Why don’t we just stop and ask for directions?   

Hey… I completely forgot to tell you guys that Nelly Furtado would be guest starring on CSI: NY last night. Sorry! Hopefully the CSI: NY fans were watching and got to see her. I only watch the various CSIs occasionally so I forgot what night it was on and thought I had until today to post the press release. Alas.

I had quite a few shows on last night but I only got to watch two of them. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on the others tonight before the big Thursday lineup.

So, uh, this was a good espidoe. I think the gator thing was a bit of an overkill. That religious nut should be found guilty of two murders because it’s his fault the old gator had to be put down. Like I said, that part was a bit much. The only point of it was to be able to have the gator autopsy. It’s a twist on the old cut open a shark and see what’s in his stomach sight gag. I suppose some of that was also having Sully and Bones meet somewhere that assured they’d be meeting alone the first time.

The solution was pretty good too. I didnt’ expect it to be the religious guy. I was leaning more towards Monte’s lackeys. And I suppose the show covered its bases by having the father kill Monte so that he was brought to justice for his part in what happened to the girl.

I will say that I found it somewhat difficult to keep track of where Sully and Bones were. Both Mo and I kept questioning how they hell they got back and forth from Florida to Maryland so quickly. See, that’s the problem with taking them on the road. I don’t actually think they were doing a lot of back and forth but it was still confusing.

Also, I’m about to be nitpicky but you’ll have to excuse me… I am a Floridian so I always notice when shows come to Florida and get things wrong. The idea that anyone who was traveling from Ft. Lauderdale to Daytona Beach would get detoured from I-95 to I-75 is ridiculous. Alligator Alley goes across the state, not UP it. Or, up and across really… but it does NOT take you up the East coast of the state. If I-95 were ever shut down (also highly unlikely), you’d be detoured over to the turnpike and take that up to Ft. Pierce where the two roads come together again. I think I would have preferred it if the writers had had Monte and his crew going from Lauderdale to Tampa but I guess that would have clued them in to Alligator Alley immediately, eh?

Ok, ignoring my obsessiveness with FL roads, I did like the episode and I’m glad that Bones has her own love interest finally. Booth has gotten a lot of loving this season, Bones deserves the same. Plus, it should make things fun. That probably need to give Sully some flaws, though. He’s a bit too perfect at the moment. Also, loved Stephen Fry as Booth’s shrink. Mo and I were laughing about how Booth gave him so much free labor. I was hoping for a little more insight into what happened with his ex-wife but I guess that was just a stressor that added to the 50th kill thing.

Next week… Valentine’s Day episode!

Ok, that was a kick ass episode. I’m not even sure I believe we didn’t learn much because I think we learned about Juliet and what drives her. We didn’t learn much about the island but… I think we did in a way. I have to re-evaluate things because I really had the impression that these people had all been on the island for several years but Juliet’s only been there three years. It makes me wonder how long the others have been there. That also gives us real proof that they can come and go from the island. I wonder if they’ve been doing experiments on this island for all these years or if they purposely made the orientation videos look old for a reason. How much of what our group of survivors have found has been planted for them to find? I had this flash last night about how it’d be pretty cool (though horribly unethical) if the entire plane crash was/is an experiment.

I’m more and more convinced that there are passages under the water between the two islands. Alex was planning to escape via boat but I don’t think Alex’s plan was to go to the other island so that makes sense. Plus, she’d have to know that the passages underground all have cameras (though she should also know that the entire island has “eyes”). Did we know before that Ben is her father? I’d like to go back and listen to Danielle’s stories about arriving on the island again. Of course, if it’s as I expect and the whole thing is an experiment… it might mean that nothing she has said could be considered credible.

I don’t hate Kate but I was rather unmoved by her breaking down while telling Jack’s beach story. I guess I see Kate as strong than that and, though I know it was supposed to come off as sincere, I wasn’t really feeling it. Plus, I knew that she’s going to ignore Jack’s instructions not to come back for him. I know he said that before because he was hoping he wouldn’t be on that island so she and Sawyer coming back would be for nothing. Still, any idiot could guess that Ben isn’t going to let Jack go anywhere after that stunt. And, if Jack ever thought Ben would honor that promise anyway, I’m sure he’s realized from Juliet’s final words that escape isn’t going to be quite that easy.

Ok, so who is willing to bet we see Sherry again? Or have we seen her before? That name sounds familiar even if I don’t remember her face. That’s not uncommon though. I’ve begun to lose track of everyone we’ve met in flashbacks on this show. Let’s put it this way… I didn’t even realize that it was Ethan who passed Juliet in the hallway (at her sister’s place) at the beginning of the episode until I rewatched it looking for a quote for my subject line. I want to rewatch all of the flashbacks to see if we see anyone else we’ve met before.

Oh and the bus. Man. That freaked me out. I think iw as in the same state of shock as Juliet. I had to rewind because I couldn’t believe what I’d seen. THEN I remembered what Juliet said and freaked out again! I wasn’t sure if she had caused the bus thing, a la Walt, or if the company had taken care of that part. The idea that the company would go to such lengths to get Juliet just seems to support my idea that they’d purposely crash a plane just to get the people on board. Hell, they’d probably figure that they’d only want the ones strong enough to survive such a crash for their experiments. That’s the kind of crazy they seem to be. I guess Juliet found out the hard way… be careful what you wish for. She might have felt trapped with Edmund but I’m guessing she’s now found out what it’s really like to be trapped.

Ben waking up on the table was just… wrong. For a moment I was afraid that Juliet had done it to him purposely so it was kind of funny when it was Jack who admitted he wasn’t an anesthesiologist. Of course I wanted to hit the show when it didn’t let us hear what was being said between Ben and Juliet. Thank goodness Jack asked! I’m sure there was more to what Ben said but I’m equally sure we’ll eventually find that out as well.

