That belongs in a list.   

Spam ya! Sorry about the numerous posts today. Ya’d think it’s not a busy day at work or something and nothing could be further from the truth. More work just means a greater need to take a breather every few hours. So I present a list that has no theme:

  • Check out this article on Lost. (Note: Contains spoilers for last week’s episode so you don’t read if you haven’t watched.) I think I agree with about 75% of what she’s saying, especially her comments about the black smoke given what I had to say about it last week.

  • In three months and one day, I turn 30. How time flies. Anyway, back in August when I was on my cruise, I was thinking how it’d be fun to try and do something fun for the occasion… like a group trip. I was on a cruise so naturally that was the direction of my thoughts but really going anywhere would be fun. This is partly why I am feeling so frustrated lately with my lack of movement forward on the job/moving to LA front. My future seems so uncertain at the moment that I worry about trying to plan a trip that far in advance. On the flip side, I can’t wait much longer because it takes coordination and people need time to assess their budgets and prepare, etc. Should I just go ahead with the mindset that it doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing, the trip can still happen, or should I just try to think smaller… like a day trip or getting everyone together to go Universal or Disney? Those feel like lame replacements but they would be cheaper and easier.
  • At this moment I have all of the episodes of this season’s BSG sitting on my TiVO along with numerous Smurfs episodes, all unwatched as of yet. Don’t judge me, the little blue guys are fun! I just realized today I should check to see if Inspector Gadget episodes are airing right now. Go-Go-Gadget Remote! Hmm, I’m sure there was a point to this bullet but damn if I haven’t forgotten it.
  • Hey, does anyone reading ever go to the Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade? Is it fun to watch? I got a press release about it that I must remember to post before I leave for San Francisco. It does look kind of fun on paper and I’d totally go if only I could get my freaking ass in gear and transport myself to LA (I know, I know, I’ve mentioned it twice in one post – what can I say, it’s on my mind!).
  • From this moment on, I shall be referring to Kristen Bell as DWWHWPSTFJTPTF. A joke that only two people will get but that’s ok. Also, don’t ask me what it stands for because I’ve already forgotten. Pretty sad since I’m the one who came up with it. Acronyms for the win! Also, Rob Thomas shall be known as MIGHTY GOD OF EVIL – I’d shorten it to MGOE but that’s not as fun to say or type – and Jason Dohring as Mumbles for obvious reasons. If someone gets me something signed by him using that name instead of JD, you will win untold fortunes or my undying love. My pick.
  • This bullet devoted to *MASSIVE HUGS TO [info]calturner, [info]cara_leigh9, and [info]cdn_tvaddict* because occasionally I need to set aside a bullet just for hugging the three original C’s in my LJ/online life. And, also, I posted a favorite BtVS moment at TTAN and I want you guys to tell me yours.

That seems like a pretty good place to end. Plus, it’s almost quitting time and everyone else has left for the day so I am going to as well. Hope everyone has a lovely night [she says, as though she's not going to be back on the computer in an hour and a half]!

7 Responses to “That belongs in a list.”

  1. 1
    julia_here says:

    I love Melanie McFarland- I get the PI in hardcopy, and got distracted by other things before I could put up the link, so your efficiency is much appreciated.

    I’ve never been hooked on “Lost” but this season has been pretty much impossible for me to focus on. I’m glad someone has said it so well.

    Julia, and it’s raining again, bleaurgh

  2. 2
    cara_leigh9 says:

    Awww, thanks for the hugs you sweet thing, you. *hugs you back* I’ll check out TTAN in a bit and write my thoughts.

    I’m not even bothering to watch Lost right now because I have rotten, loud children and there would be no point. I’ll wait until they’ve gone to bed.

    *hugs you again and again*

  3. 3
    cdn_tvaddict says:

    *hugs you right back*

    The Smurfs RULE!!

    What’s up in SF? :)

  4. 4
    sweetcynic23 says:

    I try to attend the Hollywood Christmas Parade every year (It happens just down the street from me). It’s a much-loved tradition. I think it’s a lot of fun to watch in person. (Not quite as exciting on tv but still cool.) There are lots of pretty floats, and bands playing Christmas music, and pretty horses – and one time elephants – and some celebs, and cotton candy and a great crowd and it’s so very Christmas spirity and awesome.

    Not to oversell it. *g* Heh. I’m just a Christmas freak as it is, so I love it all. You should DEFINITELY come out here. I’m not biased at all in my view on this. ;)

  5. 5
    sinca says:

    When is it this year? We should go. I think I will like Christmas this year.

  6. 6
    raelee says:

    They DO!!!

    My sis is up in SF. Going there for Thanksgiving as she starts her new job the 27th and she urged me to come visit before then so she actually has time to hang out and do things with me without the kiddos. :)

  7. 7
    sweetcynic23 says:

    It’s always the first Sunday after Thanksgiving, so… the 26th, I guess.

    I’m definitely going this year, we all *should* go!

    Hell, there’s always a Scientology float, maybe Jason will be on it. *g*