Good Luck, GG Nominees   

Sneezy McSneezerton reporting on the Golden Globes LIVE from Orlando, FL.

Heh. I’m not a big awards person. Hence why I haven’t talked about the GGs at all – no comments on the nominees, no predictions. Nor will I be liveblogging during the broadcast. Mostly because I only plan to watch the opener before switching to my shows and going to bed.

Still, I wanted to take a moment to wish my favorite shows and actors good luck tonight. Here’s hoping everyone who deserves a Golden Globe walks away with one (errr, the ones nominated at least). I may not be into the award shows but that doesn’t mean those involved shouldn’t get recognized for their abilities.

Also, the pictures of Hayden P on the red carpet? Awesome. I love her dress.

And here endth my GG coverage.

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