The day mass transit and I did not get along.   

After Comic-Con Report, Part I.

So. Comic-Con. I should just stop there, no? I actually do want to talk about it but it gets all jumbled up in my brain and then my brain go BOOOM! and trust me on this, it’s not so much fun to clean brain goop out of your clothes. I had a great time. It was a bit overwhelming and, yet, still lots and lots of fun. Though I’m going to do some highlights below, talk about one specific panel, and the interview most of you have already read anyway, I’m not going to go into much more detail about the weekend. Mostly because of the brain boomy thing and the way details keep getting fuzzier as the time passes.

Of course the most important highlights of the weekend were my lovely roommates [info]cadhla, [info]unseenlibrarian, [info]tibicina, and [info]dcb42. It was a pleasure and honor to meet all of them in flesh and bone. Despite their worries that they were scaring me all weekend, nothing could be farther from the truth. Plus, let’s be honest, nothing’s better than being close enough to actually hear when Seanan bursts into spontaneous song.

Comic-Con Thursday, 7/20

I, uh, have to go chronologically because otherwise I can’t keep things straight. If you listened to my voice post on the Thursday before last, you already know that I missed my first flight. Anyone flying out of OIA? Take note: Delta has a 45 minute check-in rule. If you are checking luggage, it ABSOLUTELY MUST be checked in 45 minutes prior to departure. Mine? Was not. Except for screwing up the pick-up plans, no biggie… I paid $25 to be bumped to later flights and went on my merry way. Only to discover that the new plane was having mechanical difficulties and would be delayed. I wanted in line for what seems like FOREVER but was really only an hour or so to get my connecting flight rescheduled. Then I spoke to both Mona and Seanan and filled them in on the change of plans. Seanan so she could update the pick-up plan and Mona because we had previously JOKINGLY discussed me missing a flight. Luckily, that was the last of my flight worries for the rest of the trip. I connected just fine in Atlanta and made it to San Diego about 2:15-ish and was met by a skipping Seanan.

We discussed snakes in people disguises as we waited for my luggage and then it was off to the hotel to park so we could hoof it to the trolley station and the convention center. Ehh, there were slight trolley missing and another trolley with mechanical difficulties incidents around this time that don’t bear discussing but, in the end, we made it to the convention center and successfully retrieved our convention badges. Once we had those, it was off to explore the dealer’s hall. I must admit I remember very little of what we saw that first afternoon except for the California Browncoats booth(s) as I knew I’d be returning there to get something before the weekend was over. I was following the others around the floor and flipping through the schedule when I remembered that I had wanted to attend the Happy Tree Friends panel. I inquired about how much longer we’d be there and was told to go enjoy my panel.

So I did. I didn’t stay for the whole panel but only because I was starting to get tired. They showed us some new episodes. I think they were the longer episodes that will now be airing on G4 but don’t quote me on that one. They were amusing… you know, if you happen to find the HTP funny. I do, in spurts. The Q&A was pretty funny too, at least the pieces I stayed around for. At one point, one of the guys on the panel said, “It should be noted that none of them have kids.” which cracked me up. As did the question about any of them having pets. Apparently several of them do but one of them (I apologize, I forgot to Happy Tree Friends Panel write down names and I don’t remember who said what at this point) piped up with, “Do hitchhikers in my tub count?” That got a laugh out of the audience but it was even funnier when one of the other guys on stage followed up with, “They aren’t pets if you don’t feed ‘em.” I can tell this is a “you had to be there” thing but it really was quite funny.

I left not long after that, heading downstairs to meet up with the group again so we could head out and find some dinner. In retrospect, while I did enjoy the panel, I should have stuck with the others. If I had been with them, I’d have seen the Veronica Mars messenger bag that night and possibly managed to get one before they sold out. Dammit! I certainly didn’t need the bag while at the convention but I knew I wouldn’t be able to find it anywhere else. Sure enough, I’ve searched and searched and can’t find Warner Bros selling it anywhere online. Curses! I’m hoping they’ll have it available somewhere once the show switches to the CW. (Side note: WB has a Veronica Mars DVD site that I kinda love.)

And that’s about it for Thursday. If you reallllly want to know, it also included a freakishly long bus ride in which we probably traveled MAYBE two miles, dinner at Baja Fresh, and a trip back to the hotel and then bed, oh precious bed.

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3 Responses to “The day mass transit and I did not get along.”

  1. 1
    spectralbovine says:

    You were hanging out with Seanan and had dinner at Baja Fresh?

    I am SHOCKED.

    I’ve seen the little HTF bits they show during AOTS and they seem like, you know, Itchy and Scratchy. Without the irony.

  2. 2
    tibicina says:

    It’s the geek insecurity thing. Also the ‘not being sure where the lines of acceptable are with the new person’ thing. And you were a great room mate.

  3. 3
    sinca says:

    Wh-what? They were selling a VM messenger bag?? BOO!