I don’t think your sword will fit.   

That’s what she said. < /Michael>

I love it when one quote fits two shows and that’s why I went with that one for the subject line. There were a bunch of favorites in the past few days but that’s the one that stuck with me so it gets the honor. Geez. I feel like there’s been an insane amount of TV since I lasted posted. Possibly because I was already behind when I posted last and I’m even further behind now that my favorites are back. Or possibly because it’s been several days since I posted so I’m just insanely behind on everything.

Psych returned on Friday and I loved it! I won’t spoil anything about the episode but how have I survived six months without Shawn and Gus? I had forgotten how much I enjoy this show. I’m glad new episodes are back. I also caught up on Grey’s Anatomy. I thought this episode was good but I’m days behind everyone else in watching it so I’m not going to comment on any of it.

I finally watched last week’s One Tree Hill and I have to say it wasn’t the best decision to split this episode and the last episode up. I had kind of forgotten what happened last so I wasn’t as invested as I could have been. Also, I think this is the first time this season that I admitted that I want the show to end this year. Don’t get me wrong, despite everyone who claims it’s the worst show on TV, I still like it but I just can’t see where they can take it after high school. I’ve heard they were considering jumping ahead five years and I can’t even express how much I hate that idea. I’d rather they just do a good job bringing everyone’s stories to a close than try something like that. Of course, it could be because I’m still annoyed at the current timeline. A hell of a lot has happened this “Spring.”

I think that catches me up on the shows I missed commenting on from last week, excluding Men in Trees and Ace of Cakes which I haven’t watched yet. I also haven’t watched Desperate Housewives or Brothers & Sisters from this week. Bad week to get behind on my shows. I meant to record The Dresden Files but forgot. I’ve read a few people’s entries about it but I haven’t seen a whole lot of buzz about the show. Does that mean it’s not worth trying? How did Sunday go from being one of my lightest nights of TV to being full again?

Grease: YTOTIW
So, this episode was much better than the audition episodes and, yet, I still wasn’t all that into it. I thought I would have wanted more of the Grease Academy but it turns out… not so much. Not that I’m confident I’m going to like the upcoming episodes much either. It seems like it took them a long time to get to these live/voting shows. Am I crazy? Anyway, the performance half of the show wasn’t great either. I think it was the editing but I felt like we didn’t really get to see the performances enough to judge how each of the contestants were going to do. Not that I guess it mattered. It wasn’t like we were going to get to know each of these contestants.

The thing about reality shows is that it’s the PEOPLE who keep you watching and this show has yet to get me invested in anyone because almost everyone they’ve featured so far has been cut from the process. What’s up with that? Not that I don’t agree with the decisions but don’t you think we’d care more about who got to stay if we knew more about them? Eh. And yet I’lll be back next week… just hoping it’ll get better. Next week’s show is two hours long… and who are these mysterious contestants who will also be competing? Could it be real perfomers? That might explain the mysterious lack of real talent we’ve seen so far. That doesn’t bode well for getting to know the contestants. Still, maybe it’ll finally be something exciting to liven up the show… I’m not holding my breath.

The Apprentice
I was going to bitch about how much pointless face time Team Kinetic got with the camera but then I realized they needed some filler scenes because Michelle’s resignation cut out the entire boardroom section of the show. Still, it feels odd that we know next to nothing about that team and it’s members. So much so that I could care less if they were enjoying the hotel amenities. The only persorn we’ve really met from that team is Heidi. Who cares about the rest? I won’t be surprised if the “romance” we’re not supposed to want to miss the beginning of is between two people on that team. After all, they’ve had nothing to do but hang out with each other most of the season so far. They hardly ever get interviewed because there’s nothing going on with their team and they don’t have to make boardroom apperances. What else do they have to do but make out with each other?

