Yeah, if you’re Daisy or Peach, you can use a heart to protect you.   

Happy Valentine’s Day! May all of you who will be celebrating it today have a great one.

Special hugs go out to [info]calturner and K today. I’m thinking of the two of you today, sweetie.

Also, a special thanks to [info]athenacqd for the virtual bundle of gifts. You’re too sweet. I’m still catching up so I haven’t had the chance to say this yet… it’s great to have you back in LJ-Land again!

Now, without further ado, what I’ve watched so far this week:

The Apprentice
This week’s task was lame. Or maybe it’s just the teams who are lame. Because they did nothing great with the task. The team that actually put signs outside Ralph’s about their honey didn’t even bother to have signs printed. They just scribbled something on banner paper. What’s up with that? Since I really watch this show for the tasks, I find it increasingly frustrating that the teams put no effort into trying to win.

That said, I was surprised when Arrow lost. I’m not sure why. Aaron didn’t do any work and I definitely agree that he was the one who deserved to be fired but it really felt like they were selling more bottles in the store. The other team just seemed to be standing around doing nothing… but I guess that was the editors trying to mislead me, eh?

I’m considering dropping this show… for one reason. NBC keeps giving away what team is going to lose (or win). If it’s not their damn “Who Do You Want to Send to Tent City” phone poll giving it away by showing a majority of people from one team. Hmmm, if three of the five choices of people are from Team Arrow… I wonder which team is more likely to be in the boardroom, eh? If you’re watching, look for it. Each week the losing team is the team with the majority of people in the poll. But, even worse, the promos are now focusing on the damn “romance” angle. OK. Given that the two people involved are on the same team and that particualar team is currently in Tent City, don’t think having promos that show them kissing in the hot tub gives away that that team is going to be back in the mansion next week? Way to take away all the suspense, NBC.

The L Word
Overall, this was a great episode. I liked all of the bits and pieces, even the Jenny parts! (It helps that Jenny got the desserts she so richly deserves for trying to get revenge on her reviewer.) My favorite part, though, was the very beginning. I’m not sure exactly how long the sequence was but I’d say it was a good ten minutes. It was all people talking on the phone. The transitions from character to character with the multiple split screens were great. I’ve been trying to figure out why I loved it so much but I think it’s just because it was so different and yet felt so organic and real. Plus, it made you feel like you’d seen twice the number of scenes in the first ten minutes of the show than you see in the whole hour. We didn’t, of course, but it felt that way.

I felt for Shane at the premiere but, then again, it’s hard too feel too bad for her. I was susprised we didn’t see much Papi/Shane interaction in this particular episode because you’d think Papi would wanting to take some of the spotlight away from Shane. Or maybe she knew that it wouldn’t be possible in this instance. Of course, it was amusing that Papi ended up with the blonde that Shane could care less about (who in the past she definitely would have been leaving the party with). I’m wondering if Papi is supposed to illustrate how much Shane really has changed.

Meanwhile, I feel like Bette is on a very self-destructive path at the moment. In retrospect, I think it may just be the way she lives her life. First she sleeps with her TA and now one of her subordinates? Eek. I kept waiting for Nadia to show up in the studio because you know Nadia would love to bust Bette for that shit. I dunno, I think it’s rather stupid of Bette especially with all the grief she’s giving Alice regarding Phyllis. Then there’s the stuff with Angus that just reminds me that Bette was never one of my favorite characters. I’ve always preferred Tina over her. I suppose that’s why I’m sad that the show is working so hard to make Tina the bad guy this season. Bette’s not so much more suited to the role as the way she functions is so opposite of how I function. I can’t believe she coached Angus to keep the Hazel stuff a secret from Kit. What the fuck? To some degree I agree that telling the other person is about trying to relieve some of your guilt but, on the other hand, it’s also about being honest in a relationship and giving that person the chance to decide whether they want to forgive you or not.

Uh… all the other stuff was good too. I can’t remember what it all was right now but I liked where they seem to be headed with each of these characters right now.

