My poor cats…   

I just went batshit crazy on my cats. Now the two boy cats won’t come near me. It’s killing Frank as he has to be near me (as in almost touching) at all times. He is laying on the other side of the room, behind a door, staring mournfully at me.

It’s just… GRRR.

They had been attacking Bets all night and it was driving me crazy but, more importantly, it meant they kept racing across counters and tables and knocking crap over. When Bets came racing over my fingers on the keyboard, I lost it.

I feel bad and I want to apologize even though I know they are cats and won’t know what I’m saying. I wish someone would invent a pet translator already.

2 Responses to “My poor cats…”

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    cara_leigh9 says:

    Ah, the mommy-guilt. I have that almost every night when my kids are asleep (which is the only time they’re good) and I’ve done nothing but yell and bitch at them all day. They still seem to love me and I’m sure your cats do, too :)

  2. 2
    zimshan says:

    What? And now you’re saying pets don’t understand English, even though you talk in the house all the time? ;) I’ve got a horse that’s basically learned English (No, seriously, you insult her at all and she mopes for days) and yea, she’s had seventeen years, but she doesn’t live in the house with us.

    Apologize to your lil’ kiddies. They’ll understand. :)