Maps that make you go… WOW!   

Now that [info]spadada‘s officially posted about it over at [info]cloud_watchers, I think it’s ok for me share it with you.

Check out this map.

Those are all the places where DVD Donations have been made by the VM DVD Drive. That’s just insanely impressive and amazing.

I don’t care if you’re unhappy with the show right now or the stars of it, no one can say that hardworking fans like [info]spadada, [info]athenacqd, [info]maka2000, [info]pan_tastic, [info]socialscientist, [info]staygold70, and anyone who contributed to the drive (either by designing stuff or buying stuff from the store) haven’t done their best to get more viewers for the show. Even as other things are depressing me about fandom, I look at that map and can’t help but think how great Veronica Mars fans can be.

In other VM fan news, what do you get when three of the biggest VM Fan sites come together? Check out and find out for yourself.

5 Responses to “Maps that make you go… WOW!”

  1. 1
    spadada says:

    *blows kisses to Rae*

  2. 2
    athenacqd says:

    awww, what a super nice post. Fandom gets really frustrating at times, but it definitely has it’s benefits too.

  3. 3
    harper47 says:

    Oh I agree. I think they are all amazing and I hope I get excited/happy about the show again. I really do.

    How are you? Haven’t talked to you in ages – miss my Raedose.

  4. 4
    raelee says:

    Hey babe, it’s totally my fault we haven’t talked. I have at least four or five comments of yours to reply to but I am a little overloaded with stuff at the moment. I’m good – I see that the auditions went good this weekend. Yay! I’m happy for K!

    How’s the site coming along? Jan still working you hard on it? ;) You asked before, btw, and I’d be happy to look at whatever (if you still want that). Things should be a lot slower for me starting this week so don’t feel like I don’t have time or anything. *hugs*

  5. 5
    zimshan says:

    Just insert one big huge smile here. That really is wonderful.