But, let’s get back to this episode and the task. I thought the task itself was pretty cool. I don’t know why they haven’t done something similar in the NYC seasons because it’d work there too. That said, I was disappointed with what both teams came up with. Neither one was very creative or unique. Why wouldn’t you request a list of Starline tours that already exist immediately to make sure you weren’t duplicating something they already do (because you *KNOW* they have a tour that covers places in Hollywood that you’ve seen in movies) and to give you ideas for what they might be lacking? The threesome won but, really, they mostly won because the other team sucked SO MUCH. If the foursome (how else do I identify them?) had come up with a really creative idea, it wouldn’t have been so cut and dry. I mean… when the task started they were told they’d be judged on more than just their ratings from the people on the tour and yet nothing else ever came up. For instance, I thought getting the Laker Girls was a nice touch but then nothing on the tour even related to the Lakers and that seemed a waste. Sending James out on one of the tours, however, was a smart move on their part. I’m not sure it amounted to much since the things they learned never came up again but it was still smart of them. Amazing how much those three got done compared to the other four.

I do think Michelle would have been the one to go and I think she knew it as well. Quite frankly, though, I think Tim had a major role to play in his team’s failure. I know that he wanted Michelle to make the decision but he’s from LA. He should have had some good ideas about what they could do and he could have helped her make the decision about the tour route. Frank and Nicole took the iniative and got things done while Michelle and Tim were gone but they were partly gone so long because Tim was NOT offering any opinions to Michelle. Honestly, it felt like Michelle’s team wasn’t willing to help her in anyway from the get go. I get not liking someone but that’s no reason to not help and that’s how it came off to me. Michelle could probably tell that’s how they were treating her as well and then to listen to them basically tear her down to Trump… well, I can’t blame her for wanting to control her fate. Trump can say all he wants about quitting but he could never convince me that he’d do anything he could not to be fired on national TV. I think he’s full of it. He was annoyed because he wasn’t controlling the decision and that she was calling him out on the whole stupid Tent City thing. You know, she does have a point… it was not what she signed on for and, like I said before, if that’s an indication of what it’s going to be like to work for Trump… I’d quit too. So, at the end of the day, I didn’t particularly like Michelle and I thought she was horrible on this task but I fully supported her decision to resign and think she made the right move.

The L Word
Am I the only one who notices a slight resemblance between Tina and Nadia? In fact, the only reason I could see Bette going for Nadia was because of the resemblance. Nadia is not what I’d typically think of as Bette’s type. Even her method of pursuit doesn’t seem like something that Bette would find intriguing. Of course, this could be because I don’t particularly care for the pushy way Nadia was letting Bette know she wanted her. It feels like trouble. What happens when Bette is no longer interested in Nadia? You can’t tell me that Nadia’s not the type to use the whole dean/student thing against her later. So, of course Bette ended up kissing her…

Tina’s gay/straight mixer was the worst thing ever. First, who has those? Seriously… I guess part of my problem is that it doesn’t seem like the “straight” people there are even Tina’s friends. Does she hang out with them and do stuff with them? I guess the whole thing is weird to me because in my world, sexulality doesn’t matter to the group as a whole. We don’t exist in a gay vs straight world. I have friends who are both and I have friends who are bi. We all hang out and do things together and… is that really so foreign to the way the rest of the world works? I guess I just don’t believe it. Especially when we’re talking about a show set in LA. I mean, true, Orlando has a huge gay community so maybe I am more likely to have a more “diverse” group of friends but you can’t convince me that it wouldn’t be even more likely to have that mix of friends in LA. Ok, ok… I know that was the point of the whole thing but it was so unlike what I imagine that kind of gathering would be like that it took away from the story. What is going on with Tina? It feels like she’s changed so much from the Tina I loved. I understood her side of the baby thing but I don’t understand everything else that’s going on with her.

Oh… haha, I KNEW ALICE WAS GOING TO GO FOR PHYLLIS! Oh, Bette, how could you not see that?! I don’t know if Alice was actually flirting with her at The Planet but even I knew she’d be flattered by Phyllis liking her.

