Oh, what a tangled web we weave…   

Haha. Not even 15 minutes into the comp and Will jumps off. He’s so transparent, always wants to control those in power but never wants to be in power himself. Come on, folks, he’s doing the same thing he did in his season!!

Anyway. Will is out and he got a rotten egg.

I’ll continue to update, for those who care, as long as I stay up for it. I doubt I’ll stick it out through the whole thing because I do have to work tomorrow but I took a nap when I got home from work so I should be good for a little while. Fun. I love endurance comps on the feeds… it’s pretty much what makes the feeds worth the money.

I leave you with this cap…

ETA: Awww, they are playing a game that I love! Although I can’t believe they moved to Jamie Foxx already and they cheat. Ha. Long night ahead. Web is moving now up and down, up and down. Marci says, “It’s going a little bit fast, don’t you think?”

ETA2: I forgot to mention, the net is lowering up and down from the sides so it’s not a straight up and down motion. Kind of a swaying up and down motion instead. That will make it harder when they start restricting them on what they can touch, etc.

ETA3: Everyone else still on the web. Janie and Will inside bullshitting. Will admitted to Janie that he voted for Diane but that he’s going to blame James. Janie told him about Julie asking her if she likes Will and how she was totally surprised by that question. Will might be a bit worried that he screwed up by telling Janie because he’s backpedaling a bit and wondering if he should just tell everyone he voted – doesn’t want James to get in trouble. Oh, no, nevermind he’s just spinning some web because there’s no way he is worried about James getting in trouble.

ETA4: They changed the rules to everyone must hang from the web. This ended up knocking almost everyone out of the game. James, Kaysar, Boogie, Marci, CG, and Erika are all out. Only Howie and Dani are left. I have no idea who got what from the eggs.

ETA5: And, it’s over. Dani wins HOH. I have no idea how Howie fell because my feeds froze at the critical piont… of course.

ETA6: Ok, fixing my screw-up per the lovely [info]athenacqd‘s corrections since my feeds were crappy. Erika was still in it. Dani promised Howie that he was safe and he dropped out. Seconds later Erika gave it to Dani by dropping out. GRRRRR.

ETA7: Boogie got the $10,000. James got the nullification of an eviction vote. Marci got the slop pass.

9 Responses to “Oh, what a tangled web we weave…”

  1. 1
    athenacqd says:

    He didn’t fall. He gave up. He had her promise over and over that he was safe and then he dropped. Erika was still in. She dropped immediately after Howie did and threw it to Danielle.

    I’m so livid. Does Howie not remember Jennifer?! Danielle even used the same line: she wants her pictures. I feel ill. Clearly she’ll put up Kaysar and Janelle or she’ll try to backdoor Janelle. I think she’ll put them up outright though. So, so annoyed.

  2. 2
    raelee says:

    Ahhh, thank you. My feeds were showing a picture every minute, they were so crapp there at the end… probably as more people saw the show. I could hear Erika but not see her so I just assumed from what she was saying that she was out.

    He dropped out?! DUMB!!! Unbelievable. It’ll hurt him too because it’s his alliance that will take a hit. He may be safe this week but that means nothing if the rest of his alliance gets eliminated. Stupid. I hate it when people fall for the “poor me” thing. I’m sure Howie just didn’t want to have to make enemies this week but you’re right that Janelle and Kaysar are going up on that block. There’s no one else besides Howie.


  3. 3
    athenacqd says:

    Hilarious icon.

    The question is whether she will try to backdoor Janie or put her up initially. I could see her “pawning” Will in the hope of backdooring Janelle. I also believe that if she did that and if, say, Kaysar won the veto and took Janelle off the block, she’d totally put up Howie. She won’t care about going back on her word, ala Jen. She’s undoubtedly going to make James’s loyalties really clear so in the future the Sov’s will trust him less than they already do. Which is unfortunate since it means the Sovs will pretty much be a party of 2 really soon. Sigh.

