This is why we don’t do drugs…   

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I’ve gotten more press releases in the past two days than I have in the past month and a half. Guess that’s sweeps time for ya, eh? And yet last night was a fairly light TV night for me. I didn’t get a chance to watch In Case of Emergency and I’m a week behind on Top Deisgn but at least I am keeping up with my regular shows.

I watched and it was interesting but it wasn’t as nearly entertaining as I was hoping for after last week’s promo. It was a bit weird to see them all in court. Possibly because I felt like there wasn’t much to the actual solving of this one. They definitely seemed to figure out who did it way too fast. But, hey, Andy McPhee! Actually playing someone her age! That part was a little odd because she’s definitely one of those people who doesn’t seem to age. She always looks the same to me no matter what I see her in. Overall, I thought it was a decent episode but it obviously didn’t inspire much commentary from me.

One Tree Hill
I’m a little sad that the promos had already told us what was going to happen. Well, that and the fact that the one thing the promos harped on didn’t actually happen until the very end so we have to wait for another episode before we get the fallout. Because of that, I knew it wasn’t going to be the obvious choice. I mean… it may have been traumatic for everyone to see Nathan and Peyton having sex but it wasn’t a scandal that was going to rock the town.

So, instead, we get the retcon that Brooke had sex with Nathan back in the day. Naturally making her the biggest bitch in the world for the way she came down on Peyton regarding all of the Lucas stuff. Of course she’s going to point out that it wasn’t the same because Peyton never loved Nathan and Brooke was the one person who would know that the best. Still… not cool. And just as I was hoping that she was going to feel guilty enough to come clean to Haley about the test.

(ETA: I’m actually using “retcon” in a fashion that I don’t agree with here. I think writers, especially TV writers, should be allowed to go back and add in history as they see fit… especially if they can make it fit. However, it definitely feels like a retcon because of *how* they had Brooke react to the Peyton/Lucas stuff. I could see trying to sell it as her having such a strong reaction because of her guilt but I don’t know if I can buy that. Brooke never displayed an ounce of guilt that would make that work so even though I wouldn’t normally technically consider this a retcon – by my understanding of that term, that is – I can’t help but see it as one anyway.)

It was nice to see last week’s episode being carried over in so many ways. Skills taking Haley’s side was great as was Lucas following up on his book. I don’t quite get what was going on with Shellie and Mouth. Everything there feels so rushed. What’s so wrong with liking each other and not having sex? I was happy that I finally figured out that Shellie was Christina on Point Pleasant. I recognized her from the get-go but I wasn’t sure from where and then I kept having these weird flashback to some show when she’d smile a certain way or say something. Then I suddenly realized who she was and confirmed it with the help of IMDB. Whew. (It was really bugging me!)

Wonder of wonders, I actually felt bad for Rachel this week. I still don’t know what the writers are trying to do with her. It’s like they can’t decide how to handle her. They want us to like and feel for her but they don’t want to lose their troublemaker? I’m not sure what to think about her switching the quizzes. The truth is that she was the one who came up with the idea in the first place so I can’t feel like she’s completely innocent of all wrong doing. And, yet, I appreciate what she’s willing to do for Brooke. It should be interesting to see how things play out from here. It’s obvious she’s going to be the one person who actually stands by Brooke in the weeks to come but will anything happen to clear her too?

As much as I liked last night’s episode in the end, this show tends to try my paitence. I finally felt like we were moving forward with the story and getting somewhere only to get an episode like this… where we learn nothing and get even more questions. The promo I saw at the end of the show promised answers in the weeks to come but I know that’s a lie. It’s not so much that I mind waiting for answers as much as I have no confidence that the people behind the scenes actually have them. Also, aren’t we technically still days behind the stuff happening at the other “island”? We saw Desmond rescuing Claire right before the hiatus and I think, at that time, everything was on the same timeline. So, that means we should still have several days to go before we can expect to see Kate and Sawyer coming over the horizon. Right? Just checking how long I should expect to wait before seeing the two stories start to converge.

