Yeah, well, what are you gonna do?   

Mostly personal post ahead… and I’m pretty sure I’m doing my signature rambling and repeating in it. Um, you’ve been warned! I need to be in bed because I have too much to do tomorrow and, yet, here I am…. making a list.

  • Saw Blood Diamond tonight with K and M. Have to admit, it was pretty damn good. I cried because I am a big ole baby and I now feel like a horrible person who should be joining Greenpeace or something. Actually, it really did make me think about Invisible Children and Ryan Hansen talking about it being his passion. I can see how it could become that, especially since he’s gone over there and seen it all in person. However, after seeing the movie, I wonder if there is any way to solve the problem? It feels like part of the message of the movie is that that way of life is so ingrained in the people there that it’s an almost unbreakable cycle. Eh, I dunno. I will say that I’ve never been more grateful for being an atypical girl and not liking diamonds. Also, Leo? Too fucking hot. GAH. Excuse me while I take a dip in the shallow end for a second to say the movie also depressed me a bit because I could never get a man like Leo but, DAMN, I’d love to have him.

  • Which segues nicely into how I hate being single during the holidays. While I do eventually want someone in my life and I hope that I get that (in the not too distant future would be even better), I generally don’t mind being a single girl. I’m the independent sort and being single makes that easier at times. I think a lot of people get bummed about being single around Valentine’s Day but even that doesn’t bother me. It’s this time of year, with parties where you want to have someone to go with (because otherwise you’re stuck having to make small talk with people you don’t generally socialize with outside of a work setting) or someone who actually knows what kind of gifts to get you. I feel so materialistic about that last point but that’s not really how I mean it. I guess the case in point would be how my last boyfriend holds the record for the best present ever and it was “A Wrinkle In Time” on tape. A simple present and, yet, one that you’d have to know me well to know I’d love it. Then there’s New Year’s Eve… see, it all just makes me wish for a significant other.
  • And, if you couldn’t tell where that was coming from… we had our Holiday Luncheon today. I can now officially declare it a success! I mean, it really is a success every year but, for some reason, we always doubt ourselves year after year. Wow, this bullet is turning into a big ole pat on the back to me (but at least I admit it!). We used my theme of “Home for the Holidays” and it was GREAT. We had a simulated fire… as in a big plasma screen with a “fire” all hidden behind an actual fireplace built out of styrofoam. (Err, we’re a simulation institute so the fireplace is actually a part of one our projects/simulation environments so we didn’t just build it for the party.) We also a virtual window with a snow falling on a snow covered hillside and “drapes” with mood lighting. It was pretty awesome and all a result of a joking “I want windows with snow falling outside” statement made during our planning meeting. Anyway, I’ve gotten off track. Point was… others always have someone to bring with them and introduce and, though it shouldn’t, it always leaves me feeling left out somehow. Then, next week, our smaller group/department is having dinner at my boss’ house and seeing everyone’s “+1″ RSVPs again makes me wish I had someone to go with me! Of course some of that is because I don’t want to be stuck having to mingle the whole night. Having someone with you makes it acceptable to have moments where you just talk to each other – or, ya know, someone to blame when you want to leave early. (I don’t actually anticipate wanting to leave early but I’m just saying. If I did want to, it’s not as easy as a single.)
  • Ok, a question for you guys. Tell me shows you’ve enjoyed seeing. Errmm, I’m thinking singers here. I was reading about Aimee Mann’s Xmas Show (and, man, I’m LOVING her new Christmas album) earlier and it reminded me of how I’d really like to see her perform live. However, her site only lists tour dates up to the end of December right now and I’m looking for something in the beginning of February. So, I’m wondering if anyone has a performer/performance to recommend? I prefer more intimate type of shows to big arena concerts unless it was just something outstanding that I shouldn’t miss. Any suggestions?
  • Short and sweet bullet just to say that I agree with everyone else saying how great The Office and The OC were last night. Fan-freaking-tastic I tell ya!
  • My Christmas shopping is almost complete. This thrills me and, yet, I’m annoyed because I have a couple people that I don’t feel I’ve gotten enough for. This is just silly as I’ve spent quite a bit of money on each and I know they’ll feel I’ve spent more than I should. Clearly I feel the gifts I got are not going to be very emotionally satisifying and I’m trying to compensate by increasing the quantity to make up for the quality. Eh. I keep trying to convince myself I don’t need to get anything else but I know I’m going to break down at the last minute and make one last attempt to get something that will make them smile on Christmas morning.
  • For those who like pumpkin flavored things, Target has these awesome Archer Farms holiday bread mixes on sale right now. You can probably find them in one of the holiday sections (the section that’s usually right next to the candy aisles). I made the Pumpkin Spice Bread and it is DELICIOUS and easy to make! You only need two eggs, water, and a stick of melted butter. 50 minutes later you have yummy pumpkin bread! Perfect as a breakfast item, midday snack, or even a dessert after dinner. All for only $2 and change. You can’t beat that. (Also, easy item to make if you need something to bring along to a holiday party!)

ETA: GRRR. ABC is pulling Day Break starting in January. I’m not overly surprised and at least they’ll be streaming the rest of the episodes online but, still, SAD!

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    I’m just wanted to give you a virtual hug.

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