    Erika is a big faker! Broken rib my ass! There is no way she could hang in that position, curled like she was, if she had a broken rib. No way.

    This is just awful because I hate Danielle. So not only do my favorites take a hit, but I have to watch her walk around as HOH for a week. Ugh.

  4. 4
    raelee says:

    Thanks :)

    Hmmm, backdooring is kind of dangerous. Dani doesn’t like people to actually know she’s after them, though, so she may be tempted to try that. Will won’t protest it because he loves to play the “I want to go home” card. BUT, backdooring Janelle takes some planning because you have to hope she doesn’t get to play in the veto comp.

    I don’t know if making James’s loyalties clear is a bad thing because I wouldn’t want him pretending to be an ally from this point forward. Except that Kaysar might be tempted to go off on him and that’d be bad.

    Ha. Oh, yeah, no way Erika had a broken rib but I suspected that already because BB would have done something or given her something if she did. But now everyone else knows she was lying.

    I feel for you. I’m not a Dani fan either and now we’ll just get more of her vitrol because she’ll have a room to herself. Of course, not having the HOH room will be good for the sov6 because it’ll force them to interact with the house.

  5. 5
    athenacqd says:

    James is already bragging to Boogie and Will about Dani “cutting Janelle’s throat.” I was disgusted so I turned off the feeds. I was rooting for James before, but he took that nonsense of Diane way too far.

    I like to think that Danielle will put up Kaysar and Janelle outright. I wish that Kaysar had gotten that “veto someone’s vote” pass because then if Janelle was against someone like, Will, he could veto Boogie’s vote and give Janelle a chance. Instead James won it so….fat lotta good it’ll do now.

    Sigh. I just can’t stand to listen to Dani talk. she just talks and talks and talks all the time. Ugh.

    I think you are right about the HOH room, though. It forces the Sovs down with the others and also highlights the floater alliance. Sigh. I turned my feeds back on and Dani was just yammering away about Diane so I had to shut them off again. Oh well. At least I’ll be productive or something.

  6. 6
    athenacqd says:

    I’m comment spamming you, but Marcellas isn’t giving CG the slop pass?!? That is so mean. Seriously. They all said that whoever got it would give it to Chicken George and now Marcellas is denying that. I hate him so much.

  7. 7
    raelee says:

    James better watch himself. I mean, everyone suspected the Dani alliance but it’s really too soon to come out about it. Works in Dani’s favor but it’s bad for him.

    Well, I hear that Dani has said she doesn’t like backdooring people so she probably will put them up outright. She’s claimed to want to get rid of Kaysar before Howie but she’ll probably stay true to her promise to keep Howie safe, if she can, because she doesn’t like confrontation and Howie won’t be afraid to give her hell about lying to him.

    And, yeah, it sucks that James won the nullify vote thing. He complained about how he didn’t get the $10K because Janie told hiim to pick the other egg but he should be glad he got that egg. Of course, that’s another way he’ll have to give himself away.

    I turned off the feeds pretty quickly because Dani was already started. The Diane thing just annoys me so much and I know it’s all spin on Dani’s part which just makes it worse.

  8. 8
    raelee says:

    Haha. Yeah, I’m not surprised. Marci is too selfish to give things up for others. He’s also being all nice to Janelle again too. SO FAKE!

  9. 9
    athenacqd says:

    Seriously. LIke, I’m sorry that Diane is incapable of going out and getting a job like the rest of the planet, but that is her problem and she shouldn’t get to beat other people simply because she’s too lazy to actually work. That’s why it kills me when she mocks Janelle for being a cocktail waitress. Like…hello, at least she HAS A JOB. Ugh. Hate them both.

    But double hate to Marcellas. That was just mean to promise the pass to George and then keep it for yourself. George didn’t have any right to the pass but lying about just makes me hate Marcellas more. Oh how I wish Danielle would have a moment of weakness and nominate him! That would be so grand.