Catching up and, oh, Happy NYE!   

I had to make one last post before the new year. Although, technically, there will be two posts since I have an icon post ready to go up as well.

First and most important, I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year’s Eve and even greater 2007!

Along those same lines, I never did make a post on Christmas day even after taking a picture with which to make the post so I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and, for those of you who get gifts to mark the occasion, I hope you got everything you wanted.

My holidays were pretty fabulous and the past week has been nice and relaxing… hence my disappearance from the Internets. I’m woefully behind on LJ not to mention emails, etc., but the break was worth it. Plus, staying away from the computer seems to have cured my twitching eye. If I owe you an email, I’ll probably be back on the computer tomorrow to answer those.

OH! But I do need to say how much I adore [info]cdn_tvaddict who rocks beyond words can convey. Also, I have to thank [info]flamingo_killer who was my secret and got me a a very pretty stationary/card set.

As for what I did over the last week… well, I mainlined S1 & S2 of The Office for one (and then made a bunch of icons… post to follow). Then I went through the other DVDs I got for Christmas and watched all the special features as well as certain/favorite episodes. Now I’m making my way through my Unscripted DVDs and liking the show so far. Oh, I watched the last several episodes of My Boys plus the season finale. Pretty good. I don’t really love the show but there is something about it that grew on me with those last several episodes which I suppose is a good thing as it’s already been given the greenlight for another season.

As for the non-TV things (at least, not watching TV things), I also read “Hollywood and Me: Stars and Stories from the Golden Age of TV” and “Created by: Inside the Minds of TV’s Top Show Creators” both of which were awesome reads. Spent one day at the mall getting my toes done and seeing Pursuit of Happyness. The movie is good and, not surprisingly, made me cry a lot. And, dude, Will Smith’s kid is so freaking cute that you just want to smoosh him up in a huge hug. There was also dinner with friends and a fun-filled gamenight that involved TV Sceneit!, DDR Extreme danceoffs, and Totally 80s Trivial Pursuit.

And, my exciting New Year’s Eve plans? Well, right now I’m watching an Ugly Betty marathon but that’s almost over so I’ll be switching over to a movie soon. I do have a Raspberry Twisted Smirnoff on ice, though! Woohoo! I’m so exciting I can barely stand it. Here’s hoping you are ringing in the new year exactly the way you want. Cheers!

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