How I Met Your Mother & The Class
Combining these because I don’t remember much from either of them. I didn’t think either episodes were really stand out. I remember laughing at stuff during them but, overall, they failed to engage me as much as they normally do. Of the two, I liked The Class more.

Rules of Engagement
Grrr. Last week I sung the praises of this show and this week? Not so much. I didn’t find much of it, if anything, all that funny. And, this week I was reminded of the one issue I did have with it last week. The cast hasn’t quite gelled yet. These people are, for the most part, new friends so it wasn’t completely obvious last week but I really noticed it this week. I haven’t given up on it yet because I really did like it last week. We shall see.

I usually have so much to say about this show but I don’t really this time. I should note that I got my new laptop Monday evening and had just gotten home and pulled it out of the box when this show began. You could say I was a bit distracted during the episode so that could be why my commentary is limited.

The episode wasn’t quite as action packed as I was expecting. That said, I loved the Matt VS Jessica stuff. I love that Matt could hear Niki but never figured out that there wasn’t another woman. It’s an interesting thing to consider… because it means that the two women’s voices are different enough to mark them as seperate. I also liked that Matt took the diamonds. I think we’re going to see a darker side to Matt and I can understand it. I imagine being able to hear exactly what people think might lead you more to the darker side than you might expect. In a way, he’s similar to Claude in that way. Claude sees what people do when they think no one else is around and it’s lead to a very jaded view of humanity. Matt hears what people think when they know no one else is listening. I can see it having the exact same effect.

I’m not at all surprised that Fire!Mom contacted Nathan to get money out of him. She was smart, though. I wasn’t paying close attention so I wasn’t sure if she knew Claire would be outside the window (like, did she tell Claire she could listen in and judge for herself) or whether she was just smart enough to anticipate it. It tracks well with what we’ve seen of Claire in the past few weeks and how she has hidden what she’s doing from HRG. I have faith that it won’t be long before Claire gets to meet Nathan face to face. I’m guessing she’s the one who will figure out that Peter is Nathan’s brother. After all, she’s got enough information to look up Nathan now which will lead her to Peter. Speaking of HRG and Claire, for one scary moment I thought HRG had decided to cut Claire off from everything she held dear. When her mom didn’t recognize her or Mr. Muggles, I immediately suspected him of wiping Claire from her memory. Of course afterwards I realized that, given what we knew was happening already and the Hatian’s warning in the last episode, HRG has wiped her memory one too many times and now they’re all going to pay for it.

More… there was more. Sylar. Man. Damn him for killing Zane who seemed like a pretty nice guy who was completely freaked out by his powers. Also, damn Zane for being so freaked out by his powers that he couldn’t tell the very obvious difference between Sylar and Mohinder’s voices. I was going to give Mohinder a hard time for the same thing but, really, Sylar changed his voice slightly to try and match Zane’s. It’s Zane who had the more obvious difference to work with. Sylar, though, is awesome for being so quick to adjust his game plan. He’s one wily dude. I’m almost sad that he’s such a bad guy because I’d like to keep Zachary Quinto around for a long time. Mohinder’s not too good with the people intuition, eh? First Eden and now Sylar. It should be interesting to see when Mohinder will figure out that this guy isn’t quite what he seems…

Studio 60
I wasn’t expecting to like this episode and yet I did. Maybe because it was less coupley even with the flashbacks to Matt and Harry. I expected to see a little more of Danny in those but oh well. While the play between Danny and Jordan amused me it feels weird to have them go from zero to sixty in the span of two episodes. Overall, it was a good episode but nothing really stood out to me.

Gilmore Girls
I don’t know what anyone else thought about this episode but I thought it was rather nicely done. I even cried at the end. I have had some problems with the way they handled Lore and Chris and I’m still upset that they actually married the two of them. That said, it did happen way too fast. I’m just glad that, in the end, they showed that both of them had some blame. Chris did push Lore into marrying so quickly and Lore did let what she had always wanted with Chris tempt her into taking a step she knew she wasn’t ready to take. And, happily, I think Chris/Lore shippers still get something out of this resolution. Because they had Lore admit that she’s always wanted it to work with Chris. I think that’s believable. Lore has always loved Chris and I’m glad that the show didn’t just abuse that history (err, or glad that they didn’t abuse it to death because they did abuse it a bit during the course of this storyline).

