Weds TV: I guess he’ll be expecting us.   

When are we going to get a case where the verdict does NOT match what really happened? The only reason watching what really happens is interesting is because it means we may find out that the way they spinned the case was wrong. Of course, maybe they are afraid to do that and prove that the lawyers are not always as smart as they make themselves appear. But, if I’m being honest, it’s the only part of the show that makes the show interesting to me. The cases aren’t that great and the effects they use are pretty nifty but not nifty enough to make me want to tune in each week. I really do hope they eventually plan to give us a more shocking ending to a few episodes.

I’m about to reveal I wasn’t paying close attention to this episode last night. What is making Gray so jumpy? What did he see or hear about out there that he’s suspicious of everyone? I’m a little concerned that he’s been left in charge of the law in town because he didn’t exactly show that he’s making the best decisions during this episode. I also wasn’t sure if I should believe the information he brought back to town. Hawkins very deliberately did NOT put a pushpin in DC. Now, the show could have done that purposely to mislead us and draw out giving us the information but I feeling hesitant to trust this guy.

Ok… where the hell did Jericho get all those pumpkins? I really found that a little unbelievable. I’m all for them trying to keep things as normal as possible for the kids and, therefore, deciding to celebrate Halloween but do they have some hidden pumpkin patch or something? There were a hell of a lot of pumpkins there.

I really dislike the store owner. I’ve actually disliked her from the beginning but she’s just such a bitch. It makes her very believable, though, as I know people like that who I can definitely see being that way in this type of situation. However, I don’t really want to dislike a character so much and I’ve started to get sick of storylines involving her.

I’m not sure what to think of the whole Emily’s father/Jake somehow responsible for Emily’s brother’s death. At least we’re starting to see some of Jake’s flaws and finding out why he left town. Plus, it makes sense that he was involved with Jonah because there had to be something serious to cause the rift between he and his father. Seeing as how his family is the law in Jericho, Jake working for Jonah must have been a huge issue in the family. That said, it’s a little weird that we’ve had no references to Jonah existing prior to this episode (and the last). It seems like he’s got a pretty sophisticated shop out there but no one even thought about him having supplies before now? Uhh, ok.

What else? Oh! Three cheers for Heather kissing Jake. Next week looks to be interesting… I wonder what this show has planned for sweeps month and if them being out of town is going to play into it.

No! Mr. Eko! I actually liked you, dude. Luckily being dead doesn’t mean you’re gone from the island. I didn’t like the black beast killing him and not just because he was a character I liked. Not that things aren’t pretty supernatural/mystical on the island but they’ve just committed themselves to not being part of the real world. This kind of saddens me even if it shouldn’t surprise me. It is a JJ show after all and they all eventually go this route. Man. I should be happy that Six Degrees isn’t going to survive. (Note: I don’t *know* this for a fact, just a feeling.) Anyway, it makes me sad because it takes the fun out of trying to figure out what’s going on with the island. At least when we thought it was part of our world, we had some theories to work from. Now it could be anything.

Hey. Did I miss Sayid, Sun, and Jin arriving back at camp? I was a little confused by Sayid being in that first scene and then Hurley’s comment about letting Jack know they are back didn’t help. Why skip them arriving back at camp? Especially since they lost the freakin’ boat and surely that’s kind of big news to everyone at camp. Seems like laziness on the part of the writers there.

Also, what’s with the random inclusion of nameless survivors? I’m guessing they are trying to add to the cast a bit but it was just weird and odd. Much like Juliet’s “movie” for Jack. I dunno that he should trust her anymore than he should trust Ben. It’s times like these that the show is a little more frustrating than I like in my TV. I suppose that’s a tacit to help us identify with the survivors. We know just about as much as they do about these people so we’re completely in the dark as well. But, given that we go weeks at a time with no answers and the survivors only go days, it’s a little risky to never include your viewers in on what’s going on.

Overall I was surprised that I wasn’t all that into this episode. As I said, I like Mr. Eko and I usually love the episodes with this backstory. They are what kept me interested last season. This time, though, my mind was wandering. I know that next week is the last episode we get until January so I expect lots of excitement! Don’t let me down Lost writers.

Top Chef
Man, some of these chefs are a little full of themselves! It kills me that they are so above trying to come up with a dish for T.G.I.Fridays. You’d think they’d be happy to get their names out there any way that they can. Of course, these people are also egotistical enough that going out on a task like this would just be a way to explain why they didn’t win. Which is why I naturally liked the people who actually embraced this task with enthusiasm.

