and the golf playoffs caused TAR to start late so, by the time I flipped to this show, they were done with the task and finding out which team won. Of course I already knew which team was going to win because of the promos from last week. I watched the boardroom with half an eye but I had no thoughts on who should have gone. I knew that the others were going to go after Amy. I’m sure they would have found a way to blame her no matter what so I’m not sure why she was so surprised by it. As for the other team, well I’m not into the romance thing at all – especially on a show that is basically a job interview – but it was nice of Tim to go with her to the hospital.

Next week… well, the Academy Awards are next week so this show won’t be on and the following week the show moves to 10PM. Not sure what NBC is hoping to achieve with that time change but what they have done is lost me as a viewer. I already have two shows on at 10PM on Sundays and I don’t like this show enough to figure out how to juggle three. You guys will have to let me know if anything exciting happens.

The L Word
I CAN NOT STAND JENNY. Flames of hate up the side of my face… that’s how much I can’t stand her. Putting aside how much I hate the stupid Tina storyline and how much everyone suddenly hates her for sexual choices. (Hypocritical much, ladies?) Jenny is just the biggest weasel ever. I don’t have a problem with her realizing that she has an opportunity to make money on her story and wanting to take advantage of that. Even Tina should understand that. I do, however, think she should have had the deceny to tell Tina that. Everything about Jenny just screams inflated, nay, bloated ego and I can’t see how the people around her put up with it. I wish Tina’s “friends” weren’t treating her this way but I hope she finally realizes that Jenny is no friend. I’d be so happy if Jenny ends up all alone at the end of this season. I’m sure that makes me a bad person and I’m sure it won’t happen but it is my hope.

On to more pleasant things, like Shane and Shay. I love that Shane stood there in front of those kids and their parents and opened herself up. Moments like those are the very reason that I love Shane as a character. The truth is that she’s gone through so much that I can see how she wouldn’t give a shit what those kids and their parents think of her. It was Shay’s opinion she cared about and he got it. Man. I kinda of love those two even though we only get small glimpses of them each week. Plus, the Hot!Mother is hot. I didn’t quite agree with them going at it right there in the kitchen. There are kids just down the hall, at least take it to the bedroom! But, the woman is hot so I can see why Shane gave up trying to resist the desire she felt. I dunno how smart the whole thing is given that the other kid wasn’t quite as accepting of it all as Shay was but this is a TV show so I guess we were due for some drama.

Uh, what else happened? Oh, Alice and Tasha. Well, that part was a little weird given that Tasha didn’t want anything to do with Alice and the potential Phyllis fallout last week. So, to have that dropped completely confused me. At least Tasha was still a little reluctant to go there with Alice even if she got over it quickly enough. She’s not completely wrong to want to go slow but I’d say some of her judgments about Alice are way off and I was a little disappointed that we never got to see her realize that. I suppose we have to keep some of that for while they’re dating, eh?

Then there’s Bette and her ridiculous tendency to fall in love way too fast. Like, seriously, she just started dating Jodi and already she’s ready to say that she’s falling in love? Whatever. Of course, her immediate realization that she doesn’t know everything about Jodi is the perfect example of why it’s so stupid. I think it was kind of risky to come clean with Phyllis about seeing Jodi but that turned out to be rather anti-climatic so I guess it doesn’t matter. I can’t seem to shake the feeling that this is all headed for a disaster zone. I hope I’m wrong, though, because it’d be nice if Bette could be happy and settled for a little while.

There’s not much else. I was right about why Angus should have told Kit the truth. Because the real truth was bound to come out. I can’t believe Bette didn’t warn Tina that Angus wasn’t going to tell Kit about sleeping with Hazel. WTF? Instead, it’ll be another reason for Bette to go off on Tina even though it was truly an innocent mistake on Tina’s part. Some part of me wonders if this Angus/Kit storyline isn’t being done to justify Kit’s abortion earlier in the season. Because I did catch myself thinking about how it was a good thing Kit didn’t decide to keep the baby after all. It would have sucked to be in this situation and be pregnant. Helena’s story was pretty weak. A lot of build up for nothing. I’m sure there’s more to it but the whole thing felt pointless. I had such high hopes for Helena this season and so fair I’m rather unimpressed.

Overall, this was one of the weaker episodes we’ve had in awhile. And yet I can’t wait for next week because I’m really hoping that Jenny will start to feel the backlash for her ridiculous “fictional” story.