The rest was ok but it felt disjointed. I don’t get the Rory/Logan stuff at all. I guess it’s good that she could go to Logan and talk to him about it but it all felt weird. Or too rushed. Seeing a guy and getting flustered by him shouldn’t immediately make you wonder if you’re being self-destructive. If she continued to be that way around him and could tell she’d actually be tempted to do something with him if he asked, that’d be something to be concerned about. So, to have it all happen in one episode felt a little too odd. I really wouldn’t blame Alexis for wanting to leave the show at this point because Rory really seems to have no storyline at all this year. I really thought they were going to go somewhere with her struggles to determine what she wants to do after Yale but it doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal now.

If nothing else, I have to wonder if the majority of people will finally be able to enjoy the show again since this episode marks the end of Lore and Chris.

Veronica Mars
I didn’t love this episode but I did really really like it. I love that it’s a two-parter. There was a lot happening so I can see why they didn’t have time to fit it all into one episode. I think it ended up giving us a nice balance of MOTW, other character storylines, and Dean O’Dell murder clues. Plus, we had continuity like WHOA! and you know I love that.

I haven’t read many commentaries about the episode yet but I did see a couple mentioning not knowing what Veronica was thinking but I thought the first scene between Veronica and Wallace was cluing us into exactly what she’s doing. She’s being so very Veronica-like and compartmentalizing it all. She’s trying hard not to think about it so she’s focusing on everything else instead. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she suddenly has a lot more interest in the Dean O’Dell case as of this week and last week. Sure, the recommendation letter is a nice way to reinforce her reason for caring about it but it’s always easier for her to focus on a case than on the emotional turmoil in her life. I liked the little pause she makes after the front desk girl calls her Logan’s girlfriend. She’s not going to correct her about that because she wants her cooperation but it was nice to see that even hearing it rattles her slightly.

I’m not sure what to think about the MOTW. We really didn’t get much information about it at all. I lean towards believing Josh if only because he and his mother came to Keith. It’d be risky to involve your own PI if you have actually committed the murder. (Hmmm, so will this case parallel the O’Dell case in a way?) I don’t like Mason much and haven’t since the days when he was pressuring Wallace to party instead of study. However, I’m not sure my dislike of him means that he’s a murderer. I just hope that Wallace has more of a role to play in the resolution of this story next week.

Oh, also, nice use of Weevil in this instance. I’m sure some people will once again complain about him just being used for stupid things but I love that the show tries to come up with organic ways to involve the regulars. Weevil can’t be helping Veronica solve something for no good reason and I love it that she comes to him for PCHer stuff. Felt like old times in a way.

I like that Keith now has his own reasons for wanting to solve Dean O’Dell’s murder. Loved that last scene between he and Mindy. In a way, you want to believe Mindy could be innocent because she sells the affronted attitude so well. And, yet, I know she’s keeping information from Keith so I like that he’s going to be working for himself now. I love that Ratner is being re-used but I would have laughed if he had refused to help or tell Veronica anything. Maybe she would have had to show some remorse for getting him into trouble for nothing. Not to mention it would have been nice for her to learn how she burns her bridges to quickly sometimes. Still, nice that it’s someone we know who overheard the argument in the room that night. What did the sercuity guy say about their cameras? (Also nice continuity, for multiple reasons.) Woulud there be no way to check who had come in the elevator that night? Anything that would give away that it was the Dean who came to the hotel?

Man, I’m glad that this mystery is getting more play now because I’m quite intrigued by the whole thing. I know a lot of people don’t feel that way but I can’t wait to get more information and find out who did it.

And, finally, Logan. Shall I go backwards? Because how freaking happy was I to see the Logan we know and love show up at his Economics class?! With apple in hand no less! Oh, Logan, you and your apples.