Uh, what else? Jenny continues to annoy me and I almost threw my pillow at the screen during the cold open because I do not want to get back to those crazy Jenny openers of S2. Please, spare us. Max’s storyline is making me really uncomfortable and it’s not all her acting, although that certainly doesn’t help. I’m not sure I believe anyone would actually buy that she’s a man, much less her boss. I’m happy with the Shane/Shay storyline so far although I can’t tell what the kid is supposed to be feeling. But, that’d be consistent with Shane’s characterization so I’m withholding judgment for now. Helena’s storyline better get better soon. It’s hard to believe she can’t find a job anywhere given her background.

Hmmm… what else? Oh! Ok, the showdown scene between Papi and Shane was fabulous. I love how Shane is so oblivious to the whole thing and of course she is… she never would have been a year ago but she’s changed. Not, for the record, that she would have cared about Papi a year ago either. It was never about the numbers for Shane and that’s all it seems to be about for Papi. No,Shane would have known what was going on around her last year, but I’m so glad she doesn’t because it made it even sweeter when she just walked away from Papi. I think the Universe might explode if those two ever hook up but I suspect that’s where we’re headed. Guess we’ll see how it progresses next week, eh?

Prison Break
Like I said to [info]spectralbovine, the show just removed all possibility of hope as far as Linc and Michael are concerned. How are they ever going to prove Linc’s innocence now? There’s no way the President is going to come clean so the show has effectively damned them a life on the run. And that may seem like a good idea in theory… except that why should I keep watching? There’s no end now… am I going to care about them running from the law forever? Are they? At what point do they just decide it’s not worth it anymore and give up so they can be sent to prison to at least live out their days in a predictable hell? Quite frankly, we may look back upon Steadman’s death as the point where the show jumped the shark. I didn’t feel as strongly about it last night as I was watching but the more I read people’s reactions and think about it, the more I think it wasn’t a smart move. Although, I was all happy that I saw it coming! I knew, the minute he pulled the gun away from Linc that he was going to kill himself. Poor Michael, he knows that was their last hope of anything going the way he planned.

T-Bag? See… this was exactly where I did not want to see the show go. As if I couldn’t already stand the man, now we’ve got to watch him torture this family? And what hope of rescue do they have? Although, for the record, why the hell haven’t the FBI been crawling all over that lady’s house since they realized the fugitives had all split up? Even if it seemed unlikely that T-Bag would go after her, wouldn’t they want to make sure they had the possibility covered? Whatever. I can’t watch much more of that so they better have a solution in their back pocket and I hope it involves a quick, painful death for T-Bag.

And why are we back in the prison at all? Do we care? Who the hell likes that character and actually cares what happens to him even if he seems to be getting what he deserves? Most of the audience may think that but most of the audience also doesn’t want to think that they would think that so it makes it uncomfortable to watch. This show is quickly veering off into territory where there’s no one to root for and no hope for the two people we maybe care about. Why should I keep watching if that’s the case? Hmmm?

Also, where is Sara?! She’s one of the few characters I actually still care about.

How I Met Your Mother & The Class
Awww, I feel bad combining these but this post is already way too long and I haven’t even gotten to last night’s Heroes. HIMYM was great. The firing story was a bit weak but I forgive it because Barney cracked me up too much at the end. For one, I loved that Ted kept chickening out on the firing because I know how he felt. The first time you have to fire someone is horrible and that’s exactly what you want to do… even when you want to get rid of the person, you keep coming up with ways to delay the actual firing. And the nude portrait was great. Errr, the jokes around that is – not the portrait itself. I can’t even believe Barney wanted Lily to do one of him because it was not that great… although, that is the point, Barney is so egotistical that he just wants a nude portrait of himself and will do anything to get one. The sword bit cracked me up, as did Marshall milking him out of more money (and Barney believing he was the puppetmaster in that case). BUT, the very end was the absolute best. Oh, Barney… I may need to hear more of your names for Little Barney.