Of course I don’t really remember names yet and I can’t really remember what they all made. Makes it seem like I didn’t watch the show but I swear I did! There are just too many of them! The ice cream challenge was interesting… especially considering what some of them came up with. I gotta be honest, you’d never have gotten me to eat ice cream with bacon in it much less avocado. Then again, the avocado and marshmallow combination came in second place so maybe it was much better than I can imagine? (I’m still thinking, “EWWWW!” in my head.) I was a little disappointed that the grilled cheese and soup dish won but mostly because I was hoping it’d be something more interesting that I’d actually try the next time I go to TGI’s. Oh well.

The only other thing worth noting was the drama in the kitchen. With so many egos back there it doesn’t surprise me that they aren’t all getting along. I can’t remember the names of the two chefs involved but I must admit that I don’t like the guy either. However, I agreed that he had a reason to be annoyed with the other guy for turning off the fryer. It’d be one thing if the guy had turned off the oven which you can get back up to the correct temp again fairly quickly but turning down a fryer when you know someone else needs to use it is ridiculous. So I felt like she was actually out of line there but I’m guessing that it was just the final straw for her after having to listen to him pontificate all day long. I guess that’ll keep things interesting for a while at least…

I have no idea what’s happening next week but maybe I’ll actually remember some of the chefs’ names by then?

On the schedule for tonight: Survivor, Ugly Betty, The Office, Supernatural, The OC, Six Degrees, and ER

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  1. 1
    breathinmethane says:

    Aw i missed top chef! i fell asleep at like 7pm. geez grandma. hey i was always gonna ask you where did you get that adorable katie holmes moodtheme [and if you made it where did you get the caps]?

  2. 2
    breathinmethane says:

    On the schedule for tonight: Survivor, Ugly Betty, The Office, Supernatural, The OC, Six Degrees, and ER no greys anatomy?

  3. 3
    raelee says:

    Not tonight, I’ll have to catch the replay tomorrow night. With the return of The OC I have 3 shows at 9 and I can only tape 2 at a time. Grey’s is the newest it so it falls off the list. I’m glad ABC is running repeats on Friday’s though so I can watch it on another night.

  4. 4
    raelee says:

    Bravo repeats it at some point in the week I think so you might be able to catch it again :)

    I actually made the theme from caps I made myself from my DVDs. (You can kind of tell because it has very few scenes from the later seasons because I had to search down caps for any of those scenes.)

  5. 5
    tibicina says:

    I do not like avocados, but I am told that avocado ice cream is actually really good. My grandparents apparently had an avocado sorbet recipe that my father /still/ goes on about missing and wishing that we had. And I’ve found comercial avocado ice cream in ethnic markets occasionally and bought it for my family, because the rest of them like avocados and my father would go /on/ about this avocado sorbet thing. I believe the verdict was that the avocado sorbet was lighter and better, but the avocado ice cream was pretty good.

  6. 6
    eolivet says:

    Not that things aren’t pretty supernatural/mystical on the island but they’ve just committed themselves to not being part of the real world.

    What a good point — I didn’t even think about it that way. I guess you could argue that the black smoke might’ve been a hallucination on Eko’s part, but…you’re right. Until then, every other death had been “natural.”

    I really must be very gullible, because I was believing Juliette (although my husband thought she shouldn’t be trusted!). Mainly because I thought they wouldn’t try to put one over on The Show’s Big Star like that. Also: she’s pretty, and it would force them to commit to Kate/Sawyer (if Jack was taken ;p )

  7. 7
    deepinblue says:

    LOL. My thoughts were the same on Jericho with the pumpkins. I even said it to my sister. I was like I know that kid got supplies but how in the hell did some pumpkins all of a sudden show up? Was someone growing those boys on their farm or something.

  8. 8
    sometimescrazy says:

    Seriously, tonights tv is going to kill me with the OC coming back. I saw the premiere online, so i’m good to go tonight, but next week, i’m just going to go crazy.

  9. 9
    spectralbovine says:

    What else? Oh! Three cheers for Heather kissing Jake.
    Aw! It figures that happens after I give the show up.

    Also, I hate the store owner too. Such a bitch. Whining about her store and all her precious food. DAMMIT WOMAN. YOU ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF AN APOCALYPSE. GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT.

  10. 10
    raelee says:

    Really? I just dunno… maybe if someone gave it to me without telling me what was in it. As soon as I know it’s avocado ice cream my brain will make it not taste good.