What was up with what they were doing to Carl? These people scare me. Also, have we deteremined whether Carl was on the back end of the plane? He’s clearly new, right? I like the idea that Alex fell for a captor and then tried to help him escape. From what Juliet said, it’s obvious Ben wouldn’t care about Carl escaping but he’d never let Alex go. Oh. Man. I just realized… that medicine Claire had in Season 1! Could it be Juliet’s experiment?

I’m all over the place with this commentary but there was so much buried in this episode and that’s without the majority of the cast. I am happy that Kate and Sawyer are finally going to be reunited with the rest of the people on the beach because I think it’s about time we get them back into the storylines.

Alright, ABC, I think your hiatus thing may have worked. I’m all excited about this show again. Apparently absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

On my schedule for tonight: Ugly Betty, The Office, Supernatural, The OC, ER, and Men in Trees

Returning tonight: Survivor: Fiji – I haven’t decided whether I’m watching this installment of Survivor. The last Survivor was rather boring for me and I’m just not feeling it anymore. However, several of my friends watch and that’s part of the fun of watching… being able to talk about it the next day at work. I guess we’ll see how I feel tonight at 8.

9 Responses to “Why don’t we just stop and ask for directions?”

  1. 1
    harper47 says:

    Haven’t watched my Bones tape yet so quickly skipping past that – I too really liked Lost last night. At first, when I heard it was a Juliet episode I was whatever but I really enjoyed it. I think it was the Eathan, the bus, Calamity Jane from Deadwood – love her so much! – that sold it for me. That made it interesting.

    The rest of the stuff didn’t grab me as much but I agree with you about the medicine Claire got maybe being Juliet’s medicine. Awesome!

  2. 2
    eolivet says:

    I wonder if they’ve been doing experiments on this island for all these years or if they purposely made the orientation videos look old for a reason.

    Ooh, good point — even though the copyright said “1981,” that might’ve been faked. Then again…I believe Ben said he was born on the island… Who knows? ;)

    I wasn’t sure if she had caused the bus thing, a la Walt, or if the company had taken care of that part.

    GAH, I didn’t even consider that she might’ve caused the crash herself!!! She did have the power to experiment with pregnant male mice, so…maybe… Wow, that’s a whole other level of creepy. :/

    The last Survivor was rather boring for me and I’m just not feeling it anymore.

    Awww, see I thought last year’s “Survivor” turned at about the halfway point. What’s turning me off from this one is the same “Apprentice” stunt. Sounded great for “Survivor,” but it’s been awful on “Apprentice.” I just don’t know if I want to see that twice a week. :x

  3. 3
    spectralbovine says:

    I have no clue who Carl is or when they ever mentioned him, but that video was freaky.

    that medicine Claire had in Season 1! Could it be Juliet’s experiment?

    The company totally killed Edmund with a bus.

  4. 4
    jadelynx says:

    I gave up on both Apprentice and Survivor (too many shows, too few TiVos on which to tape them). What Apprentice stunt? :D

  5. 5
    gymble says:

    I enjoyed Lost last night. Now I just have to convince myself that none of the plots will ever really fit together and that it’s okay for the writers to make things up as they go along. I’m not terribly good at that. I like things to fit together.

  6. 6
    jadelynx says:

    I was trying to follow the interstate conversation and I was like “Huh?” The last time they did construction on 95, they just made us drive through it. And why would anyone cut over to 75 as a detour? Sheesh. The only way that would have made sense is if THAT part was the attempt to stay out of trouble part.

    At any rate, I’m very happy that Booth and Cam broke up and I’m glad to see Bones getting a love interest. Let’s hope this one doesn’t turn out to be a jerk or a murderer or murdered or whatever. I’m looking forward to next week. The thing is, with the actress who played Booth’s ex on L Word now, I wonder if she’s gonna make another appearance on Bones.

    Lost was disappointing to me. Mostly because I’ve had enough of the Jack/Sawyer/Kate story and I’m ready to see more of the other people for a while. But if that was what it took for me to get back to the other island, great!

    I too had to do the TiVo rewind to when he got hit by a bus, because I was very shocked. Stupidly, I didn’t remember she’d specifically said hit by a bus until she made the connection later. That’s what I get for trying to watch while medicated. :D

    My biggest gripe is that I came into this episode expecting more Nathan Fillion! We were promised two episodes, damn it! He better be back soon, because I’m ready!

  7. 7
    eolivet says:

    This season, “The Apprentice” makes the losing team on a given task live in tents, while the winning team lives in a mansion. This season of “Survivor” looks like it’s doing the same thing (well…minus the whole “living in a mansion” part ;) Separating the Haves and Have Nots. Mark Burnett needs a new trick, I think. :/

  8. 8
    cdn_tvaddict says:

    It was a kick ass ep. of Lost! It’s funny because I was totally waiting for that guy to get hit by a bus (because she said that), but I was completely shocked when it happened.

    I think it was whatever they were doing to Carl that freaked me out the most. Sensory deprivation via overload? Like at some point there’s just so much that you can’t make out anythign anymore. I was assuming it was to try and make him confused or perhaps to forget stuff, but those are really just wild guesses. I think the only time we’ve ever seen Carl before was when he was in Kate’s cage before she got there. But again, not sure.

    Loved that Kate finally kicked someone’s ass. I was getting very tired of her being held at gunpoint and messing up all the plans.

  9. 9
    cosmicviolet says:

    I saw CSI. I like Nelly and I thought she did fine, although her delivery was maybe a bit flat. But also: Beaver! Kyle Gallner just happened to be in the same episode, and he was part of this secret society at school. It was pretty cool.