On the third day…   

On the third day of Christmas, my TV brought to me…


Jeff “The One Take Wonder” Probst

Julie “The Chenbot” Chen
Big Brother

Phil “The Philliminator” Keoghan
The Amazing Race

Two Gilmore girls,
And a slayer named Buffy.

4 Responses to “On the third day…”

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    eolivet says:

    Awww, I love it! Three CBS reality hosts, no less! :p

    (“One Take Wonder” Probst certainly does have his problems with Jonathan and Yul, huh? Kinda thought he was stirring up trouble for no good reason last night. :/ )

  2. 2
    raelee says:

    Well, for some reason – at least for me – CBS really does do reality shows better than most other networks. At least when it comes to the core networks. I also watch a bunch of things on BRAVO and really consider them more “reality” than the ones I have here… STILL, these shows have hosts who are such a big part of their shows.

    I was tempted, though, to make Will the host for BB instead of Julie because he always had more of a presence than Julie in his seasons.

    I agree with you on Probst. I did think the hat thing and the focus on it was weird but I have to wonder if something was said that we didn’t see? For one thing, it’s obvious Yul had to ask if he could bring it but we never saw any of that (beyond him wondering if it would be ok at camp). So, I have to wonder if Jeff/the writers were playing off of something that Yul said when he asked permission? It’s weird that they even let him do it because usually there is absolutely no interaction with the jury. Guess Jeff couldn’t pass up the chance to give Yul a hard time about it.

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