I don’t understand how someone can have so little self awareness.   

Last night was like TV marathon and I still didn’t watch all the shows that were on. However, I wanted to watch the ones I am going over below because I didn’t want to have to avoid my f-list or risk being spoiled on anything. Onward to the Thursday shows…

The Office
I watched the Producer’s Cut of the episode this morning but I’ll talk about the episode that aired first… Will I be the odd person out this week? Because I didn’t love this episode. I loved pieces of it but, as a whole, it wasn’t my favorite. I’m happy that Angela came forward and told Michael the truth. It still bothers me that she didn’t do it immediately but I really felt her regret and that made up for a lot.

I am a little disappointed that Dwight was only gone for one episode although, strangely, I like Dwight so much more after this episode. I feel like Jim and feel like I should be congratulating the Universe (or the Writers) on accomplishing something I thought was impossible. While I like that we find out it was Dwight watering the plant (Who the hell expects their cleaning crew to water their office plants? Is this normal?) and arranging the toys on Michael’s desk, I mostly like that we get further confirmation that he’s actually good at what he does and that’s what makes his quirks somewhat easier to take.

I loved Jim and Pam in this episode. I think a large part of the reason I didn’t care about Jim’s prank on Andy was because of how he was responsible for Dwight leaving. Plus, I think Jim really was resisting the urge to fall back on his pranks until he just couldn’t handle Andy anymore… which, you know, I couldn’t either so I was ready for someone to do something. Plus, who can resist the grin on Pam’s face when Jim glances back at her when she’s calling Andy’s cell? I don’t have a problem with Karen not wanting to help Jim but I don’t think she should have been surprised that he’d find someone else to help him. I knew that as soon as she saw those two interact again she was going to know the truth. In some ways, it really is so obvious to everyone but them. As for Jim admitting it to Karen… I thought it was played weird becaue I couldn’t tell whether Jim regretted it or not. I think if there’s something we know about Jim, it’s that he’s not good with women. That said, I actually appreciate that he told the truth. And, I think, he was admitting the truth as much to himself as Karen here. But where does that leave us? I was hoping for some kind of interaction with Pam and Karen in this episode so that we’d know where those two stand but of course they making us wait for that. (Err, I want to clarify that I wanted to see Pam and Karen interact BEFORE Jim admitted to sitll having feelings. I wanted to know if Karen was ok with Pam or not.)

So, I’ve mostly pointed out things that I liked, eh? Why, then, didn’t I really dig this episode? In a word… Andy. It was a bit too much, too fast. I seriously felt like Andy had had a personality transplant when we weren’t looking. I have to assume that Dwight’s being gone gave him the confidence to step up his weirdness. And, in Andy’s eyes, he probably felt like he was stepping into Dwight’s role in the office. But that’s all rationale for the writing… I think it was mostly the writers having to push Michael into seeing what he had lost in Dwight by making Andy as obnoxious as possible and, in my opinion, they may have overcompensated. Andy made the episode uncomfortable for me and that really took away from the portions I enjoyed.

Producer’s Cut: As I said, I watched the producer’s cut this morning and actually enjoyed it much more than the episode that aired. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should check it out. I much preferred the re-introduction of Oscar in this cut. I suppose it works that they cut it out because the point of Oscar’s return is, of course, that it’s totally overshadowed by the Dwight stuff so much so that his welcome back party turns into a party for Dwight instead. But, still, I liked hearing a little more about Oscar and the fallout of “the kiss”. I’ll also note that this cut is nicer to Jim in a way because it shows that he was trying to avoid going to Pam. And, heh, that part led to my favorite quote of the episode that got cut, “I liked you better when you were The Temp.” (ETA: Err, was this part actually in the aired episode? I don’t remember it but I’m catching up on posts and saw someone mention it so maybe I’m just having a memory problem this week?) Not to mention Kelly telling Oscar he needs to learn more about “his culture.” Ha. How could they cut that?! And… Michael’s literal butt kissing? Oh, or the fact that Michael’s messy hair when he arrives at Staples makes much more sense after seeing the snow piled up in the convertible. (Although, I admit, the implication is that he’s so distraught about the Dwight situation that he’s actually messed up his hair on his way to the store but it’s also not very Michael- like to do that so I didn’t really believe it.) Plus, I kind of loved the last scene with Andy arriving at anger management training.

