Filled with the flying shards of a better tomorrow…   

Dear LJ friends, I need to admit something to you. I? Talk to myself. Not little chit chat here and there either. Full on conversations and, occasionally, arguments. I’m not sure what compelled me to share but there ya go… Confessional Thursday.

So, hey, I’m totally not digging this no liquids on planes things. I am flying somewhere very soon and I don’t look forward to not being able to having my own bottled water. I just know they’ll only have Dasani water on the plane and I hate that shitty tastes like the plastic bottle water. Ugh. And, yes, I’m being totally irreverent about the whole terrorist threat thwarted thing but, seriously, how long before we’re just riding in the plane naked? Yeah, I’m looking at you terrorists. Clearly your logic is not our Earth logic because I fail to see how this type of shit makes any of us sympathetic to your issues.

Enough of that, let’s talk TV:

  • It’s Eviction Night on BB7 and I’m a bit sad. I suspect Kaysar will be going even though voting is live and you never know what Will and Boogie will do. I’m also not sure who I want to win HOH tonight. The coup twist makes things a mite unpredictable. Is it better for the folks I like to get HOH upfront or should I be hoping that they are the ones to overthrow the HOH? I’m really disliking James at the moment, so much so that I haven’t watched the feeds for days. It’s not his gameplay, that I can respect even as he betrays people I like. No, it’s his DR sessions. What’s up with continuing to harp on Janelle being the first to go against their alliance in those? It’s not like the viewers are fooled… we saw him make the deal with Danielle LONG before Janie kicked Diane to the curb. Does he think we’re stupid? Ha.

    Another thing, I haven’t really talked about BB all week which means I never talked about Diane’s departure. You know the thing that amuses me the most about it? Everyone claiming she was too nice to be in that house. Clearly delusion has set in for EVERYONE. The girl was a first rate B-I-T-C-H during her season (not to mention from the second week on this season) and everyone’s all, “Aww, you’re too sweet for this house.” Gag me with a fork. (Yeah, I *really* don’t like her.) Also it kills me that she insists on believing Janelle dumped her for personal reasons. No. Diane was gunning for Janelle. Go back and watch the week before and how angry Diane was about Jase going if you don’t believe it. But, really, it was less about who was the biggest threat to Janelle as it was about WHO Janelle could nominate given the deals she was making and the deals her teammates had made. She already had Erika on the block but she didn’t truly want Erika gone because of the bond Kaysar seemed to have with E. She wouldn’t put Marci up because she still considered him her friend and an ally. She, no doubt, wanted to put Dani up but knew it’d send James over the edge because of the suspected alliance there. Obviously she wasn’t putting Will up because she had a deal with him so she was left with either Diane or Chicken George. And, let’s be real, why put up Chicken George when you can get rid of a real threat instead? Janelle’s choice made perfect sense given the things she was juggling. It wasn’t handled the best way but there were all kinds of game reasons to do it that had nothing to do with the personal shit… that DANIELLE brought up. Way to let Dani blind your perspective, Diane.

    Woah! Sorry, didn’t mean to get sidetracked by a rant that has just been waiting to escape. Getting back to tonight… should be an interesting show. Wonder if we’ll get to see the things that have been going on in the house the past day and a half. Hmmm? Oh, yeah, and Happy Birthday, Kaysar!

  • It’s funny that everyone is like, “I hate those CW billboards! Could they have made them any uglier?! What is up with that picture of _____________ and/or ‘Free to be _________’ for _________?!” But, uh, you’re talking about ‘em. Seriously. You’re noticing them and talking about them. Sure it’s to bitch about them but you remember ‘em, don’t ya?

    Personally I like ‘em. I LOVE the green. I don’t think the images necessarily reflect the shows accurately but then promo shots so rarely do as the years go on for shows. I do think the photos accurately reflect the feel of CW promos and are memorable and I think that’s the intent.