OK. Bitching aside, I really did like this episode if only because – and I know I’ve said this before – I love fate/destiny vs free will/choice stories. It drives me a little crazy to think that there is a way that Desmond actually went back in time because of how much I hate the idea that there can’t be a logcal explanation for what’s happening on the island. I suppose I should have given up that hope back when the black smoke killed Eko. Nonetheless, the story was cool enough that I ignored the supernatural elements of it. I’m not sure we can believe he really did go back in time or not but I liked how this flashback wasn’t really a flashback at all. Especially since Charlie was present in the flashback. Obviously it couldn’t have happened like it did or Charlie woudl actually remember Desmond. And, hey, loved seeing Penny again.

I want to know who the lady in the jewelry store is in the grand scheme of things. I’m not sure if her comment about “us” dying refers to everyone in the world or a specific group of people. I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing her again in the future… or would that be the past? Hmmm. I’m not sure how to take the Charlie stuff. Does that mean that Charlie is marked to die? I know a lot of people would be happy to see him off the show but I somehow doubt that includes the people in charge of killing him off the show. So, will he start living as though he’s going to die… that could be interesting.

I don’t have much else. As much as I liked the episode, we didn’t learn much of anything so I don’t feel like there’s too much to comment on. I’m just curious to know if it’ll play a role in future events.

On my schedule for tonight: Ugly Betty, The Office (directed by Joss!!), Supernatural, The OC, ER, and Men in Trees

6 Responses to “This is why we don’t do drugs…”

  1. 1
    cara_leigh9 says:

    But, hey, Andy McPhee!

    Whew, thank goodness you told me who that was. I was going nuts trying to figure where I’d seen her before. Dawson’s Creek right?

    I liked last night’s Lost but mainly because I’ve got a bit of a lusty crush on the ol’ Scot *grin* I’m like you though, I’m ready for some answers and for Kate and Sawyer to get back to their island.

  2. 2
    smithereen says:

    I>I could see trying to sell it as her having such a strong reaction because of her guilt but I don’t know if I can buy that.

    Yeah, I don’t buy it at all. I mean the fallout from the triangle cheating went on for two years in show time. It ruined their friendship twice, and all Brooke every displayed was righteous anger and betrayal. So to say now that she had done the exact same thing to Peyton before any of that happened just makes her look like a huge malicious hypocrite. I don’t think it flies, and I’m very unhappy.

    Thank you for placing Shellie! I thought she looked familiar but I didn’t make the connection.

  3. 3
    spectralbovine says:

    Obviously it couldn’t have happened like it did or Charlie woudl actually remember Desmond.
    Why? He met Desmond one time, for about three minutes, on one day out of many when he must have have seen hundreds, thousands of people. I’m pretty sure Lost is just pulling another “people are all connected” thing.

    I wonder who that lady in the jewelry store is, too. She reminded me of Judi Dench.

  4. 4
    spectralbovine says:

    Aw, Meredith Monroe was in something I don’t watch? I liked her in Dawson’s Creek. I was drawn to her, as they say.

  5. 5
    cara_leigh9 says:

    Yep. I didn’t know her name, just that I’d seen her in something before. I watched Dawson’s Creek some, but wasn’t a faithful viewer.

  6. 6
    blackrosesredxo says:

    One Tree Hill.

    Like you said, strange ep this week. Last weeks was really good in my opinion this one, not so much.

    It just doesnt make sense for it to be Brooke. Like you said, it doesnt fit in with all her previous opinions. Plus, the Nathan and Brooke scene out by the sprinklers was really fake. One, those two never have scenes together alone. Two, the spinklers are a Naley thing! and three, it was as if to show the viewers how those two interact JUST before showing us the video.

    I’ll guess we will have to wait until next week for the fallout.