Scrubs: Musical Episode
Overall? The musical episode was fabulous. This was a show built for these type of episodes since it didn’t even feel all that odd that everyone kept singing and I really loved some of the songs. There were one or two that I felt could have been a little better – mostly the Grease-based song towards the end – but even those were better the second time I watched. Turk and JD and their man love continue to crack me up. If I watched this show on a regular basis, those two would be among my favorite BFFs on TV. Also, how is it that JD and Dr. Cox are still amusing together? Bumper buddies indeed! So, if you watched, what’d ya think?

See now, this episode rocked! First… the look on Dean’s face when he realized what Susan was thinking about he and Sam… HAHAHA. I think it partly amuses me so greatly because it proves what I was saying to Seanan just the other day. I don’t really get the attraction of Wincest within fandom because, quite frankly, it could not be more out of character for these two to ever even consider such a thing. Sam’s face later, when Dean tells Susan that Sam loves dolls, is even more proof. But, moving on… the entire episode was a like a homage to the works of Stephen King and it was GREAT. I do so love it when they acknowledge those who have already made a legend of the legends they are tackling.

I must commend the director on the reveal of Maggie as an imaginary friend. They handled that well… I can’t believe I hadn’t figured it out before she said it. It really worked well in this case because it kept us on the same page as the boys. Ok, maybe a few paragraphs ahead of them.

I loved the dolls and the dollhouse. The combination of those never fail to freak me out. And then they added the playground to it and I was in love. First because it was a traditional playground. Really, nice touch on all of the “traditional” elements of the story. The pictures on the wall… the look of the playground. It was all old school mansion and I ate it up with a spoon. The grandmother in the attic… ah, everything was perfect!

Errr, except, perhaps the one scene everyone else is probably going to have loved and that I hated. Yes, I’m talking about the scene between Drunk!Sam and Dean. For one thing, at first I was confused about whether we were supposed to think that something was possessing Sam. Probably because we saw the doll of him in the dollhouse and I wasn’t sure if something had been done to him or not. I suppose my problem was that I felt like they were purposely trying to mislead us there. I wouldn’t have known that Sam was supposed to be drunk if Dean hadn’t clued us in by asking if he’d been drinking because that’s not how he sounded. I dunno. The whole scene felt off and not jsut because I’m almost always opposed to the writers trying to trick the audience in that way.

But, enough of that, because it was one small moment and I got over my dislike of it because of how much I enjoyed everything else. I loved the end and you know I don’t trust Maggie not to continue causing trouble for that piece of property for a long, LONG time. You bet I noted that the only she promised was that she’d let Rose’s girls go. Never trust a spirit who would kill a little girl just to avoid feeling lonely.

Ugly Betty
Awww. Even though it’s not likely to happen any time soon, last night I felt some hope for Daniel and Betty. For a moment there, the show scared me. I think it’s way too soon to see these two together but that doesn’t mean it’s too soon for Daniel to see Betty in a different way and I think we got a glimpse of that. I loved the two of them in this episode. It really advanced their friendship and it was nice to see them outside the office. I know we’ve gotten that before but we’ve rarely gotten just the two of them being friends and talking.

Hey… any guesses on who played the bald lady on the TV? I thought it might have been Michael Urie but I’m not sure and I’ll probably never know, eh?

This is so random but I really liked how Marc makes a point of saying he doesn’t want to sit in Betty’s chair and later we get Betty spinning around in her chair because she loves it so much. The In and Out wall was pretty funny… although I’d like to see how Marc explained Amanda not only having a new picture but it being on the In side. Surely Wilhelmina would never approve of him taking the iniative to move the pictures around on his own accord?

