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Ahh, my commentary is limited today because I’m swamped with things. How I Met Your Mother and The Class were both great last night. Barney was cracking me up and I actually didn’t hate Ted and Robin so much. On The Class, the “buffer” conversation had me in stitches. See? Short and sweet.

I did not watch What About Brian nor did I catch up on Brothers & Sisters or Desperate Housewives and it’s probably a bad sign that I’m not really anxious to catch up on any of those. I did, however, watch The L Word premiere and we’ll take that commentary behind a cut so as not to spoil anyone who hasn’t watched yet (or won’t be able to watch forever).

The L Word
I must admit to being a little disappointed that the show didn’t do one of the things I’ve loved about each season… it didn’t jump ahead in time. Instead we went right back to where we left off and it left me feeling slightly out of place. I’m unclear of how much time passed in this episode and you know I hate that. Shane’s stuff seemed to be happening all within a short span of time but a lot of stuff happened to everyone else so that doesn’t really make much sense.

But let me go through the characters…

Bette and Tina: Oh, yeah, wasn’t sympathizing with Bette AT ALL. I’m glad that she came back but the whole thing was just crazy and she’s damn lucky she has a good lawyer because there’s no way Tina wouldn’t have won a custody battle with her HANDS DOWN. I kind of hated how everyone did seem to be against Tina even though it was Bette who was out of line. Not that I don’t consider her one of the parents but I don’t think Tina would have ever cut her out of the baby’s life. That whole thing is a mess and I’m not sure where they are going with it but it can’t be good. And isn’t Bette moving? I’m all confused by that part of the storyline.

Carmen: Sadness! I knew, of course, that she wasn’t going to be there because I’d seen the promo shots but I’m still sad about it all. I loved Carmen and now she’s gone. Dammit, Shane.

Shane: Well, we all know I love Shane but it was hard to watch her spiraling downard so fast after all she had done to pull herself out of that place. I’m a little disappointed that none of her friends seem to be at all concerned about her. Yes, she did a crappy thing to Carmen (whom I love) but that none of them were even questioning why Shane would do it and what set her off makes me mad. Then it makes me mad at Shane all over again because Carmen is the one who would have cared. GRRR. Also, loved the ending with the kid. I don’t really like kids being introduced to the cast but Shane does need something that will force her to be responsible… in a way that doesn’t involve the kind of committment you can walk away from.

Kit: Eh. The women’s clinic scene was a little much for me. Kit’s always been one of the weaker characters for me and I didn’t quite understand the freakout. Errr, I do understand what happened in the scene. I just don’t understand why it was necessary. Am I supposed to believe that Kit would go to a woman’s clinic that she didn’t know the reputation of? Because that’s pretty unbelievable to me… especially given the canon on this show. So, that whole thing bugged me.

Alice: You’ve returned, my sweet! And you’ve ditched the weird thing you had going on with Lara. Yay! I did think it was funny that the show actually had the characters talk about how awkward the whole Alice/Lara relationship was but that it really is in character for Alice to have that conversation. On the other hand, I’m not amused by the use of the show to explain OurChart. Perhaps it’s just because it wasn’t done in a very organic way and felt almost thrown into the show at the last minute. I wish the show would just stay away from technological talk because they suck at it. Then again, all was made better when we got to see Alice in the studio sitting with her legs, asking Papi to contact her. So…. who is the mysterious Papi?

Helena: Ok, how can I go from hating a character to loving her so? Because I do love her and I love even more that she’s going to have to learn live without her money. Her not wanting a refill was great, as was Alice’s telling her that refills are free. I was in favor of an Alice and Helena hookup last year so I’m kind of hoping that’s where they are going with this whole thing.

And, finally, the two people on the show that I hate.

Max: True story, I actually asked the TV why Max and Jenny couldn’t have broken up in the finale last season so that we didn’t have to have Max back. I have no clue how people in The L Word fandom feel about Max but I just can’t… Daniela Sea isn’t a good actress. I’m sorry but it’s true. Either that or she’s not right for this role because it always feels like she’s just reading the script to me and I hate it. I hate her scenes and I hate that I hate her character so much.

Jenny: But more than Max, I truly can not stand Jenny. Could they make a character who is more unlikable? And it’s not the acting because Mia is great. I just can’t stand the person she plays. Jenny is a self-centered bitch who deserves a major smackdown. I was happy when her book review wasn’t good and even happier when Marina stole her thunder on the stage. But the return of Marina actually annoys me because it means that Jenny is once again going to have a large focus – at least at first – and I don’t look forward to it.

Ok, so I think I covered everything by going by character. I was going to say that I wasn’t sure how I felt about the episode but I think the truth is that I love the show and that’s why I’m so invested in each of the characters. So I did love it despite not necessarily loving where everything is going right now.

On my schedule for tonight: Big Day, Boston Legal, and Dirt

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    invadersteven says:

    I started watching the Season 6 premiere of 24 last night. (The first four eps are out there, I watched two last night. Two more tonight.)

    Good stuff so far.