It’s official, the end of days are upon us.   

Wow. Been awhile since one of these posts…. you’ve been warned.

Admission time: I’ve enjoyed this season so far. Probably in some part because I fear we won’t get much more of this show and I refuse to spend my last season with it letting negativity get me down. Plus, ya’ll know I’m notoriously easy to please. That said, this the first episode that has made me want to rush to LJ to write about how much I loved it!

Where to start?! So much greatness here… Cheating, cheating, cheating everywhere with some jealousy and moral quandries and “gifts” thrown in for good measure.

Rape case first since I actually have the least to say about it. Parker really is the key to making Veronica feel “connected” to this case. Probably because it’s only when V is forced to remember what she felt after her rape that I get that V really wants to solve the case. That moment of understanding she had after Parker recognized Mercer’s cologne was great. Also, THANK GOD we finally got an answer to the DNA question. I was just bitching about us not getting any information on what evidence the police have found. Has V lost all hope of competence at the Sheriff’s Office that she wouldn’t attempt to find out what they know or what? Anyway, the lack of DNA makes the theory of it being a woman possible. I don’t like that idea but I do like knowing more.

Which brings me to the TA who gave us that information (sorta). Great foreshadowing in his office at the beginning when he tells Veronica that he knows a few things too. She should have known it then. Of course she did suspect it until she got blinded by the most obvious suspect thing again. Oh, V, will you ever learn?! When even Not!Lucky is surprised that you suspected the most obvious guy, you know you should be re-evaluating the way you investigate. I’m afraid you’re not really smarter than me these days no matter how many ‘A’ papers you wow your professor with! Anyway, I like it that the TA’s motives weren’t to get V in trouble but to open her eyes. Little does he know. V’s well-versed in that world Timmy. It did seem like she had a little crush on Prof Landry for a few minutes there but her default position is SUSPICIOUS and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, criminology professor or not.

Eh, much as I appreciate the continuity, Logan filling V in on how many cheaters there were in his class was a little clunky. I assume it was just to show us that cheaters are more the norm than not but I think we got it without the visit from the exposition fairy thank you very much. (Although, Logan shaped exposition fairies are the best shaped exposition fairies so I shouldn’t complain so much.)

KEITH. OMG. First, DON’T SCARE ME LIKE THAT SHOW!!!!!!!!! I have lots of work to get done this week, no time for heart attacks over fear for my favorite TV characters. Second, man… my jaw dropped. Keith, Keith, Keith. Of all the people in the episode, I didn’t think you’d be the one to give in to the temptation to cheat! Goes to show you that no matter how easy a decision it seems to be, it’s just not. If Keith is going to give in…

And that wasn’t a great segue but whatever… moving on to Wallace. Man, have I mentioned lately how much I love Wallace and Veronica’s friendship? I love the little moments we get with them in the episode. Short but sweet and comfortable. In some ways, their relationship is the most realistic for me on the show. Anyway, this isn’t about the two of them. Wallace giving up b-ball for the season, after being so eager to go to Hearst because of b-ball? That was awesome. See, people, he is the moral center of the show. Sometimes he strays off course but he always manages to get back on track. Veronica was right… there is only Good Wallace.

Ok, so wait… this refers back to the rape story but it’s also about Lamb. Veronica? Forget Logan referencing Austen (especially because, hello, have you forgotten this is the boy with the inspiration quotes voicemail??), the end of days really are upon us if you and Lamb are actually working together so well! Of course that may all change next week with Logan’s plea at the end but that was great. And, I loved Lamb’s annoyed talking to himself as he came on screen. Heh. Plus, who doesn’t love him getting surprised by V being in his office?

Now this Mercer thing, maybe someone can clarify something for me? When Logan says he was with him at the time of the rape, was he talking about Parker’s rape? Because wasn’t he with Dick that night? Or was he talking about the last rape? In which case, V supposedly proved that Claire was lying about the rape so that doesn’t prove Mercer wasn’t involved. I do think V was jumping to some conclusions there. The cologne thing doesn’t immediately make Mercer guilty and plenty of guys have hair clippers/electric shavers so I’m not sure why that would immediately make him guilty? And it’s college so it’s not even all that suspicious that it was in his dresser drawer. Anyway, point is, Logan’s being with him may not be enough to clear him if he was refering to the most recent rape. I’d be wondering where Logan and Mercer were but I’m afraid I’m going to disappointed by whatever it turns out to be. I hope they’ve thought something good up because there aren’t a whole lot of things I can see Logan actually not wanting to tell V.