Desperate Housewives
I don’t have much to say. If you had told me this time last year that I’d actually like Andrew, I’d have laughed in your face. But I do. I like him. In fact, I probably like him more than 90% of the characters on this show. I’m glad that the Orson stuff is over. It was rather anti-climatic in so many ways – even with the multiple murder attempts – but I was sick of it all so I’m happy to see the last of it. I still don’t like Orson much but I can accept him. Plus, I figure he and Mike are now even. Wonder if Mike will feel the same way when he finally remembers that it was Orson who hit him in the car.

The Gaby/Paul Young storyline is just stupid. I should be complimenting the show on bringing back the characters they’ve already established but instead I think the whole thing is a waste of time. Well, that and it just proves that the writers have no idea what to do with Gaby and Carlos now that they are divorced. Honestly, Carlos fits in so much better now that he’s living with Mike. It’s a bit sad that none of the other women were around for Gaby’s birthday or even seemed to remember it.

All in all, I think a lot of the stories felt forced and contrived this week. I go back and forth with this show. One week I like it just fine and the next I get annoyed at the weakness of the stories. I think it’s because I’m not really all that invested in the characters themselves. I can forgive a lot if it means getting an hour with characters I like. Instead I keep wanting the stories to be better so that I’ll have more of a reason to care about these people and their rather ridiculous lives. Maybe having a week off will help get me excited about the show again.

Brothers & Sisters
Then there’s this show which is not one I anxiously await each week and, yet, can’t help but get drawn into once I start watching. They’ve done such a good job of crafting a show with real characters. Characters they don’t go out of their way to work into each storyline each week. Sure, we do see all the regulars each week but their apperances always feel organic to what’s going on. It helps that they’re all family and a family who spends a lot of time together so it makes sense when a brother gets caught in the middle of an argument just because he’s walking through the room or stopping by to see their mom.

Anyway, all of this to say I don’t find myself with much to say about the show each week but I continue to like it. I am surprised at how much I like Rob Lowe as the Senator and Kitty’s love interest. They may have taken it a step too far by having him make a bid for Presidency. Couldn’t he just have been a Senator? The show always seems to want to go as grand as it can but it’s hard to follow through with those things. He’s not going to become President and, most likely, he won’t even win a slot in the race. So why go there? I already know all of this so I’m not going to be too drawn into any of the unnecessary drama that will result from him trying to run and how Kitty plays into that. Although, I did like how she stood up to DW Moffett’s character. I’m not sure what the point of having him interested in dating her was… I don’t really believe that every guy falls for Kitty like the show seems to imply. Still, their date was fun so I didn’t mind too much.

Not sure what the hell is going on with Sarah and Joe (Is it too fangirly of me that I have a soft-spot for Joe because he is Joesph Whedon just like Joss? Probably.). It is probably the most realistic marriage I’ve seen portrayed on TV. One minute they seem to be getting over their issues and the next they are right back to crashing and you have no idea what caused it. Of course, it’s kind of ironic that their issues this week stemmed from their sex and Joe’s inability to finish given that these were the two characters that were just seen having sex on tape by all their closest friends and family. I guess that’s a good reason that no one in the family will guess how serious their problems are until they’re completely falling apart, eh?

Oh. The one thing I did realize last night was that the reason Sarah hates Holly so much is that Holly reminds her of her own weaknesses. Reminds her that she, like her dad, almost gave in to temptation. Holly is the representation of a weakness of her own that she blames her marriage problems on. I can see why she doesn’t want to accept Holly. I wonder how long it’ll take before anyone else figures it out.

There was more but I’m forgetting it right now. Oh! I do have to mention Emily’s first appearance! She was a wise casting decision because she definitely fits in with the Walker family, lookwise. It would have been great had I not known she was going to be on the show because this apperance would have been more of a shock. Still, I loved Tommy’s reaction to her and her reaction to him. Can’t wait to see more of her. Of course, now I have to wait two weeks for that.

On my schedule for tonight: Prison Break, How I Met Your Mother, The Class, Heroes, Rules of Engagement, Studio 60, and What About Brian

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    carpedi7 says:

    I missed the last half of The Amazing Race because I didn’t realize that it was running late and forgot to set the TIVO to runlate, so GRRRR. I have to admit this, I love to watch Rob and Amber on TV. I admit that someone does need to bring the cockiness down a notch or two, but like you said, this is why they do so well and hey, if it is working. I only know about half the teams, and of the ones that I know, I’m only rooting for like 2 of them (Rob and Amber and Kevin and Drew). If Uchenna could win on his own I’d love it but I can’t stand Joyce and haven’t been able to since their season. The Guido’s I like better after listening to their commentary on Season 1 but they rubbed me the wrong way right away in their season so it takes some getting over. Dave and Mary could have just not came back for my tastes. I can’t wait to see how this season pans out.