And The Class had another solid episode. Again, the ending was the best part. I can’t believe I laughed as hard as I did at Richie falling and Duncan’s “no more ramp” line. Ethan and Kyle listening to Kat and her boytoy over the phone was funnier than I would have thought. Possibly because I love that threesome the most. Kyle’s Hilary Swank moment was the highlight for me… especially given how Ethan relayed it back to Kat. Also, it was amusing that suddenly Kat and violinist were suddenly naked and Ethan and Kyle had no idea when that happened. It really is like playing a game of Telephone! I also liked the Richie/Duncan/Nicole triangle of truth and lies. Richie was the perfect character for that role and I love that he didn’t even try to keep up the lie but immediately told them the truth and made them admit to each other that they both knew what was really going on. I’m surprised that Nicole and Duncan weren’t more uncomfortable by their real feelings but I suspect we’ll see more of that in episodes to come.

Oh, show, how I love you. For a second there, you scared me. I was afraid you were going to end the same way you began (or, rather, the same way you ended just last episode) but you proved me wrong… awesomely so. First up, how excited was I when we had Simone, Issac, Nathan, Hiro, and Ando all in the same place?! I actually squealed with happiness. My face probably mirrored the excitement on Hiro’s face when Nathan stepped into view and he happily exclaimed, “Flying Man!” Heee. Three weeks to the bomb and we finally have several of them in the same place!

The man in Nevada – was that radioactive dude? Because he’s looking a lot better and I guess I’m confused about that part. I am blanking out on his escaping from the FBI and if it’s been long enough for him to have grown his hair so long. Or am I to believe he’s at a government facility there? (After all, the writers did make sure to remind us about the gov’t using Nevada for testing of such things.) But the fireballs from his hands is pretty cool. Clearly we want to keep him far away from Peter which would be why I was freaking out when Peter thought going to the desert in Nevada would be a good place for him to go. I know he was thinking if he was in the desert, from away from NYC, he’d be keeping the city safe but clearly that’s exactly what sets off the chain of events. You gotta be careful about those visions of the future and how you use them! Also, where the hell is he getting those from? I can’t tell if the show is being purposely cagey about that or if we’re just supposed to accept them as Peter’s powers. Again, Simone was near himi while he was dreaming… but she was’nt near him in Texas so I think I already ruled her out. But, does that mean he can absorb powers and see visions of the future?

The reveal of Invisibility Man was awesome. I’m so glad I have stayed away from all spoilers about this show. Not easy when you have a bunch of Chris E. fans on your friends list. I didn’t want to know anything about his role on the show which made that last scene so SO much better. I didn’t see it coming at all!

Was anyone else concerned that the “FBI” guy Mohinder was talking to hadn’t heard anything about Sylar? Either he was lying or he’s not FBI… or the people Matt’s been working with aren’t FBI. Because the FBI we know up to this point definitely know about Sylar. I do think Mohinder’s clearly a bit naive if he thinks calling the FBI was a good idea but it is what a normal person would do when confronted with this type of thing. I’m sure he’ll learn better soon. I don’t blame him for not wanting to go anywhere near working with Bennet, though. He’s definitely not someone who inspires trust.

Which brings me to Linderman. I love that Simonre revealed that he always buys anything Issac paints. They’ve slowly built up the connection between everyone and Linderman in the background so you know Linderman is going to play a huge part in the endgame. I can’t believe he’s a good guy given the things he’s done to keep power over people but he obviously knows about everyone’s powers. I don’t think he’s the person behind Primatech (which makes me wonder if that is the “good” organization or if we’ll end up having several groups trying to get control of anyone with powers) because things don’t add up if that’s the case. Why would his people not know where Nathan was if Linderman has any connection to Bennet? Here’s something I wonder though… did Linderman buy the sword before he knew about Hiro or after?