Speaking of Logan, did anyone else have a moment thinking that he was going to end up having cheated? I don’t count the taking too long to stop writing… I can buy that the proctor was being an ass about that but really everyone does it. I’ve never had a professor who didn’t have to warn people to put their pencils down multiple times before people actually did it. Anyway, the damn CW promos had me worried that something was up with him. I should have known better, though. After all, V told us (and Keith) recently that Logan’s high test scores are what helped get him into Hearst in the first place. Since we got the “low standardized test scores” paired with cheating Wallace, it makes sense that we’d get high test scores paired with the not really cheating Logan.

UGH. I know there was more… OH! Ha, V telling the TA not to do her anymore favors. I thought it was kind of funny because it’s so something she would do. Probably not exactly how she would do it but she’s done her fair share of setting people up to find out the ugly truth and thinking she was doing it for good reasons. I like that V is starting to see the other side of things which is why it was nice to see her stop herself from telling Dean O’Dell the truth about his wife.

In case you couldn’t tell, I loved this episode. Nice to have all the storylines so tightly entwined and the weaving in and out of the different plots so well done. Of course, me loving it might be the kiss of death since I seem to swim against the tide these days.

It feels like I’ve been writing for a week… is it next Tuesday yet?

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    missyahtzee says:
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    glittersuicide says:

    I was totally amazed by this episode! Especially the Keith fling..I am chalking it up to the whole head injury I mean those airbags can really knock you out and I refuse to see Keith (I know he is only human) as the type of guy who would bang a married women without his judgement being impaired. I liked how they had the T.A. all ex-wifey type hurt like he felt himself being replaced and how his idol didn’t live up to his standards..
    I fear for VM too because most of the shows I usually get this obsessed over get canceled I think Buffy was the only one that broke the rule and really it was iffy every season..
    I don’t know if you follow House but I DVR’d it and just finished it and it was another show that just amazed and blew me away as well as made me cry…

  3. 3
    beppergirl says:

    Even if the cologne thing doesn’t disprove Mercer of Parker’s rape, the rapist covered it up by playing Hearst College Radio and Mercer’s show was the one that was on…

  4. 4
    sinca says:

    Oooh – nice memory. I had forgotten about that.

  5. 5
    holly96 says:

    Now this Mercer thing, maybe someone can clarify something for me? When Logan says he was with him at the time of the rape, was he talking about Parker’s rape? Because wasn’t he with Dick that night? Or was he talking about the last rape?
    Logan said it was the rape over the summer. So I’m assuming Logan’s talking about Nancy’s rape. How Logan knew Mercer over the summer, I have no idea.

  6. 6
    gymble says:

    Wait, Mercer has a radio show? I have no memory of this. Reference, please?

  7. 7
    spadada says:

    You, me, and [info]zimshan. It’s official. This episode killed.

    I think the summer rape would be Nancy, right? The girl who spoke at the Take Back the Night rally in episode 1?

    This episode made me really happy. I wish the signed script was for 3×06!

  8. 8
    beppergirl says:

    They talked about his radio show in this past episode?

  9. 9
    gymble says:

    They did? How do you know that it was Mercer’s show on during Parker’s rape? I’m not doubting you; I just really don’t remember this.

  10. 10
    beppergirl says:

    In the premiere, the radio program that was on was Club Flush (from, the line was “CLUB FLUSH: You’re listening to Club Flush on KRFF, Hearst College Radio.”) and in this past episode, wasn’t Club Flush mentioned as the name of Mercer’s radio show?

  11. 11
    gymble says:

    Ok, wow, you have a much more detailed memory than me. I have no idea if the name of Mercer’s show was mentioned because I don’t remember him having a show. Which possibly just makes me unobservant.

  12. 12
    beppergirl says:

    Never doubt the astounding mind of the Gabster :]

  13. 13
    spectralbovine says:

    Holy criminy.

    Wait, NO! Mercer’s show is the “Club and House” show. Bzzt.

  14. 14
    spectralbovine says:

    Club Flush was playing during Parker’s rape, yeah, but Mercer’s show is the Club and House show. As in club and house music. Which is such a college radio thing. Heh.

    When Parker smells Mercer’s cologne, Mercer has arrived for his radio show. It’s “the clubbingest.”

  15. 15
    beppergirl says:


  16. 16
    spectralbovine says:

    You, me, and [info]zimshan. It’s official. This episode killed.
    Hey! I count too!

    I think the summer rape would be Nancy, right? The girl who spoke at the Take Back the Night rally in episode 1?
    Yeah, that’s who it must have been, but who knows how Logan knew Mercer.

  17. 17
    harper47 says:

    Hee – I see the Nancy thing has already been answered but that’s what I assumed also. I too want to know how Logan got to know Mercer during the summer.

    I liked this episode too. I’m also firmly in the camp of enjoying every minute of VM I get so I enjoyed it. Veronica just feels more and more like Season 1 Veronica. That ooey goey Duncanized gal seems a distant memory.