Lastly, and I know I’m not commenting on too much here but this is one of those shows that I like for its fluffiness and lack of a need to analyze, I don’t know what to think about the twist at the end. You know I wasn’t a big fan of the whole masked lady thing from the get-go. It’s cheesiness is almost too much for me to take. It was only when they backed off on it that I began to enjoy the show. The fact that we are now supposed to believe that Rebecca R. used to be Daniel’s brother kinda makes me want to shake the show BUT! I’m going to just wait it out and see what they do with it. For instance, how will they explain why he would change himself into a woman and what would drive him to want to take down his father? We already know he was the beloved son so there has to be more to that, right? We shall see how it unfolds.

One last note… I love Amanda. Who knew?

The OC
Julie and Kiki made up! Sorta anyway but that’s good enough for me. I can’t have my girls being mad at each other for the short time we’ve got left. And I kind of love that neither of them had to give in or change to make it happen. That they are who they are and like each other in spite of that is what makes them so great.

Uh, the whole Seth/Che thing was stupid. Like really, really stupid. The otter, though? Was really freaking cute. And the look on Julie’s face when Che was telling her that stuff as he sat on the kitchen counter almost made the whole stupid plot worth it. And I can’t believe they are going from Che being a possible romantic involvement for Summer to being a possible romantic involvment for Seth. What the hell, show?

Ok, all of that aside, I liked the Ryan and Taylor stuff on a moderate level. It’s probably good that they not get back together right now because Taylor really does move wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too fast and it makes sense that it be because she’s desperate for someone to love her. We know her childhood trauma supports that. On the other hand, I’m just over relationship angst on this show. For once, I’d like the plot to be about something other than stupid reasons to be together or break up. It’s obvious that they are going to get them back together so it feels like the same old thing all over again. The funny thing is… this whole break up thing has made me wonder if Ryan and Taylor really are good for each other. I guess it just served to illustrate that they really don’t know each other very well yet. I kept thinking that it was insane of any girl to expect Ryan to be declaring his love for her… especially if that girl knows that he just lost a girl he loved less than a year ago. I mean, this is the same guy who a couple episodes ago she had to coax into admitting she was his girlfriend, right? It really did feel like Taylor was asking Ryan to be someone he’s not and not necessarily in a good way. It’s one thing to push someone into getting back to living but it’s another to ask them to completely chance their personality to fit with what you need. So, all in all, the show kind of soured me on the Taylor/Ryan thing in two short episodes. Why this surprises me, I’ll never know… since they consistently did this to me when it came to Marissa/Ryan.

And, Kaitlin. Awww, I actually felt bad for her last night. What does Lucy know anyway? It was nice parallelism on the part of the show, though. Ironic that Kaitlin wasn’t really asking Will to change as much as Lucy doesn’t really know what Will is really like whereas Taylor was the one really asking Ryan to change who he was for her. Of course Kaitlin is somewhat to blame for how she’s seen – although at least she self-aware enough to know that – so I can’t quite go as far as to say, “Poor, Kaitlin.” I do hope Will eventually realizes why she did what she did.

Ok, so, overall this episode was hit and miss for me. I fast-forwarded through a lot of the Seth stuff and I don’t like it when I feel the need to fast forward through any of my shows. I hope next week is better even though I know Che is involved once again.

On my schedule for tonight: It’s Friday night and normally that’d mean having nothing to list in this section… BUT!!! I’m so excited because Psych returns tonight at 10PM on USA!! I can’t wait. I’ve missed Shawn and Gus! (Monk is also new tonight.)

14 Responses to “I don’t understand how someone can have so little self awareness.”

  1. 1
    gymble says:

    We are so on the same page when it comes to Supernatural. Last week’s episode got a meh and this week’s got a yay. I too was confused by the drunken Sam scene – possession was the first thing that sprang to mind and I was very disappointed when it just turned out to be Sam drunk. I just don’t get the SPN fandom love for long angsty talky scenes. They bore me and just drag the plot to a screeching halt.

