Sunday Night Mishmash   

I’m sleepy and Sunday TV has just begun. Luckily I’m off tomorrow so I can sleep in if I desire. I did manage to catch up on all of my taped TV this weekend despite partying the night away at a bar mitzvah last night. However, I’m going to skip commenting on all of it since the new week of TV has begun and I hope to start on my new podcast this week so I need to keep up with it. And that means I should get back to focusing on what’s on right now but, first, a few things…

Go Behind the Scenes with The Class
Don’t forget! On Monday and Wednesday, you have the chance to go behind the scenes with the cast of The Class and watch a live webcast of their table read and run-thru. Please note that the URL for the webcast has been updated from to!

You’re My Hero (Reviewer)!
I mentioned this back at the beginning of the season but that was before so many of you decided you enjoy Heroes so I’m going to pimp them once more. Sara and Erin over at the Soulful Spike Society have teamed up to do Heroes reviews which is kinda fitting since Erin is one of my own personal heroes (and Sara ain’t no slouch either). In fact, I just read Erin’s review of “Seven Minutes to Midnight” and am reminded of how much she rocks. Check ‘em out – it’s the perfect way to pass the time waiting for a new episode next week.

Last Week to get Cloud Watchers VM Swag
After January 22, the Cloud Watchers Cafe Press store will be closing so you only have one week left to get any of their VM swag. All current proceeds are going towards buying S2 DVDs for libraries around the country. So, stop by if you’ve been meaning to get anything!

6 Responses to “Sunday Night Mishmash”

  1. 1
    anonymous says:

    Thanks, Rae!

    Now I’m feeling very Wayne and Garth…”I’m not worthy…”


  2. 2
    cosmicviolet says:

    Is the store closing for good? That’s too bad.

  3. 3
    raelee says:

    Sadly, yes. However, individual designers are going to be allowed to take their designs and create their own stores for them so you will still be able to get some of the designs. :)

  4. 4
    raelee says:

    Oh, but you are!

  5. 5
    anonymous says:

    Did you design the “Ask me about my std” shirt”?

  6. 6
    raelee says:

    Yep, I did.