  18. 18
    cdn_tvaddict says:

    Well, I couldn’t possibly add anything to all that, but I thought it was a great episode too! :)

  19. 19
    spadada says:

    Hey! I count too!
    You hadn’t posted yet when I left that comment. I couldn’t speak to your feelings on the ep. But I am glad you are among us!

  20. 20
    raelee says:

    Yay! I’m glad you were amazed too :)

    I think I’ve come to accept that this may be the last season of VM and I’m kind of ok with it at this point but I do hope we get a full season. It’s when there’s no warning (and no chance of an “ending”) that I hate shows getting canceled.

    I don’t watch House – mostly because I don’t like jumping in and I hadn’t been watching it from the start – but I did hear a bunch of others saying it was a great episode too.

  21. 21
    raelee says:

    Damn! That would have been beyond awesome if they had tied those two things together… especially since we could definitey hear the radio on in the background.

  22. 22
    raelee says:

    It was an awesome observation though!

  23. 23
    raelee says:

    OOOH. The “summer rape.” Geez. I need to turn close captioning on during these episode so I can catch these things the first time. Thank you! I’m guessing how Logan knew Mercer over the summer probably plays a part in why he can’t tell V what they were doing. Silly of Logan to think she won’t find out, though. (Not so silly for him to expect her to trust her but silly to think she’ll be able to control her suspicious nature).

  24. 24
    raelee says:

    I like it when others like an episode!! And you were so right with your prediction about it.

    You’re right about the summer rape. I just didn’t hear the word “summer” and that’s why I was confused. Damn Dohring and his mumbling. Next time I get his autograph, I’m going to ask that he sign it “Mumbles.” (OK, yeah, NOT going to do that but I SHOULD.)

    MAN, how great would it be if that was the signed script. *sigh*

  25. 25
    raelee says:

    You do count!

    I’m guessing how Logan knows Mercer is probably tied into why he doesn’t want to tell Veronica what they were doing.

  26. 26
    raelee says:

    Yep to the Nancy thing being answered. I didn’t catch Dohring’s mumbled “summer” which is why I was confused about which rape he was referring to.

    I agree about V feeling very much like S1 V but I think that’s also why they have had her alienating people so they can get her back to that spot… except that the first time she was unfairly being treated like crap. I guess it works, though, because now people can feel vindicated that she’s getting some of that bitchiness back but also happy to have S1 V back. ;)

  27. 27
    raelee says:

    YAY! Except I have NO ideas for how to turn it into news stories… except to say Neptune had fires popping up all over town. ;)

  28. 28
    glittersuicide says:

    The thing is the numbers for VM are going up and if they continue on as they have this really shouldn’t be the last season so I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but VM reminds me so much of My So Called Life (quality wise) that I can’t help think that is what dooms it because it is such a smart show.

  29. 29
    beppergirl says:

    Uh my friend double checked ’cause she heard the Club Flush too and Piz said “Well, that’s it for the Piz, stick around for Club Flush” right before he sees Parker is with Veronica.


  30. 30
    beppergirl says:

    Never mind Sunil confirmed with me.

  31. 31
    missyahtzee says:

    Whoops. Lets try replying in the right place this time shall we?

    Gaby’s right. I had the same thought as she did and she made me doubt my memory when she said that others had said she was wrong. She even made me go double check! Mercer’s show is indeed called “Club Flush” and it’s definitely the next show. If you listen during “Welcome Wagon,” the voice on the radio even sounds like Mercer.

  32. 32
    spectralbovine says:

    Okay, that is totally awesome. I’m going to listen for myself at home, but that is still totally frickin’ awesome. Mercer has an alibi already! If only Veronica were as observant as you.

  33. 33
    missyahtzee says:

    Hee yeah I had to come back her up :) She wasn’t the only one who was a little crazy observant on that detail. It was actually the first thing I noticed and I had to go back and rewatch WW because I thought I’d heard it there first. I think it only stuck with me because I remember thinking “what a stupid name for a radio show!” Hee.

  34. 34
    jadelynx says:

    that I can’t help think that is what dooms it because it is such a smart show.

    Smart show that they are trying to market to teenage girls. It’s a kiss of death.

  35. 35
    jadelynx says:

    With the episode being all about cheating, and it airing on election night and all, could you somehow turn it into a bunch of political sounding stuff?

  36. 36
    glittersuicide says:

    VM is doing better than America’s Next Top Model which CW is promoting the crap out of and so I think that they really couldn’t Ax VM without axing ANTM too. I mean is doing good with hardly any promotion.

  37. 37
    glittersuicide says:

    Yeah Parker mentions Mercer’s radio show name as the last thing she remembers..and that’s why they run into him because he is on after Piz’s show and that’s when she has her whole that smell moment.