So, yeah, I loved all of the Logan stuff. I liked watching his progression from heartbroken guy to “I’m going to get through this” guy. And the little girl was genius. Who better to get through to him? We’d seen that nothing else was working. I loved her razzing him about his lack of a shower and the mess not to mention her prank about the guy online. Haha. I even loved his lack of response at first and hiding out in his room. Them playing Mario Kart was awesome, as was their little hug at the very end. Loved the girl’s reaction once she realized it was Veronica in the elevator because that’s exactly what an 11 year old would do. No desire to pretend to be anything but excited for the chance to talk to the other person. Funny how we change as we grow up, eh?

Dick’s part in the whole thing was great. It was a reminder as to why these two are friends. It was nice to see them interacting that way again. Loved Dick locking Logan out on the balcony and later calling in his you-slept-with-Madison card. I’m not sure I actually believe Dick woudl be the type to ever get married in Vegas but I suppose I could believe he’d get drunk enough to be talked into it. I’m more confused than ever about Dick rooming with Logan. This time we actually saw his room but does that mean he splits his time between the frat and the Neptune Grand or what? Also, what’s up with the goat on the wall behind his bed? Oh, VM set designers, you do amuse me.

So… next time on VM we find out how Veronica looks behind those bars and hopefully find out how she helped Josh escape. It was a bit stupid of her to smuggle him the cookies even if it did remind me of Keith smuggle the tapes out of the Sheriff’s Office last season. Do you think Josh faked getting sick? Or was that weird look he exchanged with his cellmate somehow connected to his escape?

ETA: Ooooh. I bet he’s allergic to peanuts!! He told her he wanted cookies and specifically asked for them to peanut butter cookies. I noted it last night because it was so odd but I just remembered it and realized maybe he didn’t have to fake being sick from the cookies.

Before I finish up, the podcast for this episode is already up for your listening pleasure. This week it’s the director, John Kretchmer, commenting on the episode. It’s a little different than past podcasts in that it’s just him commenting and he’s clearly reading from notes. He speeds through his ntoes but I found his perspective on things very interesting. It’s neat to hear about what scenes took longer to film, etc. (Note: Anyone who thought Josh may shove Veronica off the cliff for a brief moment should definitely listen because they actually didn’t have time to film that scene the way they wanted… which was to make it seem like he might do that. So, none of you are crazy for having that thought for no apparent reason.) Plus, it was kind of refreshing to his commentary about Kristen after some of the comments I’ve read about her lately (acting-wise). Check it out if you get the chance.

Scheduling Note: Jericho returns with an all new episode next week but, if you haven’t been watching but are interested, there’s a recap episode, Return to Jericho, on tonight at 8PM (CBS). This is your chance to find out what happened in the first 11 episodes of the season before next week. I’ve been waiting for this recap to air so that I can post my review of next week’s episode which I got a preview copy of and LOVED.

On my schedule for tonight: Bones, One Tree Hill, In Case of Emergency, and Lost

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  1. 1
    spectralbovine says:

    I imagine being able to hear exactly what people think might lead you more to the darker side than you might expect. In a way, he’s similar to Claude in that way. Claude sees what people do when they think no one else is around and it’s lead to a very jaded view of humanity. Matt hears what people think when they know no one else is listening. I can see it having the exact same effect.
    Ooooh. Wow, very nice.

    What did the sercuity guy say about their cameras?
    They write over after a month. So there’s no way to look back.

  2. 2
    grammarwoman says:

    “Plus, it was kind of refreshing to his commentary about Kristen after some of the comments I’ve read about her lately (acting-wise).”

    Ooo! So what have people been saying about KB’s acting? ‘Cuz I’ve been finding it really phoned-in. It only seems to be last couple of episodes that she’s ranged anywhere outside of the smug zone.

  3. 3
    blackrosesredxo says:

    Anyone who thought Josh may shove Veronica off the cliff for a brief moment s

    That was definetly me.

    Ooooh. I bet he’s allergic to peanuts!! He told her he wanted cookies and specifically asked for them to peanut butter cookies.
    I think in the directors cut they just released, this was confirmed. =D

    Oh, Logan, you and your apples.
    So season 1 and I loved it!

    So awesome summary, and you’ve got a new avid reader on your hands =D