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So, I started this post last Friday but the LJ outage on Saturday stopped me from updating it during the brief time I was on the computer that day and I was too busy on Sunday to do much. Now I’m throwing Sunday’s shows into the mix too which is making this one huge TV post. As a result all shows get very brief comments. Poor end of the week shows, they never get proper commentary from me.

Cassidy! Or should I say Emo!Cassidy! Actually, and you may now laugh at me, Kyle looked yummy with that dark, longer hair. Kyle’s so good. I miss him. I’m glad that he’s getting work because he definitely deserves it. Uh. I feel like such a bad TV watcher this week. I don’t have anything to say about this episode… possibly because I’m just not a big Bones fan. The ending confused me a little bit like maybe it wasn’t filmed the best way. I figured Bones’ “meeting” was with what’s her name but I didn’t get why he changed his mind and didn’t want to go? Was it just because it would have been obvious to Bones where he was going? I’m guessing it’s just because I wasn’t paying as close attention as I should have been.

The Nine
What happened again? Oh, they thought Eva was in on the robbery. Yikes. Well, I’m glad they addressed it because I get all confused about Eva and her sister and what happened. I like that they questioned it because you would. Oooh, plus I loved that it came out that the daughter visited the guy in prison! (Yeah, yeah, I don’t remember any of their names yet… probably not a good thing.) I don’t buy the explanation so now I really want to know what’s up between her and the guy. I remain frustrated that they are doling out what happened in such small doses and really hope they have something good planned for sweeps this month.

Flicka seemed nice enough but she was a little paranoid (though possibly with good reason) and she seemed kind of oblivious to the atmosphere at camp. Either that or the editors do a good job of hiding what’s really happening at camp. It’s like she had no idea that she was even a consideration to be voted out. So weird. Honestly, I’m just glad that Ozzy is still there. I think his tribe is a bit crazy for even thinking of voting him out. Don’t they understand that the other tribe has some pretty strong guys and they are going to need a strong guy on their side once they merge? Silly. Plus, quite frankly, Jonathan has more members of his original alliance on that other tribe. Why this isn’t even a consideration is beyond me. If the majority of the tribe doesn’t trust him AND he’s got the potential to switch sides after a merge AND he’s a good competitor, I would think it’s obvious that he’s more of a threat than Ozzy who won’t have any strong allies.

I have to say that this season of Survivor is very dull. CBS did a poor job of casting this time and since they recruited most of these people they *really* did a poor job. Not that I need drama to enjoy the show but there aren’t even any strong personalities who make it fun or interesting to watch. I’m pretty much watching for the competitions and, since they keep repeating old competitions, that’s getting old real fast.

Ugly Betty
OK. I have actually come to love this show BUT I had a big beef with last week’s episode… Unless I missed something somewhere, Salma’s character is not the same character she’s been playing in the telenova’s Betty and her nephew have been watching. I know it’s a nitpick but it’s been clear that it’s her on the soap so I wanted her to be the same person since they all exist in the same universe. It kind of takes away from the enjoyment I was getting out of seeing her on the TV show within the TV show. Other than, this was another enjoyable episode. I think I had more to say last week but I’ve forgotten it now.

The Office
Heh. Jim falling into the bushes was classic. I did see the drive Jim home setup coming from the minute he admitted to biking to work but I didn’t expect it to be because he was drunk and couldn’t ride the bike. It was driving me mad, though, that he hadn’t even noticed that he had missed a message on his phone. And, hey, Pam was cute dressed down! The Dwali stuff was fun but I’m not a Sandler fan so the song at the end didn’t do much for me. I was briefly amused by it and then stopped watching. I know, I know… my funny bone is broken.

What shall I say? I seem to have loved this episode more than most (with the obvious exception of [info]cadhla). I adore Jo. I like that she’s tough and thinks she’s ready for hunting. I’d say she’s right… she’s just doesn’t have any experience and she’s going to make some mistakes until she gets some. That said, I think it was great that she was actually afraid because anyone with half a brain would be afraid. Plus, I like her chemistry with Dean. I saw complaints about Sam regulated to a secondary role here but I think it’s absolutely silly to think that these writers don’t need to occasionally have the chance to have less of one brother in an episode. I don’t want it to happen every episode but every once in a while is good as is introducing new people into their lives. I want the writers to have enough stories to keep them going for multiple years and the more characters they can slowly introduce onto the playing field the better.

The OC
I have avoided ALL spoilers for this show which was no easy feat, let me tell you. I was a little concerned about Caitlin and what they were going to do with her but so far we’re ok. Just the right mix both of how much she was in the episode and how nice/bitchy she was. I also did NOT watch this one online early because then I’d just have to wait another week for a new episode. All in all, both of those things were very smart of me because I LOVED IT. I have to agree with everyone that it does have a very S1 feel to it and that’s fabulous. I sad about Marissa and wonder if we will ever get a “goodbye” episode for her but I liked that everyone is in different stages of their grief about her dying. Summer being in complete denial totally works for me as does Julie and her basically catatonic state. Ryan… guh, so Ryan. And, hey, Seth is the one who actually has it together this season. I like it. I like it. I like it.