I know a lot of people hate Niki/Jessica but I still love her. I’m bored with her story at the moment but I do still like her. I’m a little afraid that they’ve made Niki too subservient to Jessica. How will she ever gain control? But she’s in the same body as Jessica so I suspect she just needs to learn to control her body. She’s definitely in Peter’s vision of NYC in three weeks so you know she’s going to get out of jail and she seems to be Niki in that moment so I wonder how she manages to get control? I can’t see DL being too happy to take her back while Jessica still has the power to take over.

Hiro and Claire were great in this episode. I love those two. Claire with her quest to get Zach back as her best friend and rolling her eyes at her Dad’s belief that her memory of what happened is gone. Hiro with his realization that the dinosaur in the painting was the one in the museum and returning the fake sword. I suspect Hiro’s troubles with his powers are all his own doing and self-doubt. Just as Issac needed to learn that he could paint without the drugs, Hiro needs to realize he’s the one doubting his powers and that’s why they aren’t working so well. He was the first one to get a good grasp on his powers because he was so open to having them. Now that he doubts his ability to use them, he’s been having trouble with them. I suspect it has nothing to do with the sword. You know how that goes… if you think you need the sword, you need it. If you realize that you don’t, you won’t.

Ok, I’m sure I’m forgetting something but I want to finish this post. I’ll come back later if I remember more.

Studio 60
So… I’m actually disappointed that the previews for this episode gave away that Jordan was going to tell Danny to stop. I mean, I think she needed to and I would have – A LOT sooner than she did – but I knew it was coming so I never had any thought beyond that he was annoying her. Eh. I’m kind of with everyone else I’ve seen comments from today. It was too much. Way too much. I can’t believe Matt wasn’t telling him to back off. Any of those things alone would have been… annoying but not totally stalkerish. All of them combined just made creepy. Possibly even more so because she’s his boss. Given his feelings about Matt/Harriet when the season began, surely he could respect the position she’s in? And he told her he wasn’t going to stop… yeesh. Maybe this is the show’s way of not showing Jordan as much since so many people seem to hate Peet’s acting? I mean, I don’t but it’s been a consistent complaint about the show. If she’s avoiding Danny, perhaps we won’t get to see her as much. (An aside: OK, I did find the recommendation letter thing to be funny in spite of the storyline that was making me uncomfortable because that was just something we were joking about here at work. A co-worker is dating a girl and would like to upgrade her to his “girlfriend.” At our Christmas party at my boss’ house, she jokingly told him he’d have to fill out an application and turn in at least three recommendation letters and she’d let him know her decision by February. It’s been a running joke in the office, ever since, about everyone writing him recommendation letters… so, that it showed up on one of my shows greatly amused me.)

Matt and his bidding war with Lucas (Luke S?), however, was pretty funny. Also funny was that Harriet didn’t realize he was bidding. I didn’t quite get what was going on with Simon and what’s his face. For a moment there, I thought he had given the story to Lucy to write because it seemed like she liked/had a crush on Simon. I felt like Matt in not understanding what was going on between them and I hope we see more of it so I can understand it. I can’t believe Danny and Matt haven’t been working to get more writers. Shouldn’t one of them have been trying to do that during the Christmas vacation? Sorry – got distracted. Uhhh, I continue to like Jack even if I suspect the FCC thing is completley unbelievable. I suppose Sorkin is trying to make a point about the FCC and not one that I oppose but I hope he’s not veering off into the realm of make-believe in addressing how many options the network truly has to deal with the situation.

Overall, I liked the episode but I hope Danny dials back on the stalker-like behavior and we get back to stories about the show itself. Also, can we please bring back our favorite reporter? There was some chemistry there between her and Danny so maybe that’ll help with the Jordan stuff?

Holy crap this post is crammed full of commentary. Sorry…. Tomorrow’s post should be much lighter, though!

