Tues TV: snickerdoodleme? :D   

Mostly short and sweet due to a sad lack of desire to talk, an aching knee, and general bad moodiness. None of it related to the TV mentioned below.

Prison Break
What exactly did Michael think he was going to do to what’s his face? It’s not like people are going to believe a convicted felon on the run from the law over the FBI agent who is after him. Weak plot point. LJ and Linc were pushing their luck at the train station. It just felt like a stupid move before the guy recognized them. What the hell is going to happen now? Of course this’ll stop them all from getting caught in their meeting place but what about Sara? Poor girl just can’t catch a break. T-Bag’s whole story creeps me out and I wish they’d stop with the flashbacks with the kids. I already don’t like the guy, stop reminding me of what a sleaze he is because it’s getting hard to stomach him being onscreen at all.

And, yeah, that’s all. Do we have a repeat of this next week? I assume whatever Michael has to do to get Linc and LJ back is going to be our November sweeps series, eh?

What About Brian
Ok, well the freakin’ previews for this one pretty much gave away that Angelo was going to die. What else would be so devestating? I suppose we were supposed to think he just wasn’t going to show again. Wonder why they had to write him off. Guess it explains why Adam’s suddenly got a new friend and Amanda Foreman as his girlfriend. And, while I’m on the subject, what’s up with Sarah Lancaster still being in the credits? Is she coming back? She said she was moving but should we be expecting her to come back soon? Did they just conveniently send her away so that they could mend the rift between Adam and Brian and now it’ll be ok for her to come back?

Hmmm, I haven’t talked about the episode at all. It was ok if not great. I do feel like the show is just kind of floundering at the moment. There’s no discernable plot. I know it’s about these friends and their lives but there should be some kind of storyline that keeps me interested week to week. The game stuff just doesn’t do it for me so I hope they find something else soon.

Boston Legal
I wasn’t really paying attention to this one and I should re-watch except I think I deleted from the TiVO. I wasn’t going to watch but then I remembered that I wanted to see their costumes. I was a bit disappointed because we didn’t get to that part until the very end. Denny and Alan in their costumes were great but there wasn’t enough payoff for the long wait. Shirley, however, had some great costumes. Loved her in the witches outfit. Made me want to see Candice playing a witch in a movie because she has the perfect voice for that role. The rest of the storylines were kind of meh. Next week’s (or is that the week after?) episode looks fun, though. Jeffery and Brad coming to blows will be great.

Veronica Mars
I’ll probably post more about this one later as I’m just… tired. That isn’t an indication of how I felt about this episode because I loved it. More that I’m tired and I don’t have the energy to talk about VM the way I like to talk about it and I really feel like I need to re-watch it again before I can discuss it and make sense.

This is the wrong way to say this but this felt like a very old-school VM episode to me. It wasn’t that it captured S1 or anything just that the characters felt very “on” in this epiosde. Maybe it was because there weren’t quite as many quick quips from Veronica or something. Or maybe it was just because we were finally acknowleding and referencing back to things that have come before on the show. The show has been sadly too light on continuity – when they aren’t screwing up the continuity that is. I know they want to appeal to a new audience but I don’t think allowing characters to have a history is too much to ask new people to accept.

I’m a little worried about where they are going with the rape story. I’m clinging to my faith in these writers that they have a plan and it’s actually a good one. There’s a enough negativity without them adding to it by not having thought through the reactions to their choices with this particular storyline. I worry that they bit off more than they could chew with using rape as the main mystery.

I dunno about Logan and Veronica’s costume. I mean, I suppose the White Stripes are very appropriate for having RT as a showrunner but I’m not sure I think that’s what those two would have come up with… Couldn’t we have had them in costumes where they both looked good? Is it too much to ask? Sorry, I have a thing with Halloween costumes on TV shows and V’s the master of disguise… I expected more! *lets it go*

Anyone else wondering what exactly is in that “Truth in Conspiracy Theory” email that V and Mac have been sending back and forth to each other? Just me, huh?

Uhh, I don’t know what else right now. So, expect more later when I’m more enthused about life in general.

On the schedule for tonight: Jericho, Bones, Lost, Top Chef, and The Nine

10 Responses to “Tues TV: snickerdoodleme? :D”

  1. 1
    jadelynx says:

    I dunno about Logan and Veronica’s costume.

    Ohhh is THAT who they were? I’m not sure if that makes my disappointment less or more. On the one hand, I suspected it was something Tarantino, so I’m glad to know they didn’t, but on the other hand… the White Stripes? Oh well.

    My biggest reaction to last night’s episode was a huge desire to learn how to braid my hair like she did. Well, you know… when I have hair to braid again… :: sigh::

  2. 2
    cdn_tvaddict says:

    I read a while back that they were recasting Angelo as part of the “reworking” to get renewal. I couldn’t figure out in your other posts why you were suprised when he didn’t show up… I thought you would have known. :) I was surprised it took them this long to end his story.

    OH! They were the White Stripes? I thought they just had bad wigs on and that was the amount of effort they put into dressing up.

    *hugs you*

  3. 3
    zimshan says:

    Aw, hon, hope you feel better. :)

  4. 4
    raelee says:

    Yep, I’m 99% sure that’s what they were. I need to re-watch though because I don’t think Logan’s pants were red and they totally should have been.

    I already knew I wasn’t going to like V’s costume based on the previews but I was hoping that maybe there was something more to it. I just see those two being more creative about that kind of stuff. Come on! She dressed up as Madonna before…

    Haha, I like the braids in her hair too but she has makeup/hair people to do it so I know I’d never be able to pull it off.

  5. 5
    raelee says:

    Ooooh. HAHA. Well you know I’m a bad TV blogger because I never read any of the news for fear that I’ll be spoiled on something big. I had no idea what was going on with Angelo. I still they could have written it a bit better. But I guess now we get all kinds of drama with her having the baby alone. Maybe Brian can move in with her since he just lost all of his money and probably can’t afford his own place now.

    OH! They were the White Stripes? I thought they just had bad wigs on and that was the amount of effort they put into dressing up.

    Heh. Nope, they actually had a plan. A bad one, in my opinion, but one nonetheless.

    *hugs you back*

  6. 6
    raelee says:

    Thanks, sweetie, I’m sure I will tomorrow. Just one of those kind of days. :)

  7. 7
    cdn_tvaddict says:

    Hee. Well, I didn’t actually watch WAB, so I can’t comment on how any it went. I’m now just following Brian through your comments. :) Seems to be working for me… look how much I know now!

    I meant to comment on the costume when you mentioned it in the email today, but didn’t quite get to it because of the printing crisis.

  8. 8
    breathinmethane says:

    i completely agree veronica mars episode this week was very s1 i loved it. i have always prefered season one to season two. i unlike most vm fans don’t like the fact that season two was more about the two than vm i mean come on the show is called Veronica Mars for petes sake. i didnt like the halloween costumes idea either, vm has had so many costumes i figure she’d have a great one not the out of the bag wig and a red shirt. [i didnt get it until logan came into the room]

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    anonymous says:

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