    I am studiously avoiding reading the rest of your post as I am not caught up on the other shows. I really want to see the Scrubs musical.

  2. 2
    cindywrites says:

    In the episode that aired, Jim went to Karen first, then to Ryan (and Ryan’s refusal, Jim’s Temp-snark, and Ryan’s admitting were all the same in both the broadcast and producer’s cuts), then to Pam. There was no difference in this point.

    The whole thing with Andy wasn’t too fast for me, because Andy made a point, in an earlier episode this season, of saying he mimicked the conversational style of whomever he was talking to. He wasn’t being Dwight. He was being Michael, on purpose. I didn’t find it OOC or overkill (at least not any more than I find Michael’s over-the-top scenes a bit of overkill, in the first place).

    I thought the Scrubs finale number was too Grease-like, too, and it took me out of this lovely story, but I still really geeked on the episode, overall. They did a fantastic job, and I love that the premise was so easy — it was all in the patient’s head.

  3. 3
    harper47 says:

    I too loved the Scrubs musical. I was really tired when I watched it so I thought the reason I wasn’t into the last number was my fading energy (I watched it late). Maybe it was the number. I plan to watch it again anyway since there were so many things to see and notice. Great job all around though. I was thrilled.

    Supernatural – You know I got the exact same vibe. Was Sam possessed at the beginning of that scene. I kind of forgot that till I read your comment but I remember thinking the same thing.

    I liked the episode, there were a few things I felt could have been improved on but overall I enjoyed the general atmosphere of “creepiness” that permeated the show.

    Haven’t seen Ugly yet so skipping that part. I’m taping Grey’s tonight too. I love that I can do that as there were far too many things to watch and tape last night.

  4. 4
    spectralbovine says:

    Andy was way too much for me, too. It was so bad I hoped he’d get fired. But everything else was really good.

    And, yeah, the drunk Sam scene was pretty bad.

  5. 5
    wee_warrior says:

    “For instance, how will they explain why he would change himself into a woman and what would drive him to want to take down his father? We already know he was the beloved son so there has to be more to that, right.”

    Maybe I’m misunderstanding your question, but my take was that Alex had a sex change because he was transsexual. I’m also guessing that Bradford found out what his son was up to – or maybe Alex even told him, having a good relationship with his Dad and all – and wasn’t all that happy about it. Sort of like the issues Santos had with Justin’s sexual identity, just on a grander, more infinite state. Call it a Blake & Stephen Carrington conflict of the 21st century.

    I don’t have a problem with it; the show is rather off-key and soapy in the first place, and I somewhat took this as slight bow to Pedro Almodovar, whose work does inform UB in quite some ways, especially where the visuals are concerned.

  6. 6
    wee_warrior says:

    that was supposed to read “a grander, more infinite scale.” Where is my brain when I need it.

  7. 7
    rainbowstevie says:

    Multi-prong comment!

    General introduction: I was hunting through Google for people writing entries about “The Class”…lit upon this site and I’m hooked. I don’t watch the majority of the shows you write about, but ER, OC, and Lost are enough for a common interest, I think. And I find myself reading the stuff about shows I don’t even watch, because your writing style is clear and concise, but also long enough to provide interesting reactions and insights. I’m adding you as a friend, if that’s all right.

    Relevant to this entry:
    Hehehe…I like it when people are convinced give up on Ryan/Taylor. And yes, things involving Che tend towards the stupid.

  8. 8
    raelee says:

    I just don’t get the SPN fandom love for long angsty talky scenes. They bore me and just drag the plot to a screeching halt.

    I totally agree. I don’t get the love for those scenes either because I just don’t think these writers are very good at making those scenes interesting.

  9. 9
    raelee says:

    There was no difference in this point.