On the schedule for tonight: Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars (YAY!!!), and Dirt

5 Responses to “I don’t think your sword will fit.”

  1. 1
    harper47 says:

    RE your question first: Is Dresden files worth watching? I say yes. It really is. There were a lot of good things about the show. I think those who’ve read the books are just struggling a bit with some of the changes (some of them explainable and some are just WFT). But Blackthorne does a good job as Harry and one of the special effects/villains were really neat. So I do recommend it.

    Grease – I liked it a lot more this week and while I think you’re making a valid point about not knowing the contestants, honestly I didn’t know half of the people on SYTYCD before the performance shows started.

    We had brief glimpses of most of them, sort of like this show but my enjoyment/obsession kicked in once the performance shows started. Not that I think this will be a SYTYCD but I still enjoyed it more this week. But I want more acting.

    I’ve seen some spec that we might see people who sent in videotape auditions next week. It can’t be the Equity performers who got a free pass to the Academy because several of them got picked. I do wonder why we spent so much time with the guy who was dumped, crying Ashley – etc, except to think that the producers thought there was more drama there than those breezing through.

    Heroes – hee, wasn’t it great? Loved the show, other than Matt’s SL (the scenes with his wife are boring) and Nicki’s SL (again boring though AL is doing a great job acting). And I agree wholeheartedly with the Hiro think’s his powers are waning so they are comments.

  2. 2
    afrocurl says:

    So my thoughts on Danny in S60 are in the minority from what I’ve been reading today, but I wasn’t bothered by the stalkery nature of his whole situation. I think that, as a recovering addict, he has issues with relating to people without a stimulus, which means he’s going to do some crazy things along the way.

    If that’s not why he’s acting like a stalker, then I’ve got no idea what to really say.

  3. 3
    spectralbovine says:

    I totally agree with you on Prison Break. I don’t like where they went with T-Bag, and you’re right in that, if they’re just constantly RUNNING with no discernible goal of stopping, what’s the point? And NO ONE CARES ABOUT BELLICK. Just let him die, shit. (Although the “Braaaaaadleeeeeeeey” was pretty awesome.)

    I have no idea what’s up with Linderman, man.

  4. 4
    tarfrimmer says:

    I was happy to see Psych return, too. Maybe it was because I just watched the earlier episodes again that week, but this new one didn’t really grab me. I mean, it was still great seeing Shawn and Gus together again, but the rest of it felt a little off somehow.

    And why are we back in the prison at all? Do we care?

    Not so much. At least I don’t. I never fast-forward through scenes of my shows, but I came thisclose to doing so during the prison scenes. Just leave Bellick there and move on already, show.

    T-Bag seriously needs to just die already.

    Fortunately, I’ve never been all that emotionally attached to the show or the characters, in the first place, so I’m not feeling any disappointment. I’m still along for the ride. It’s just a bit of escapist entertainment for me.

    I missed Sara and Sucre last night.

    First up, how excited was I when we had Simone, Issac, Nathan, Hiro, and Ando all in the same place?!

    OMG, so so excited. I was just grinning at having so many characters mingling like that. Hiro’s “Flying man” scene with Nathan was so very cute. I really liked Nathan in this episode more than any other time.

    The reveal of Invisibility Man was awesome.

    Even though I knew Eccleston was playing the invisible dude, for some silly reason I didn’t even clue in on the fact that he was being all invisible-like when we first saw him. So it was still cool to suddenly realize that he and Peter were invisible during their struggle.

    I thought the bit with DL reaching his hand through the partition so he could touch Niki was really touching. No pun intended.

    Hiro and Claire are still beyond awesome.

  5. 5
    wee_warrior says:

    “I am blanking out on his escaping from the FBI and if it’s been long enough for him to have grown his hair so long. ”

    I think Audrey mentioned at some point that he had made a run for it, and there were also images of burning cars, so it probably wasn’t the safest custody. I remember his hair being always that long, but my memory is a little fuzzy on this one.

    Concerning The Dresden Files, I really disliked it. Intensely. To the point where I lost every impulse to at least try out the books to see if they are better. Doesn’t have to mean you will, but just so that you have several opinions.