  • A quick update on my various shows. Still loving Psych. Enjoying Eureka quite a bit. Laughing uproariously at It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And can’t wait for the finale of Treasure Hunters. G started watching IASiP because of what I said here so I know have this quote to put on my site somewhere, “Thanks TV WHORE!” Hee. Because I’ve decided that all of these shows shall stay on my schedule permanently, I’ve made icons for them (minus TH, because I’m not big on reality TV icons). Here’s a preview:

And that about covers it. Plus the day is over and I’m so ready to go home and start packing for my cruise. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

8 Responses to “Filled with the flying shards of a better tomorrow…”

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    porpentine says:

    Utterly random-ass question: what are you using these days to get screen caps? The software I was using, which is jumpy but at least still works for DVDs, doesn’t know what to do anymore with the latest avi encoding foo.

  2. 2
    annlarimer says:

    *nervous cough*

    Hi Raelee! Sorry to bug you, but I can’t find any icon sharing policy info in your galleries or userinfo. (It may be right in front of me in very large letters and I’m just not seeing it. If so, I apologize, even though deep down I blame society.) So I’m posting here to ask: May I please use your fab Brisco County icons in my LJ? And if so, how do you like to be credited?

    Thanks for your time and attention.

  3. 3
    prettyinprint says:

    I’m going to miss Kaysar so much! I really wish he wasn’t leaving yet (and hope that something changes & he won’t end up leaving)… especially since James is being such a hypocrit.

    I am totally intrigued by the twist and have no idea what to hope for in terms of who should win the HOH comp.

    And I totally agree about Diane. YUCK.

  4. 4
    athenacqd says:

    I like the green too. I don’t love the slogans, but I like the green. But I have that green in my bedroom, sooo….

    I hate James. But I hate Marcellas worse. He’s said just as evil things as James with even LESS justification. I mean, James was clearly looking for any reason to leave the Sovs and make it look justified so when Janelle foolishly lied to him, he pounced. However, wtf did she do to Marcellas? How can he call her a whore when he talks about all the public hand jobs he gets/gives and how many guys he’s screwed in bathrooms?!!

    Like, what??? I hate so much about the things he chooses to be.

    And people need to please stop calling Janelle fat as their number 1 favorite insult. Who cares if she isn’t actually concaving into her body like Erika? And Diane?! She can be as skinny as she wants or die her hair whatever color she chooses and it won’t change the fact that she sucks.

    All this “poor Diane” crap is nonsense too. Oooooh, poor Diane who thinks she’s too good to, you know, WORK like the rest of the country. I hate her as well. GET A JOB, DIANE. Wake up and realize that you are not pretty or interesting enough to be a model or an actress. I’d love to sit around and get paid to do nothing too, but I also like, you know, food and a house. It’s a trade off.

    Sorry! I’m so angry at these houseguests that I cannot even watch them anymore!

  5. 5
    alittlepunchy says:

    I love the new CW ads, especially the green color. My only upset with it is that they seem to be only in the major MAJOR cities – I haven’t seen any in my city or the surrounding cities. I guess that’s just another reason I need to move to California. ;)

  6. 6
    zimshan says:

    You tryin’ to tell me talking to yourself is strange? Well, then, I confess: I talk to myself, too. ;)

    Re: CW ads. I don’t dislike them, I think the ‘Free to…’ slogans are simple and memorable which definitely work. And well, VM by far got the best one, so that’s probably why I’m okay with it. Free to be fearless. That’s a slogan I can live with. Heh. But I just find it so silly that the photographer and slogan making people obviously did not talk. Because KB’s finger kissing looks kind of ridiculous next to the word ‘fearless’. Her pic looks more girly than Alexis Bledal who has the real ‘free to be girly’. It just makes me roll my eyes at the marketing department. Get your shit together, guys!

  7. 7
    harper47 says:

    Have fun – you’re such a travelista. I haven’t seen any of these shows. I did watch the first couple eps of Eureka but just couldn’t get into it. Since I have way too many shows I watch as it is, I’m kind of glad I limited my summer to obsessing over SYTYCD and Dawson’s Creek.

    Boy has my VM head been in the sand. I haven’t even seen the contraversy over the billboards. I’ve kind of avoided the GG boards and the VM boards a bit for the terror of the dance boards. (and yes – tweeners are terrifying). Still and all I’m slowly starting to feel like I’m starting to get reinterested in my shows. Slowly.

  8. 8
    marty2103 says:

    I’d like to confess that I talk to myself too, full on conversations, discussions, mainly in the car when i’m driving alone and in the bathroom, yes i am weird but now I don’t feel alone!!! *squishyhugs*