    Ahh, thank you. I don’t know why I was thinking I hadn’t seen that part in the aired version. I blame the memory problems on my being sick. ;)

    He wasn’t being Dwight.

    Oh, I didn’t mean that he was being Dwight. I guess I meant more that he was being more obvious that he had been previously and that maybe he felt like he could because he had gotten rid of Dwight. Like he’d accomplished his mission in making it to the #3 slot so he was freer to be more open with his behavior? I did miss that he was acting like Michael, though. I’ll have to rewatch with that in mind… although I suspect it won’t change the fact that I found it too much. Possibly because I’ve come to accept it from Michael but I don’t know… I just wasn’t enjoying the scenes.

    I thought the Scrubs finale number was too Grease-like, too, and it took me out of this lovely story

    Yes, exactly. Took me out of the story is the perfect way to describe why it didn’t work for me. It didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the episode on a whole. It was just a momentary thing. I do love that it was all in her head and thought they did a nice job of only having them sing when she was around to stay true to their premise.

  10. 10
    raelee says:

    Maybe it was the number.

    I think it was. For me, I think some of it was that the mood/tone of the number didn’t seem to fit the scene? Even though I knew where the other songs originated, it was the only number that actually took me to the original source — so much so that it took me away from the episode. Maybe just because it’s such a recognizable tune from Grease? Oh well, the whole thing was still great in spite of that moment.

    I kind of forgot that till I read your comment but I remember thinking the same thing.

    I really think it was intentionally supposed to mislead us but I don’t know why. If I was supposed to get why they would do that, I might have liked it more but they never seemed to follow through on the mislead so instead I found it annoying.

    I need to go back and read your thoughts on the other shows. I read some this weekend when I was trying to catch up but I had to skip the ones I hadn’t watched yet.

  11. 11
    raelee says:

    Andy was way too much for me, too. It was so bad I hoped he’d get fired. But everything else was really good.

    I guess anger management courses are almost like firing? I don’t know if Michael could have fired him for anything given the things other people get away with but I also wanted it to happen. I suspect it was intentional but it was just too much for me. I agree that everything else was really good. I loved all the rest of it.

  12. 12
    raelee says:

    Maybe I’m misunderstanding your question, but my take was that Alex had a sex change because he was transsexual.

    Well, that would explain it. I just wasn’t sure we knew that yet I guess is what I meant. Your idea makes a lot of sense and I’ll be very happy if that’s how the show explains it. It explains why Alex would choose the sex change after the accident and why he’d want to ruin his father. Also, it will be a great parallel to the Justin situation. I guess I was only confused because I wasn’t sure we’ve seen a hint of that explanation so far in the show… I may have to go back and rewatch and see if we there has been something there all along.

  13. 13
    raelee says:

    Welcome! Thanks for the kind words… I’m glad that you find even the stuff about shows you don’t watch interesting. :) And, hey, it’s nice to find more people who actually still watching ER!

    Hehehe…I like it when people are convinced give up on Ryan/Taylor. And yes, things involving Che tend towards the stupid.

    LOL. I tend to be fairly easy in regards to relationships so I was willing to give Ryan/Taylor a chance but not so much that I’m going to put up with the stupid do they belong together/don’t they stuff. It was one thing to play that with Ryan/Marissa but I’m not going to buy it with someone he just started seeing – much less someone who is totally opposite of anyone he’s ever been interested in before.

  14. 14
    wee_warrior says:

    To be honest, it didn’t occur to me that it could be anything else, because it would seem so irrational to me to enter into something as radical and redefining as a sex change just to take over your father’s company – which you would likely have inherited anyway. And it so neatly would explain why he should bear a grudge against his father, even though he used to be the favourite son.

    One small parallel – or textual foreshadowing, if you will – might have been the dinner scene in “Sofia’s Choice” where Daniel and Claire tell Sofia about Alex putting six year old Daniel first in Claire’s dress and her shoes, and then in her closet. That was an interesting prank to say the least. But apart from that, I can’t really think of anything at the moment.