I’m confused about John Stamos’ character again. He did sleep with the woman he lives with, right? I didn’t imagine that? For a second I was wondering if I second-guessed him but I could swear he slept with her. And they live together so it seems like they have some kind of understand/commitment but the way she answered the phone seemed to indicate that they don’t have quite the level of relationship that she wishes they had. Anyway, I felt bad for Neela at that moment but glad that it’s going to be brought out in the open so I can have it explained to me. Eh, the rest of the episode was good too but I’m not remembering much right now. I’m guessing Kerry’s got a new admirer in the reporter and I liked that we saw the conclusion of last week’s episode. Uhh, I don’t remember anything else! So sad but this is one of my more fluffier less think-about-it shows.

Grey’s Anatomy
Sometimes the voiceovers on this show are a little too much or too confusing or something. I liked this episode but I wasn’t fond of the voiceovers stating the obvious for us. I liked Meredith and George pretending to be Izzy and Cristina for each other. Heh. The whole “space” excuse is a pretty lousy excuse for keeping Derek and Meredity apart. I mean… just a few episodes ago these two were all over each other and now they need space. Eh, whatever, just makes me want Finn to come back. As for Cristina and Burke… oh, they are just heading for trouble those two. Finally, yay! for Izzy being back… I’ve missed her.

The Amazing Race
Tchuss David & Marry! These two were pretty much doomed from the minute they didn’t get to that Intersection first. Now, there’s no way they could have done the Fast Forward (and I’m not even sure they qualified since the rule has always been that you can only go for the FF once in the game) but it was pretty much their only chance. I’m guessing there wasn’t much time in between Dustin/Kandice stepping on the mat and Lyn/Karlyn stepping on the mat. I guess we’ll find out next week but I’ll bet there really wasn’t much time for David/Mary to have any hope if they got that 30 minute penalty. I thought this Fast Forward was pretty lame and not just because there was hair and teeth still on those cow lips (I don’t think I’ve actually gagged with the racers before) but because it was sort of wasted since there was no true chance to get far ahead of the other teams by taking it. Of course, the fast forwards never being much of an advantage because they always start with a bunching task in the next leg after a FF. I liked the new Intersection but I think I would have liked to have seen it earlier in the race. I was kind of neutral about everyone this race but do have to admit I think it was pretty crappy of Dustin/Kandice to stick someone else with the car they crashed. I’m guessing the only reason they didn’t incur a penalty is because the producers never thought anyone would do that so they didn’t specify in the rules that they had to take their own car. Watch that be specified from now… In the end, I’m good with David and Mary being out. They were just barely hanging on each week anyway so it was only a matter of time. I’d rather see them gone than one of the teams who are actually pretty good racers.

Desperate Housewives
Holy Mother of God! I know that everyone was hoping that Nora would be the one shot in this episode but that didn’t make the way it was done any less shocking! Carolyn’s matter-of-fact shooting had my chin on the floor. I’d say this was one of the best DH episodes of all three seasons. I’m a little sad that I knew what was coming based on the promos only because then it would have been even neater to see hwo everyone was intersecting at the store. However, they actually revealed that she had a gun so soon in the episode that it didn’t matter. You could see that all the players were being set up and it was great. I dunno if I believe this is what would bring Gaby and Carlos back together but I like how everyone was feeling the effect even if they weren’t in the store. That’s pretty true to how a community like this would be if something happened in their neighborhood grocery store. And, hey, as an extra bonus Lynette gets a new story arc… now we get to see her cope with feeling guilty about Nora AND raising Nora’s daughter. Plus, hey, how quickly do you think the new neighbor will realize he should sell that house and get the hell out of Dodge?

Brothers & Sisters
Yet another episode, yet another box of tissues I had to keep handy. How does this show do it each week?! I love the running gag on the show about how anytime you end up at a family dinner with the Walkers that it’s not going to be pretty. Can’t these guys get through one dinner without drama and secrets coming out? I know, I know, silly question. I dunno if I like that the brothers did end up donating sperm. That’s just asking for trouble. What happens when they don’t agree with the way the kid is being raised or something happens to the brother, etc., etc. It’s a nice thought but I don’t know that it’s going to end well. No real comments about the rest but I am loving this family and their quirky ways.

On the schedule for tonight: Prison Break, How I Met Your Mother, The Class, Heroes, Studio 60, and Justice

Non-TV Things (aka Movies): Mo and I saw two movies this weekend. The second was to erase the first from our memory (and it did!). On Friday we saw Running with Scissors and I suppose I could explain why I thought it was so bad even though there are pieces and parts I enjoyed but that would take too long. If you’re into quirky movies you might like it but I suggest waiting until it’s out on DVD. For one, it’s a cheaper way to hate a movie and, for antoher, you won’t have other moviegoers whispering or making noise during the completely silent moments. So, basically, it’s the better way to guarantee you won’t be annoyed as the credits roll. Then, on Sunday, we caught the matinee showing of Marie Antoinette and it rocked like a most rocking thing.

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