Thursday Night TV Preview   

Lots of new shows tonight so I thought I’d give everyone a run down of what’s new along with the short TV Guide synopsis of each episode. All descriptions behind cuts for those who don’t like to be spoiled at all.

Survivor: Cook Islands – CBS @ 8/7c
I Have the Advantage… for Once
Parvati and Adam try to get Ozzy to turn against his alliance with Yul and join them. For reward, the castaways compete for a luxury pampering session away from camp and, at tribal council, the 15th person is voted off of the islands.

The Office – NBC @ 8/7c (Earlier Time!!)

A Benihana Christmas
Harold Ramis directed this holiday episode, in which tensions escalate on the party-planning committee, resulting in two rival Christmas bashes. In other events, Michael’s girlfriend (Nancy Walls) breaks up with him for the holidays; and Michael goes out drinking with Jim and the equally power hungry Andy and Dwight.
Important Scheduling Note: This holiday episode starts at an earlier time and is an hour long!

War at Home – FOX @ 8:30/7:30c
Cork Screwed!
Gary Brolsma, internationally known as the Numa Numa Guy, will make a cameo appearance on the December 14 episode of “The War at Home”. In the episode Dave refuses to take a wine appreciation course with Vicky, who fears they are in a rut and could use the bonding time, and then he makes fun of her when she goes without him. Meanwhile, Dave assumes Larry is serving his new, older ladyfriend more than just the gourmet meals he prepares for her, and Dave is offended that Hillary never mentions him in her video blog.

The OC – FOX @ 9/8c
The Chrismukk-huh?
A Chrismukkah light-hanging mishap lands Ryan and Taylor in an alternate universe where everything they knew about Newport has been turned upside down.

Also new tonight: ‘Til Death (FOX), Scrubs (NBC), 30 Rock (NBC)

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